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How to create a ZIP file on BlackBerry 10

Easily create Zip files on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10!
BlackBerry 10 Zip files
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2013 03:04 pm EST

Often times you want to backup or send off a bunch of files at once. In the past this was a big PITA, but now in BlackBerry 10 it's as easy as it gets. There is a built-in option for compressing multiple files into a Zip archive to do with as you please. You can use the feature for mailing off a bunch of images, backing up files, transferring music files and much, much more. Keep reading to find out how to create a Zip file on your BlackBerry Z10or BlackBerry Q10.

  • Tap the File Manager icon 
  • Browse to the files you want to add to the Zip archive
  • Press the overflow icon (3 dots) and then choose Select
  • Tap the files you want to add to the Zip file
  • Tap the Zip icon in the action banner on the right
  • Your Zip file will be created and placed in the same folder.
BlackBery 10 Zip flles

From there you can copy, move, email or share your Zip archive. Neato!  




I didn't even know this was coming. This is a fantastic. I'll be using this ALL THE TIME for work.
This on the PB will be equally awesome!


Does this mean you can unzip files on your phone as well?

Adam Zeis

Yup you can unzip them as well. 


So BB10 will open .zip files?

VERY COOL and useful!


So many awesome and useful features on BB10, with some time they will have more big name apps, they will fix some issues, BB10 is a winner.


I will use this a lot - Whenever US gets Z10.!


does it have .rar support, or has Unrar been ported to 10 yet?


the kind of features that should have been displayed at the launch.


By the time I get my hands on a BB10 device I might not need to download a single app! Keep the goodies coming. Stuff like this will seem like small potatoes or a little crumb to some but having features like this built in the OS is huge for me. Can I create or open password protected .zips? It could be weeks before all the OS bits come to light!


Features like this fly under the radar but will really make this a useful phone. I like the looks of the file manager in general, particularly being able to toggle between the SD Card and Device with a gesture and tap.

The Me

Is there an email size limit?
BBOS had a 5-6MB limit.
Does BB10 have one?


I was wondering the same thing...


This is awesome, didn't know you could do this on bb10


I hope we can make password protected Zips (or even unzip password protected zip files). If not, I certainly hope that comes soon in an update

small, but useful feature


Disagree that this is a small feature; I think it's huge. But I completely agree that password support needs to be there -- the is a "business phone," right?

On an unrelated note, is the phrase "overflow icon" an official BB marketing noun to replace "ellipsis," or is that just your personal phrasing, Adam?


Holly shit ,thats like awesome as hell talk about under the radar stuff


Awesome...... awesome....... awesome........ awesome!

These are the small details that make a big difference.


Can you dl and upzip rar files?

I was using rock file on my 9900 and it worked flawless.


I'm curious if it'll highly compress them instead of using zero compression.

I guess a few third party appsw ill cover that void. :)

black hole

Man..for the life of me I can"t seem to make this work with a video.

It will zip up nice into a 74mb file, but won't attach as "file too large"

Any idea why?


hi if my bb7 phone crashed but you have the info backed up can i still transfer my info over???


Wow. Great didn't know that. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Adam. Just learning this phone and can use all the help I can get.