How to delete multiple messages on your BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Jul 2011 03:01 pm EDT

Delete multiple messages 

After looking at my inbox I realized a couple things. One that I need some serious help for my addiction with GetGlue and two that I need a quick way to delete all the messages that piled up in my inbox. Fortunately for me, our BlackBerry devices come with just such a feature. That way we won't be sitting there manually deleting each one. Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way.

Delete a range of messages - devices with keyboards

All you need to do is go into the messages folder from the home screen. Using your trackpad/trackball highlight the first message you want to delete. While pressing and holding the CAPS/Shift key (left or right) slide your trackball/trackpad up or down to select additional messages. When all the ones you want to delete are highlighted, take your finger off the CAPS/Shift key, press the Menu button and click on Delete Messages. 

BlackBerry Delete Messages

If you don't want to repeat the deletion process on your work or home computer make sure you choose the delete messages on mailbox and handheld option. This will make sure your emails are removed from both places so no need to worry.

Delete all messages prior to a specific date

Delete Prior Messages

Another way to delete a whole bunch of messages is using the delete prior option. Simply place your cursor on the date line, press the menu key, and select Delete Prior. All messages prior to and including that date are erased. Just to warn you this includes BBM, SMS/MMS, emails from other accounts, sent messages or any other message type you chose to populate the messages folder. Please note that emails deleted using this method are only erased on your device. They are not removed from your inbox and you will have to delete them again from your computer.

You can also clear multiple items using the search function while in the messages folder (Mesages -> Menu -> Search, or tap on the search icon at the bottom). After entering your criteria you can delete any or all of the items in the search results window by following the same procedures outlined above.

Search messages folder

Multi-touch method

If you own a Torch or Storm I learned this trick in the forums. Take one finger and tap on the first email and then use another finger to select the last one at the same time. You are basically touching two messages at once. All messages in-between your two selections will be highlighted. If you want to include additional messages simply slide one of your fingers up or down. Then you can press the Menu key and click Delete Messages or tap on the delete icon at the bottom to wipe them all out. Torch users can also use the small menu popup that appears after selection to delete. 

There you have it a great way to clear out your inbox and prevent it from overflowing with unwanted messages. Just make sure you don't let your emails get as out of control as mine. 

Reader comments

How to delete multiple messages on your BlackBerry


No but seriously, I have always wondered how to do this! I had no idea about holding down the Caps and scrolling! this is a great post! Thankyou Alicia!


Thanks - I use some of these techniques, but some were new and helpful.

Do you know of anyway to jump to the bottom or top of the list of e-mails?


If on a TORCH, just need to click on the gray headers (where the dates show)... menu pops up with options to jump to first or last!

Maybe works similar with non touch screen devices using the track pad?

just hit the "B" key to go to the bottom, and the "T" key to go to the top. Works in many places, not just email.

While you're in the messaging app looking at your list of emails, press "b" key to go to the bottom and "t" to go to the top. Same in text messages too.

Thank you all who replied to the Top/Bottom question.

Such a simple task. Yet for three Blackberries I was missing the obvious. Thank you for the time and the need 'B' 'T' trick.

Long live Crackberry Forums!

These are just some of the little (but very useful) features I use when showing off my BB!!

Also note that on OS6 (TORCH) you can simply select with two fingers a whole group, then press HOLD, Menu comes up then click delete. No need to use the Menu button.

ALSO!! No one can beat this one:

I rather use the general message app where all messages come in consolidated but the cool tip here (TORCH) is that you can swipe your finger from right to left or vice versa to move from one message to another (EVEN IF ITS A BBM, FACEBOOK POST, EMAIL, TEXT, BerryWeather alert, and just about Everything!!)

Loving my Torch and Playbook dynamic duo!

I also use the Caps/Shift key and scroll with the trackpad to multiple select. It's a lifesaver...

It's also useful to highlight an email that you want to delete then hit menu, search by > sender

Then you will have all emails from that sender and you can delete all. This can also be done for emails to a sender or with a keyword.

Finally you can shorten this process further. Once you have multiple emails selected, rather than hitting the menu button and scrolling down to delete, just hit the backspace key on your blackberry keyboard. It performs the same delete function at which point you can delete from your phone or mailbox and phone.


Nice 'How To', very nice, my thanks to you sir! I've always wanted to do this but never found info.

One question for whoever, not that it affects me, I run OS6, but does this work on all OS's?

Once again, great How To!!!

Owned a BlackBerry for 6 years and have always wanted to know how to do this. Thought my only option was selecting the date and deleting prior messages. Thanks!