How to create awesome music on your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 03:37 pm EDT

Back in the good ol' days a DJ would cart around a boatload of equipment to a gig. Everything ranging from turntables to huge speakers to amps & mixers to milk crates filled with vinyl. Today, DJs have turned to electronic means and while some may still stick to their roots and spin a few records, plenty have adopted any of the multitude of apps available for computers and mobile devices. 

If you're an aspiring DJ or just looking to lighten your load, there are some great apps for BlackBerry that can help get the job done. While they won't make you an instant success, they are certainly fun to play around with to help get your groove on. So put on your dancing shoes and lets check out some of the best music creation apps for BlackBerry. 


If a simple piano is more your thing then look no further than this free app. The 25-key virtual piano supports multi-touch so you can play all of your favorite tunes or just make up your own. There's even a built-in recorder so you can record your tracks and play them back. Best of all? This one's free.

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Dubstep Music Maker

If Dubstep is your thing then tapping away on Dubstep Music Maker is what you need. With tons of samples including bass effects, sound wobbles and more you can trip your way to the top and make some crazy Dubstep tracks. Just tap away in the designated areas and you can create more mixes than your partying ears can handle. $0.99 for the Z10, Q10 and Q5

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Perhaps the most popular DJ app for BlackBerry, Pacemaker resembles two turntables on your device and lets you mix up your music any way you want. Pacemaker includes beat matching, loops and effects, crossfading, pitch blend and so much more. Pull in tracks from your media library and then have it your way - mix and scratch to your hearts content and take your show on the road! Available for $4.99 for the Z10 or $9.99 for the Playbook.

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Drum Set

There's nothing more fun than banging away on a drum kit even if you don't know what you're doing. With Drum Set you can choose to rock out on a jazz or rock kit complete with snare, toms, kick and plenty of cymbals. You can rearrange the kit anyway you like to maximize your drumming pleasure and kick out beats all day long. $0.99 for the Z10 and PlayBook. 

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Animoog takes one of the bigget names in music right to your BlackBerry. With this awesome tool you can create some crazy tracks using the various tools provided on the virtual Moog system. Play chords and add motion and just go nuts pumping out some amazing personal creations. $9.99 for the Z10.

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Caustic 2

Casutic 2 is one of our favorites. This little app gives you a virtual synthesizer with tons of knobs and buttons to control. The rack-mount simulator gives you total control of samples to create all kinds of funky music tracks. There is a drum simulator, bassline synth, mixer, song sequencer and much more. Caustic 2 really packs a punch if you're looking for a top notch music creator for your BlackBerry. It's a bit pricey at $7.99 for the Z10 and PlayBook but totally worth it.

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How to create awesome music on your BlackBerry


I picked up Pacemaker back when it was 20$ and was/is worth every penny.

Caustic... is actually even more awesome.

Both are free on z10 if purchased for PlayBook. Do it.

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I use Pacemaker and Caustic 2. I want Animoog as well. I also use Beaterator a lot, it's surprisingly robust and good.

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Come on cb you guys can't be posting things like this now we excited to hear your guys take on the iPhone unveiling lol

Posted by z10 boss

I kinda wish that there would be more audio apps for BlackBerry. It's the .only thing I miss on my Z10.

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Sorry. As a professional and world class dj who tours the circuits the closest of those I use and have is Animoog. I'm sorry but here's what real DJ's use. When using electronic media we use Ableton/Logic/Reason/Cubase. These are our top mix and creativity aids as well as Pro Tools. That said I doubt you will find any good DJ worth her or his weight using a phone to get music from. Ok now that I've clarified. I will also say for you wanting to do your own thing Pacemaker is worth while getting. Work that with Neutron and you're laughing. :). That's my take on the article. And yes for the record all of us will occasional spin the 1200's also. Cheers. That's my rant for today. A professional point of view


Sorry, as a reader of a blog post I have to say that the article really only suggests "if you're an aspiring DJ or looking to lighten your load". That being said, I work with about 15 young aspiring DJs, each of them worth well more than their weight (granted some of them are only 12). PaceMaker and Caustic 2 alone on PlayBooks provide them with the means to learn some of the fundamental concepts of music creation and mixing, and they have an absolute blast with it while finding means of expressing themselves.

These apps have proven to be an invaluable introduction and access point into the DJ's booth, and OMG do I love remixing 80's pop!

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If you bread my comment you'd realise that you didn't quite understand what i wrote! Bottom line. Until you've spun with the BIG boys don't suggest to know what we do or how we spin! I also did noon on to suggest that pacemaker for the average Joe is fine! Thanks. Don't try and correct a real DJ! We aren't silly


No real dj will dj with mp3's or a pc or a phone. 1200's are the only way. I know lots of new school dj's don't but they are really only selectors, they don't have the skills of say your average dmc champ..
Pacemaker etc are awesome app's, cool things to have on your playbook or phone

Yay. Except any good DJ who works with EDM is trained in how to use the software I mentioned. Not all EDM music is on vinyl. We also use CDJ2000. :). Thanks. Try telling deadmau5 or tiesto or AVB that because they use software to create music and mashups that they aren't real DJ'S. We all learnt on 1200. We just progressed on to electronic :). You might wanna come out and watch us perform. I didn't get to do a few TIFF parties by not being good :)


Totally disagree. I've played long enough to remember that gigging with decks and wax to know that this statement is total rubbish. I love that its getting smaller and more compact. I love that i can enter a party with a couple of usb sticks a slam a party and leave with whomever i feel and not need to babysit my records or kit. I remember moving 12's and my records on the tube/metro. Those years were fun, but not dealing with the gear. The less gear the better as i think it gets in the way of what ibelieve agood dj should do. Create an atmosphere. Depending on what set you have should dictate what you play and how you play your audience. Using 12's cause it's 'da best boss' is just absurd. Theoretically, its possible to better sound from a record vs 44.1k digital audio. But idoubt any people on this forum could afford a set that could achieve that, let alone set it up well enough to achieve such a high quality of sound. And because the record and turtable willreach a limit in whch it can occillate, this will only go so far. Increase teh bit depth and sample frequency, it is quickly easier to achive higher sound quality from digital without skipping, feed back andinduced noise from othr electronics let alone the equipment youre using to dj with. Most people fall into a psyco-acoustic effect believing that the distortion theyre hearing sounds 'better' than digital. If that works for you, so be it. But once you turn that shit up, that nice distortion doesnt sound as good. I oe my records, wouldnt give them up for the world, but no way in hell would you catch me gigging with them anymore. I will occasionaly do a vinyl only party, but those are usually older djs who like to throw down some nostalgic choons and get munted with mates.

I'll use whatever allows me to play my audience. There is only one thing thatis un negotiable. That is your music. Every thing else is just a means to an end.
Pacemaker has worked very well for less serious sets. I love using it. It means Ive got an entire setup in my pocket/ backpack. I'd love to see them let us enable the speakers and or head phones on the PB as a monitor and use the blue tooth as my FOH feed. regardless of what i'd like out of pacemaker, it's right up there with one of the best tools ive used for djing. Thy layout seemed like it was missing stuff until i sat down withand understaood the wokflow thy were intending. The big thing to get around i tthe vinyl vs digital interface. I dont under stand why they even tried going the vinyl approach as its not very well suited for digital djing.


Clearly if you haven't heard of me you have no clue about the dj world. Explains why I not ONLY have DJ'S who follow me but play with me also. Thanks. Try doing better homework. Mr you THINK you know some of the greatest versus I actually do. Thanks. Oh yeah say hello to Joel for me. Don't know who he is? Yeah didn't think u knew some of the best. Cheers.


Audio apps aren't really BlackBerry strong suits. With that said, pacemaker may be the best dj tool for any touch interface, and it's on my phone.
What BlackBerry is missing is interfaces. Animoog is a beautiful synth but is hampered by the lack of usb/otg. Without it, the BlackBerry touch interface is too slow to actually use it.
Pacemaker got around this by designing an interface that still works beautifully based of this limitation.
Ios is as good as it gets for audio creation in mobile. But I think this is moot. BlackBerry is not an audio tool. How ever, getting media on and off the device if far better than with iod/itunes.
Using my z10 and play book as I pods and jukeboxes are where it's at. The speakers in the PlayBook still astound me and I'm a bit disappointed in the speakers on the z10 by comparison. Wish BlackBerry would have done the HTC manoeuvre and put stereo speaks on the z10.

Oh well. I love this phone. It's great for communication. I've got a few old iPhones that i use for jamming. My z10 is always in my pocket for impromptu dj sets thanks to pacemaker.
Caustic is neat because of its basic abilities. But isn't uber compelling.


Adding a plug for NodeBeat. I just discovered this neat little gem. Lots of fun for a talentless hack like me. At 2bucks it was worth buying for quick and easy creation of 'soundtracks' for my mobile videos. (of course, I now really wish I'd picked up a copy of Animoog back when it was 50% off)

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

Animoog I refuse to use after that stupid program deleted all my documents. Tech support ignored my complaint

Posted via CB10

Yup. Then, in their fix, instead of putting the samples, or at least 'clipboard.wav' (what has been most recently recorded, the only 'save') file, in an accessible place, they're hidden somewhere so that even a piece of the functionality available in iOS (copy the sound into another app) is rendered virtually impossible on BB10, without recording the sound via headphone jack in the first place. It's a bit of a toy on BB10, without MIDI or even some controls the iOS version has, but fun nevertheless (for those not irreplaceably scorched by their flub on first attempt.)

Sorry but I still use Turntables and Serato. I need to actually do some of the work. Can't let technology take all the fun away from my job.

DJ TEKNISION (All mix No talk) Podcast BBM Channel C001208C3

If you buy Pacemaker on Playbook then you get it for your Z10. I purchased Pacemaker long ago when it launched and it was in my available downloads on my Z10 for free. Unfortunately it's not available on my Q10.

I usually read the comments to get a little more information and insight about the apps being discussed. These comments thus far have been disappointing as they seem to be more about oneupmanship and less about the apps.

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I love animoog! I brought it during blackberry live this year! Great app! The best music app on BB10 in my opinion!

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I used on PlayBook. I shall not go at first towards there when I shall have Z10 or Z30.
1: To register (record) sounds, sounds around, it is more important for me. A good external microphone to be connected in Z10 or Q10 Blackberry’s usb, with a capable software; " we said to me "... with the OS10.2, a developer will make maybe... I hope a lot. If somebody has more information, please, tell me.
2: A software which is an editing table, to mix, to modify, cut, these sounds, or all the files of sounds which are in Z10 or product with the software in Z10.
There is a draft of software, which? It was for PlayBook, unrefined and without update. One of these rare software which gave a negative image, an image of abandoned material, an empty PlayBook.

Hi all!

I can say to everyone are bought Pacemaker for PlayBook and use this version on a Z10! It's better to keep the Pacemaker Z10 version!
This is an update version with awesome features we are missed in the PlayBook version!
I don't know why pacemaker didn't update the PlayBook version, there are too busy with the release for IOS maybe!

If anyone interested checked the link and hear the first #BlackBerryDJ mix on air! Yes you heard right! One hour mix with pacemaker and the Z10 only!

Or subscribe to my BBM Channel C0001E2BA BlackBerryBeatz!

Hopefully we see more professional apps like pacemaker or caustic, Animoog! #BB10 is the best system for musicians

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