How To: Dismantle A BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2009 08:06 pm EST

As with any device launch, a tear down video has been posted for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. These videos are great for those who wish to modify or customize their devices with other OEM parts. Be it changing the bezel, swapping out to an unbranded bottom piece or whatever else your heart desires. While we're still waiting for many online retailers to bring in parts for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, that hasn't stopped a tear down from being done. Check it out as long as it's not too painful to watch and remember such ventures do void warrenties.

Reader comments

How To: Dismantle A BlackBerry Bold 9700


Also, what is that blue thing he uses? I'm thinking of switching out the bezel (something I've never done...will probably post for help in the forums) but I don't want to break anything.

I love this stuff, lots of steps with this one for sure ..

more detail, than I expected :)

Oh man... It said 'as long as it's not too painful to watch' and I cringed everytime a screw came out lol.

But, what about a re-assembly video? Haha

Play in backwards Gbeebe, or maybe reverse the order of things he did.

Remember, if 2+2=4, then surely 4-2=2

I tell no lies.

watching the bazel removal part was painfull..

i thougth it was going snap..

i want the 9700 and to black it out like the 9000's but it seems like much more of a pain in the ass to take apart then the original bold.

why on Earth would you guys post this?!? It'a awfual and like murder in the 3rd degree!!!

When i watced this i died a little inside ;(

OMGOSH... I couldn't do that to my beloved blackberry 8900 lol... unless of course I was changing out the entire body to bright blue :)

do you need to remove the bezel (the chrome thingy) in order to install the keyboard?


I'm at the moment trying to replace my lcd screen on mine. What screw driver head is needed and any clue where you can get one that small?