CrackBerry Asks: How do you add contacts to BBM?

By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2012 01:26 pm EDT
 Add contact to BBM  

We asked this question nearly two years ago, but I figured it was worth a little refresher. New devices, new friends and new ways to add contacts to BBM. I'm sure most of us still use the old stand-by of just entering a PIN to add someone to BBM, but there are a few other ways to get the job done now as well. You can go old school and add someone by their email address or PIN which always works, or if you're a bit more "in the now" you can just scan a barcode. If you're running OS 7.1, you can now do the easiest of them all and just use NFC (BlackBerry Tag) which is super fun. So what we want to know is what method you primarily use for adding contacts to BBM? I'm a barcode guy myself (but I'm open to other options). Cast your vote in the poll above with the option that best fits you, then leave a comment below letting us know why.

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CrackBerry Asks: How do you add contacts to BBM?


There should be an option of don't use bbm anymore or don't remember because I haven't added anyone for a long time!!!

Long live blackbeerry though!!!!!

Manually add peoples pin... But that was baaaack in the day when I knew people on blackberry... The question should be, "how do you remove contacts from BBM?" Lol...

What they said!

I havent added anyone for a long time but have lost most people. Except my wife. And she's already said her next phone is going to be an iphone.

I usually try by email, but I've had quite a few times where it turns out that they don't have that email on their BlackBerry - which doesn't make any sense to me. Usually after that I resort to PIN.

Both by pin or scanning barcode. I never use email as over the years I have found it to be really unreliable. People request me via email, I accept, and it just stays in pending forever. I swear it started after that original eBay Bold 9000 review I did... like somebody at RIM put gremlins into my Rogers BIS account. :)

E-mail - Never done that before
PINs - on Facebook and Twitter
Barcodes - Meeting up face to face
NFC - Anyone with OS 7.1 installed

Honestly I'd say 98% of my bbm friends aren't bbm friends anymore because they all switched to iphone and droid. And the few new ppl I do meet with blackberrys don't have a NFC enabled phone.

If I know them personally I just ask their PIN. If I don't know them and I'm just looking for some new people to chat with (you know those moments that you're bored out of your mind), I use the Pinbook app. QR codes are nice and all, but creating it and scanning it takes much more time than just asking a PIN and copying it to BBM.