How am I supposed to send a video on BlackBerry 10?

Why is this the seemingly most impossible task on BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2013 01:18 pm EDT

This past weekend I took a short video of my dad on my Q10. I recorded it in 720p and it was a mere 21 seconds long, making it just about 20MB in file size. 

After shooting the video I attempted to email it, however when I tried to attach it to a message I was told that the file size was too large - odd since the Gmail attachment limit it 25MB, meaning I still had 5MB to spare.

If my father were a BlackBerry user (which he isn't) I could try to BBM the file - however that would be a no go either since BBM still limits file size to 6MB (which is insane).

So what were my options from here? If I were trying to transfer it to another BlackBerry user I could of course use NFC or Bluetooth to get it sent easily, but that wasn't the case here. So I could either upload the file to Dropbox or Box and share a public link or upload it to YouTube so he could view it there. Either way I was left wondering - why is it so damn hard to just send a video on BlackBerry 10?

This is one of the big things that really irks me right now on BlackBerry 10 (or BlackBerry in general I guess). I'm definitely not alone in this either.

I have a one-year old at home and I love to take videos during the day and send them off to my wife, but I have no easy way to get them to her. For me, knowing the BlackBerry 10 OS in and out I realize I have a few options should I really need to get her a video (Dropbox, Box, YouTube) but for her being a casual user, sending a video by email/SMS/BBM should be the only options. There is no reason she should have to figure out how to upload a 30 second video to YouTube rather than just send it along via BBM or even email. Period.

So how do I send a video?

I can't figure out the easiest possible way to send a video file

When it comes down to it I don't have have many big complaints about BlackBerry 10, but if I had to pick just one - this would be it. I can't figure out the easiest possible way to send a video file (and to tell someone how to send me one) without a lengthy process that just isn't feasible. I should be able to shoot a decent size video (1 minute or even a bit longer) and instantly fire it off through email or BBM. But right now on BlackBerry 10 that isn't possible. Yes there are other options, but like I said, for the average user these are labor intensive and out of the question. How am I supposed to send a video?

I have my fingers crossed tight that this will be something that gets fixed down the road in OS 10.1 or 10.2. It's hard to believe that it's gone mostly unnoticed and that you can't send larger files over BBM. So this is my plea/rant to BlackBerry to PLEASE get this fixed. Soon. 

Have any bright ideas or am I missing something totally obvious? Sound off in the comments!

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How am I supposed to send a video on BlackBerry 10?


I'm with you. For those of us with 6 GB or unlimited plans, there needs to be an option to disable the limit.

No reason you couldn't send via WiFi. That old limit must go.

Adam have you tried Dropbox or Box? I think that's an easy answer.

For emailing any size I have an icon to the Gmail web page and fire that up and attach the video... it's coming at it from a different direction (make video, launch email client, create message, add attachment


create video, put into new email, address email), but it works grand.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I was hoping this was a how to since I haven't found a good way either. Either way it's a rant that was fully called for.

I have not been able to cut and paste a picture or video on my Zed10. Big complaint for me being that I used to mock I phone users for not having a cut paste option

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Box, which is baked into the device, has an option to automatically upload videos or photos. That should take care of the issue for those with unlimited data. Set it up once and it should be good to go.

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Just Share the file to BOX (which is integrated into the OS, default settings copy all media to BOX actually, though I don't like this and turned it off); then send the download link to anyone you wish.

Yes. This morning I shot a 1 minute long 720p video on my Galaxy S3 - clicked Share - then selected Gmail. A few minutes later the email 14 MB file was in my Sent Items.

Ok, but that's probably because you used the Gmail app, which doesn't limit the file size. The BB10 OS doesn't limit the file size either; it's the apps (mail app, BBM app, etc) that set the limit. I'm sure using the BB10 web browser, going to and uploading a large file will solve Adam's problem. But we do need to be able to change the size limit on the apps.

This is a very good point. Any time I get a file size that is too big to download via email. I open the browser and will get it from there. Your browser does not restrict file size you can download. Not even on legacy BBs.

Also doesn't BB10 come with a built in Zip functionality. Can't you just zip the file and send that way. That shouldn't be too difficult.

Are you able to send large files through the iPhone through the Native Email application?

Agreed! Sending a video is such a pain. That file size limit should be increased or be gone all together.

Adam, Sk8er_ter may have a point Re: BB10 OS doesn't limit the file size rather its the apps.

Possible 2 Workarounds:
1. Log into email via web browser and try sending the file
2. Plug your usb cable into the phone, retrieve the video and email it via web browser logged into your mail account.

Me too - Dropbox. I actually had a full season of Game of Thrones. Boyfriend put it in DropBox and I picked them up from my Z10.

I would say sell the Z10 and get an iPhone or Galaxy, but then I would be called a troll. Whatever the case, this is a huge frustration and I've resorted to uploading to YouTube and chewing up the data on my monthly plan.

Anyone who makes a comment like that must be a troll. I got rid of my Iphone when I got the z10 and glad I did. We still have a Samsung Galaxy Note (Jelly Bean) . They all have their issues, but I wouldn't trade my Z10. It's a near perfect fit for me

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The thing is if this issue is the one that irks him more than anything else, why would he adopt a different platform and take t'en steps back with everything else?


NFC takes forever! And I mean forever! I made a video on story maker, it was under 2 minutes, and I figured I would put it on my wife's Z10.
Turn on NFC on both devices, started the transfer. It took over 17 minutes to transfer! With both phones back to back the whole time.
Screw NFC transfers! It would have been faster to plug it into my PC and transfer from phone to phone.
I agree that something needs to be done here.
Most people now a days have date plans between the 1GB- 6GB limits. I would easily be willing to send a video over email, bbm, text, what have you. I am not hurting for data throughout the month.
Please BlackBerry, give us the option! That's all!!!!!!!

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You do know you don't have to keep it back to back after that. NFC only establishes a bluetooth link, which then uses BT to complete the transfer.

Thanks. I always wondered if I could separate them after I start the transfer.

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LOL That was the second thing I tried after I figured out how to get NFC to work! The transfer was nearly instantaneous, although the file size was only a couple meg or so. And the transfers seem to be faster when there's a little bit of distance between the phones.

If you turn on wifi, it should transfer through wifi. And I don't think it uses BT at all. It would send up through the cellular network and down back to the receiving phone. Maybe I am wrong though.

Nope. Transferring using "NFC" on BB10/BBOS still accommodate Bluetooth as the medium.
Just like Android Beam features on Android 4.1++.
The only one that able to utilize WiFi (WiFi Direct) is still the Galaxy series with it's S-Beam.

Wifi Direct works on the Z10, that's how the Play-On feature works. I play vids, and can even connect to play youtube on my SmartTV straight from my Z10.

Your post caught my eye. Can you confirm that you can play a youtube video on your Z10 and then "playon" to your TV? Is this from an app or from the browser? What OS version are you using? I didn't think this is possible with 10.0 or 10.1, but would be happy to be proven wrong!

Not sure how I can prove this without making a video.
I'm using the leak. My TV has the YouTube app, it's called YouTube on TV. There is an option to pair your phone or tablet. I scanned the barcode and my Z10 paired to the app on my TV. I pick the vid from my phone and it plays on my TV. As far as play-on, I have vids that are solely on my device or SD card that I play from my Z1 directly on my TV. No connecting, same wifi network.

What I'll do is post a series of pics in the thread that Adam referenced in his article. There I can point out a few things to verify what I'm saying.

Ok cool. Although it sounds like it only works because of the specific youtube app on your TV. To clarify: you aren't actually clicking "playon" on the phone anywhere to get youtube to play on the TV are you?

After some research I understand the difference now. Simply put, if wifi is off play on does not work. I'm going to test this with using my Z10 hotspot to see if I get the same result.

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Well that test didn't last long. Lol, just figured out Wifi automatically turns off when you turn the mobile hotspot on.

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It uses blue tooth. If you turn off blue tooth and turn on nfc and nfc someone you'll notice tour blue tooth is turned on once you nfc

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I think it's a problem for all platforms. Video quality is getting better which means larger file size, transfer is having a tough time keeping up. I usually upload it into file sharing sites. For smaller video clips, consumer stuff, I usually just blue tooth it.

I don't think it's a BlackBerry problem, even in the professional world, transmitting speeds are still a problem. There's still email if it's a really small clip.

No problem on my iPod Touch. iOS converts the file to a smaller size to allow sending. Simple solution.

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I ran into this, too, a couple of times. BlackBerry should offer us to trim and transcode the file to a lower resolution/bitrate before sending, just like on iOS.

For now, share the video to Youtube and send the link.

Luckily I signed up for Box during the PlayBook promotion, so I have 50 gb. It's pretty awesome. I feel like storage limits are what separate the mobile from being a fill fledged computer. With Cloud storage we are closer than ever. I barely have to use my computer anymore, and I like it better that way.

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Bingo! That's what I use. I'd never send a very large file like that because it takes forever, but I can put stuff I want to share on Dropbox or Box or Google Drive.

pleaese everyone email box to fix thte box app we cannto send a link from within the Z10 we need to go to the browser which is not optimal ios and android apps can send a link...

Yep, it's a problem I suddenly encountered in the Story maker thread I posted a while back. Great story (I amazed myself), apart from NFC, no way to share it other than a memory stick!

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Share not with NFC, but blue tooth directly. Way faster. NFC wasn't designed for speed and large files. Its purpose is far more sinister......... Muh haha haha (coughing) hA ha........

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It is a bit ridiculous. I use to send videos on my 9930 thru text and email on 3G, but can't on the Q10 with 4G or wifi? Doesn't make sense. I seem to have no problem receiving videos from other OS users...still wouldn't trade my Q10 for anything.

Posted with my Q10, the best damn phone on the planet

I had the same problem. only my video was a bit larger. I created an awesome video with Story Maker for wife on valentines day. I knew she would want to show her friends at work so I tried getting it from my Z10 to her Bold9900. I tried EVERYTHING (NFC, BBM, TXT, email, etc..) I ended up transferring it onto my computer and then from my computer to her Phone. I spent more time trying to transfer it then I did making it. it was awefull and I haven't tried since. I to have children 1 and 3yr old and would love to send little videos to my wife but don't want to go through the frustrations again. BlackBerry has until December to fix stuff like this or she will be moving onto another platform.

Maybe check it out activate screen share and play you're vid you made, or isn't that possible with screen share?

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Feeling the same frustration. Why not just enable a VGA resolution to allow recording of Lo-fi clips? I don't need every video on my phone to be 720p. Transcoding on the fly during email/MMS would be sweet. Failing that, however, they should remove the limit. I alone should determine what is or isn't too big to be sent on my 3GB plan (or even crazier, wifi!)

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You can send it thru email but by opening the desktop version of your email client on the browser. Email client file size limit applies here though, gmail for example sets 25MB as max size for attachments. For email attachments, we are at the mercy of google, yahoo, etc. But for BBM, BlackBerry should do something. It's a great selling point too if they could make this possible.

I tray over Skype and it is possible, I just sending 89 mg file to my other mobile over Skype it will take 15 min it said

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Have you tried Skype? We use Skype at work to transfer very large files. I'm talking like 700MB files. I just checked Skype preview and it has the ability to send any file through file viewer, but I haven't tested it yet.

Ran into the same problem on Monday these restrictions need to be lifted were no longer living in the times of 250mb data plans if I want to send out or receive a 50mb video it should be entirely on me.

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There is a limitation imposed by email servers on the size of attachments (often 10MB, though 5MB is more prolific); email was never designed to share large files.

If you are able to send them, you can also fill the allowable storage space on someone's account, possibly preventing them from receiving anything else. (I know many services offer a huge amount of space for mail, but there are lots of providers that don't - like the email associated with your Internet provider - and some have had that address so long they won't switch).

That's why there are services like YouTube and Dropbox and the like - upload the file there, and then share the link. Extra steps, but email was designed to send the message (and link) for the file, not the file itself.

Use the service(s) for how they are intended. While you *can* move a piano with your car, you probably don't want to do that.

i have actually sent a 30 second video of my son at karate to my wife via text message and she got it and watched it although the clarity wasnt as good as on my phone but she can see it no problem we are with rogers and it went from Q10 to 9900

Most other platforms automatically resize/recompress the video (or image) in order to shrink it to an appropriate size for sending, or at least gives the option. Up to a certain size/length video and with loss of quality, obviously, but it at least makes the effort. Hopefully something similar (or better) will be implemented in BB10

--- Verizon Z10-4, VZW (lbfe), r2063

Yeah this bugs the crap out of me. Yeah you can record in lower resolution but what's the point of having an hd recorder if you can't send the file to anyone? For now I resort to uploading to YouTube. Not the worst alternative but not as easy as it could be. Fix it phone people!

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What happened to mms mode in the camera I loved the feature on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 for those quick videos, yeah the resolution was crappy but you would be able to send a mms with a 1 minute video length...

Here here. My GF is able to send me videos over a minute long since they only come out to 6-8 megs with nice quality.

Not sure how to get that kind of compression on BB10.

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I'm intrigued how you share a video by link from Box/Dropbox? When I upload a video, and then try and share it from either of them from my Z10, it just tries to attach the file, and says it's too big as per usual. It doesn't seem to have me the option of sending a link.

What am I missing?

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You are missing PlayCloud. Get it from BBW and be amazed by how an app should work.

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I had the same problem this past weekend. I sent my wife a video by gmail and it was too large. So I broke it into 3 smaller files. She received some of these files but could only hear the audio. I have a bigger problem now in that my blackberry keeps trying to send the video over and over again. Because of the size of the file it fills up her in box. She is not always in the office to delete them.

How do I stop my phone from sending these emails? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Had a similar issue trying to upload a big video to Facebook, which failed and kept trying... basically fried my battery in no time.

I had to delete the Facebook account from my Z10. Maybe that will work with your email as well.

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Thanks, AnimalPak200.

I think I solved the problem. I went into the hub, tapped my gmail account, tapped the down arrow on the right side of the top blue bar, opened my sent folder, found the problem email (identified by the wave icon, which meant it was still in transmission) and then held my finger on the email which brought up the side menu, then selected the delete (trash can) icon.

I had same problem but was able to send as SMS/MMS. Tried this and it worked like a charm. Video was 15MB

Google Drive has anyone tried that yet? As you can include the the share link in email or text and you don't have to make it public

I hope it gets fixed. I tried to send a 2 minute video the other day and had to break it down to three 30 seconds clips.

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We have an AMAZING picture and video editor built into the phone - it should be able to save lower quality versions made for MMS, BBM or email so you can set a target file size, or video frame height / width.

Why does BlackBerry no longer auto-scale down images when sending them as email attachments? Previous BlackBerry gave an option to re-size image (to a smaller size) when sending as email attachments. But now... it attaches image files as they are, without any scaling or compression.

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I will love a solution as fast it is possible. I use a BlackBerry because I do not like restrictions like some fruits... Everything else with video ist good enough for me.

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I always gotten that message and presumed that was the norm and use Youtube.
But even my iP5 can't send a 50 second video , just tried as we speak.
Maybe a cloud Blackberry service or option link to youtube etc

I had this very same frustration just the other day. I tried multiple ways to send short videos of my 9 month old to no avail. No matter the file size I got the same "File size too Large" message.

I have no idea why BB put these limits its absurd.BBM one pissed me off I wanted to just send a audio file no go.They need to really relax and ease up.The mail limit is just lame as well.People should chew up their data like they want.Maybe you should send a message to clewley and co

We shouldn't have a Cap while on wifi. If your on a mobile network that's a different story.

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Totally agree. Another option is to do BBM video with her, activate screen sharing, and just play the video. However, it still would be easier to just send the video via BBM. This needs to be addressed immediately.

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maybe BBM Channels will be the answer with an option to keep the video personal or public or viewed by invitation only. I could handle that

I ran into the same problem just the other day...I ended up sticking into Dropbox and linking from there to my brother. Extra steps which sucks!
Also what bugs me is syncing with Box, my videos and pictures are moved to there when on Wifi, keeping my z10 with all the available space. I get the Notification that the file could not be moved because the file is too large...SMH. I know this isn't a BB problem, but I just wanted to rant a bit ;)

What made me 'slightly' surprised in relation to sending video on BB10? StoryMaker that has default res. 720p and even does not ask you if you want to have your awesome Caribbean footage converted from all its parts recorded in1080p! You can change it, of course, but first of all it is not the same as giving your intuitive choice...

[...] and new hero's coming:

I ran into this also, I resorted to uploading to Facebook as it was a video I wanted to share asap but that is not always the preferred way of sharing, so I hope they at least add some tools for re encoding in the edit screen...

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

Is any of this due to the carriers putting limits in for file size to keep the network from getting over loaded?

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I don't get it how is this news? Not meant to be disrespectful, but this should be in the forums. The poster is wondering how to manage to send big sized videos. How is this informative?

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The 6 mb limit has been my complaint way before BlackBerry 10. I finally see others complaining nowadays as the media is getting larger on devices

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Whatever the limit is on the server you are sending the email through you need to take into account the overhead, what is overhead? Well when a server is about to send an email to another server is take the email and the attachments and decompresses it into bytes adding information to the email so the server on the other end knows how to recompile it back into it's original form.The information added to the email in it's decompressed form grows the actual size of the email. If your attachments are compressed they are decompressed...

Gmail's servers may already be smart enough to take this into account when adding large attachments.

This is nothing new, so why you are making a story out of it I don't know, its common knowledge amongst IT people.

It seems that if "standard" users have an issue with an aspect of BB10 then no one bats an eyelid. However, if a CrackBerry staff member has an issue, it's "news" within moments.

I can just imagine the CrackBerry guys sitting around moaning like old women. :rotfl:

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Likely BlackBerry will have a limit on their servers to minimize the data traffic, as they have to decompress the message and attachments before sending request to the 3rd party server from your device which is then forwarded to the recipient. Either way it's not a BlackBerry issue, it's simply a knowledge issue, the standard user needs to understand how email transmissions work. :)

Yes, it is annoying. There's a whole selection of threads about this - especially when Gmail have a 25Mb attachment limit and other email services limit attachments to around 10Mb.

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You're not alone Adam. It's very frustrating. I just got done explaining how I loved my Z10, and how BBRY has caught up to the field...... then I can't send them a video. This needs a fix!!!

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They *MUST* remove the file size limit off bbm before going cross platform...

I have they had piracy concerns that's why they put it in the first place.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Ya I've addressed this is sue including other posts within the form. If you're still using the old BBOS, you can scale back the quality and record a good 30 seconds or more and send that off. I'd like to see at a minimum that functionality back in BB10.

For now I've resorted to setting up a private channel on YouTube in order to upload videos so I can send my family stuff. It's working out well for now.

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Instead of taking video, use the multi-shot feature and send them the whole sequence. You won't have audio but you can add txt to you MMS and subtitle the whole thing :)

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I was going to say try zipping the file but unlike on a pc it hasn't really compressed my files much

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I really liked the bb7's ability to resize pictures before sending. Not sure if bb7 had that fir video, though... rukdngme above, I too took a video of 00:38 lenght and texted it to my wifey. she got it and was able to view it without an issue.


I have the same problem. 35 seconds of the mutts was nearly 40 mbs. I think part of the problem is its recording in sucks

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BlackBerry Link is another option for file sharing if all devices have been setup with the same pc or have access through link to the same network shares. It will work on cellular and wifi too.

Also if the devices are on the same wifi then any network file manager client could share files. Without wifi using one of the devices as a hot spot would work too.

Obviously videos that could squeeze over bbm or sms or email would be simpler but for large files without using Dropbox and the like the above may be useful solutions.

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I just checked through filemanager, and it is actually 37MB. I just re-read the article and noticed it seems you are still on 10.0, so, YES! 10.1 update fixes it!!

(am I wrong?)

Save any video to your email.
Have your wife log into your email ( if privacy is an issue and I know it's a hassle but create a video email account just for this situation for future larger videos) and go to your drafts folder voilà she can then view the video.

Yes it's a very roundabout way of doing it. But I've been there when the kid does something for the first time and you just can't wait for the other half to see it. You'll go through great lengths to share it.

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What a first world problem to have. Ha

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)

Can't say this has ever happened to me. The BBM limit is just ridiculous. I can understand email providers having limits just so that inboxes don't get overcrowded with large files that are only viewed once, not intended for cloud storage.

I'm curious as to the justification for the BBM limit. Maybe there's a bandwidth cap BlackBerry is enforcing, keeping their service from potentially being saturated with large file transfers. Whatever the reason, there should be a way to allow large files to be transferred via BB10 devices.

Another solution would be a 'Dropbox Link' option via the Share menu, but this again poses the problem of a video you may not want to store taking up space in your cloud.

I've been asking for this limit to be removed for the longest on the BBM Beta page. Sometimes I send mp3s via BBM and if its 6 megs or over its not happening. I have to find a smaller file or re encode the thing. Not sure what the deal is with the limit, but it needs to go. Speaking of music, I'm trying to get Blackberry to consider bringing back BBM Music. BBM Channel pin: C00010BF5 - Bring Back BBM Music!

I had the exact same issue just a few days ago. I actually had to use a video converter software to modify the size of the video file. BlackBerry needs to absolutely solve this matter.

HooliGanG ™ 10

It's easy and already built in. You click the share icon, upload to Youtube then when it's uploaded, send the link to your friend.

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This is really a problem and it is really annoying. Happened with me a few weeks ago. Me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends went to a basketball game here in Rio. After the game, I made a nice story maker movie with movies and pictures of the game. When I tried to send to them, I simply couldn't. I tried everything: email, WhatsApp, BBM and nothing. How did they see the movie? Only on my Z10! :(

Hope this change soon. Especially with BBM! Going on cross platform, BlackBerry will need everything possible to make it better then the others!

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I am with you on this, this was my wishlist question when bb10 was starting and just getting noticed now

Yup I used to send an occasional video to friends, but without an MMS mode or something to make it look like crap but keep it small, even the shortest HD video is too large.

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we need to be able to send "links" from box and dropbox when we hit share from within box it attempst to send the file from computer we can add collaboraters and link.. app on ios and android allow it already emailed box support about this ...

Upload it to your youtube and send the address. You can set your own privacy options so only people with the link can view it. Its that simple.

I would be more pressed to think it is your isp causing the file size limit if your trying to send by email and not blackberry. And any other restriction that may be in place would be more that way. Email doesn't transfer large file sizes unless you are on an internal email server and anything else would have to be compressed or zipped. The best solution would be using Dropbox to send up and have him grab it.

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I never understood that. Then again there are many things that I don't understand, like why developers won't support BlackBerry. I understand that there's a smaller market, but their market is not going to shrink by supporting more devices. Sure there's a cost involved, but when is there not?

Anyway. Yes, rid us of these limitations please.

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Same issue. Take a 1 min video of the kids with the intent of sending it, and then I can't.

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I use Dropbox to send large files to my wife. It's easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. With the bonus of being backed up to the cloud.

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What if you zip the file on the z10, will it send it. No sure what you are sending it to.

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The funny thing is I was trying to do that a few days ago and I had the same problem.. get it Fixed BlackBerry!!

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I agree 1000%!!!
My brother who is on the same carrier as I , and has an IPhone and he sends 45 second videos or longer all the time to me and i cant send one back unless its so short its not worth sending. Box is confusing. I cant send a link from my phone unless i go to the browser for Box. Hope they get this strightened out with 10.2 update.

I have a solution for this. But only between BB10, playbook, android and pc. I sideload an android port called ES File Manager. Currently ES File Manager v1.6.2.5 works for both BB10 and playbook. It's a free program and android phones can download it from Google Play.

On BB10 side, first you need to enable "Access using Wi-Fi" and set your "Identification on Network". For e.g. My device name is Sham-Z10, my Workgroup is Shampisang and my Username is Sham. My Wi-Fi Storage is 123456.

For PlayBook, under "Storage & Sharing", enable both "File Sharing" and "Wi-Fi Sharing", then set your "Network Identification". For e.g. I set my Tablet Network Name as Sham-PB, Workgroup as Shampisang and username as Sham. Password Protect set to on and changed password to 123456.

Under ES File Explorer, I set the app to always show tab so it's easy for me to navigate to either my Z10, my PB or my cloud services. ES File Explorer support most major cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Sugarsync, Skydrive, Google Drive and more. You can transfer your files from yoir device to it too, vice-versa. But let's get back to file transfer between devices.

I have a file on my PlayBook that I want to copy over to my Z10. So I opened up ES File Explorer on my Z10, I tap on the LAN tab and tap New. An option appears so I tap on Server, bringing me to another option to set. I leave Domain empty. My server, I keyed in the my device name which I had set earlier on which is Sham-PB. Username I set to Sham. Password 123456. Display as: Sham-PB. And press ok. Once done. I tap on Sham-PB and it'll bring to the directory of my PB and from there, I can find the directory of my files and choose which file I want to copy over. Thats it. Hope it helps.

same here. couldn't send a 15 sec video 2 weeks after it was released from AT&T. had to use old Torch 9860 to show that video.

Work around to size down short vids for transmission in BlackBerry 10: mms them to yourself. It auto shrinks and compresses. Confirmed this works at least on Verizon.

Adding my two cents worth - I hate the limit of 6 megs within BBM. It's an old, archaic remnant left over from the days of the dinosaurs, well not literally I suppose, but you get the point. It needs to go. I want to be able to send larger video and music files.

This limitation makes it needless to purchase a device with a 13, 20, or 356billion Megapixel-camera.... Using HD-functions produce extensive files you cant share easily. A short HD-Video (around a minute), a story of storymaker (under two minutes) produce easily 70-100MB files you cant send via email, WhatsApp or BBM. Most of us pay a lot of money for unlimited (or high GB) plans, for high-speed transmission (LTE/4G), for higher resolution cameras and the bottleneck of data-limitation seems to be freezed in 1990. Mobile computing means to be MOBILE to me. I dont want be bound at my PC and USB-Slot and I´m not interested to get a muscle spasm while holding to devices back to back (NFC) for half an hour. I dont want to use clouds and third-party apps for sending a video with my (damn expensive) unlimited LTE data-plan. It should be easy like sending a sms or email. Its easy to stream a 1GB video via browser/YouTube but obvious impossible to do the same sending a video... F*CK!

Unfortunately this issue ( I've complained about it on the forums ) is just another example of just how far behind Blackberry is compared to the platforms they hope to regain some customers from. "Peek & Flow" is really great but it only takes a person so far. If you think about it you can't really do that much more with BB10 then you could with BB7 - you are just doing it faster with the ability to do more of it at the same time. Add to this the same "30 day email problem" that's still a problem and we are faced with the hard fact that the end result is the same if it's a matter of Blackberry can't or Blackberry won't.

What app let's you send video larger than 6MB come BBM let sort this out

Hopefully next update will be packed with improvements

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Really???? Email was never intended to be a method of transferring large files (That's what FTP was designed for). First, it's a very inefficient file transfer mechanism. Second, just because you feel like sharing it, your intended target may not have sufficient bandwidth, or data plan to want to have it download to their smart phone. I personally feel that it's bad internet etiquette to send attachments whose size is larger than 999 kb.

Download a file compressor app and give it a try. Lower video res. Download to PC and email the old fashioned way.

What cell phone allows you to send 20mb attachments over the network???

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I can confirm that this issue has been resolved inn dev beta. I was able to email a 7.2 mb video and it even did let me attach a 40mb video, but it didnt go through due to outlook's file limit.

Used to be able to text or email mp3s or videos on legacy devices my one main irk on bb10 not being to send video or sound files

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We feel the same pain. BlackBerry dont let this be a good selling point for the haters. Lets bring love and dirty private transmitions back through larger bandwidth. Keep the world piece.

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People keep mentioning box, dropbox, and email/browser options but nobody seems to mention pogoplug... You get 5gigs of free storage (although i got 20 through a posting in another article on crackberry)... But the BIG difference being that the file can be unlimited. You can even upload hd video... And yes, there is an app for that (although an android sideload) which seems to work just fine. You can upload your video in the background so you don't have to babysit it....check it out here if you are in need of larger uploads, 5 gigs is plenty for most but if you want unlimited storage it's about 5 bucks a month...

Easiest way us to use the new Skype feature (the one available for all smartphones except the WindowsPhone ones), and shoot the video from the skype app.

Thus feature limits the duration if the video shooting, but it works fine even for non-tech people.

Skype requires 10.1.

Unnecessary limitations that have been exceeded or past by our competition. Ugh...Love BlackBerry but sometimes. Bang Zoom Straight...well you know the rest.

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Perhaps blackberry should allow for low quality videos to be recorded and send via bbm same as with older blackberry devices

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Definitely have noticed it, but was not really a huge issue until when I really néed to send it. I hope they find a fix as well.

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It is a bit of a bummer to not be able to easily share vids especially sitting in the coffee room at work and those with other phones are sending and receiving, with No problem...

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Text it to yourself. It is converted to a 3gp. My 25mb file was converted to 776kb. Video quality is not great but now I can share that as an email attachment. You're limited to about 45 seconds in 720. An extra step for emailing but reasonably quick when you just want to share a simple video. This shows me the capability is there already and just needs tweaking as an option after completing a video.

So here is a big opportunity for developers with some spare time on their hands. An easy app to quickly send files/pictures/videos from the BB10 device, and post a link to either BBM contact/channel, twitter contact, email etc.

Even better if the link allowed for streaming that video, instead of having to download on the target device first.


can I send a mail to multiple receipients at d same time like d nokia e series phone without d pain of picking names one by one from d contact like other blackberry phones.

I use box and I have 10 gig free stockage !
It's enough for my needs !
Give to your wife your Box username and your password and Way to go !

The Bb10 is a beautiful Os!

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How about just sending your videos via Skype? It's a free app, and is available for download in BlackBerry World

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Berry User since 2002. Just switched from the torch to Q10. Hated it the first day, loved it since, still hate the losses, custom notifications, cut/paste options, dedicated send/end etc. BUT with all the advancements I expected BlackBerry to COMPRESS the video's (which Imo is better than just sending giant files). EVEN iphone does that. That way you can shoot in original hd res, and send it in a smaller file. On the torch I used to have to take 2 vids, one in mms grainy mode so I can share. Sucks. Hey BlackBerry reduce my video size the way u do my pics!!! "Original, large, medium, small"

so it a app restriction, bb os or network? if it only some app why there no alternative? i dont own a bb, but i can create something that may help.

Gents, I believe this is exactly what BOX and DROPBOX were meant for. Just Share, Copy or Move the file to Box (or DropBox ... I use Box for media and DropBox for files, personal preference); then in Box "Copy Link" for the video you want to share. The recipient will appreciate it as well, no clogging up their email or chewing up their data (they can download the linked file at their convenience and easily pass it on to others). Anyway, this is my solution and I think it quite elegant and practical.

When I send a picture by email I'm prompted to choose whether I want to send full size, medium or small.
Given that most of whatsapp users watch the video on their device, applying a lower codex and downsampling the video to max800 pixel width would solve the issue. If the speed limit in a street is 30mph you can either complain about the limit imposed to your powerful ferrari or change car. Which doesn't mean change phone, it means compress the video. 20mb for a 20 seconds video of my son playing is crazy. Applying H.264 codex would make it less than 2Mb.

1. Download Video Compressor by Yeung from Snap Store
2. Run the compression of the file (up to 10 times smaller output without noticeable difference)
3. Install Astro File Manager from BlackBerry store
4. Browse to the default folder used by Video Compressor (not visible using the inbuilt BlackBerry File Manager)
5. Send out the super compressed video using Whatsapp or whatever other service

Hi all, I'm developing an app called Longviz, you can find it on the BB app store. It saves directly videos with a quality lower than 720p so you can share soon a long video via whatsapp or similar softwares. There could be some bugs, so if you have troubles feel free to contact. The most recent stable version is 0.5.

Have a nice day