How to create and manage playlists on BlackBerry 10.2.1

By Alicia Erlich on 12 Jun 2014 06:54 am EDT

Seeing as this is fitness month, it is only befitting we include a rundown on how to create playlists for the media player. Music is an excellent motivator while at the gym so I always have a few lists at my disposal depending on the activity. Whether it be a road trip, physical fitness, or even a playlist for getting things completed at work, the process for creating a collection of your top hits or favorite artists is an easy task.

Create a Playlist

  • Launch the Music Application
  • Tap on Playlists
  • From the Playlists screen, Tap Create
  • Using the scroll bar at the top of the screen you can add by song, artist or albums. Beside each of the items in the list, tap on the (+) sing to include in your playlist
    • When adding all of the songs by a particular artist: tap on the artist or albums, and select Add All at the bottom
    • Tapping on Filter Songs will allow users to search for a specific item in their music library
  • After all of the items are added tap on Done in the upper right to complete the action
  • On the next screen, create a name for your playlist. In addition, you can re-order the songs in your list by dragging them in the order you want (using the three bars to the right), or remove by using the (-) dash sign to the left of each song.
  • Any forgotten albums or albums can be inserted by choosing the Add Songs at the bottom
  • When all items have been added and your list is complete, tap Save
  • The list now appears under the My Playlists heading in the media player

Add music currently playing to a playlist

If you come across a song on your Now Playing screen that you would like to include in one of your existing playlists simply follow these steps:

  • While a song is currently playing, tap the three dots, overflow menu, and select Add to Playlist
  • If an album is playing and you wish to add all of those songs to an existing playlist, tap and hold on the album name at the top and tap Add to Playlist and then select the one you wish to add to

Edit, Rename or Delete a playlist

Playlists are not set in stone, which means they are modifiable in terms of adding / removing songs, changing the name, or deleting entirely if you no longer wish to save it.

  • From the Playlists screen tap on Edit
  • At the top of the screen, tap on the current name of the playlist to revise the name
  • To re-order songs, tap and drag on each one to where you would like to place it
  • To add a song tap on the Add Songs icon on the bottom
  • Tap save when all changes have been made

Deleting a playlist is rather easy. Simply tap and hold on the playlist you wish to delete from the Playlists screen and select the option from the side action menu.

Managing the Now Playing Screen to organize content

After all of the steps above and you still do not wish to create a playlist, there is a way to change things up a bit on the Now Playing screen to modify the playing order. This way users have the opportunity to skip certain tunes and go right to their favorites.

  • To add songs to the now Playing Screen: While a song is currently playing, tap and hold on another song, album or playlist and choose Play Next or Play Last from the side menu
  • To remove or modify the song order: From the Now Playing screen, tap on the three dots, overflow menu, and select Edit Order. In the screen that follow, you may change the order by dragging using the three lines or remove by tapping on the dash sign to the left of each item.
  • To save the Now Playing screen as your own personalized playlist, tap on the overflow menu, three dots and choose the following options:
    • To save the song as a new playlist, tap Save as Playlist from the side menu
    • To add the song to an already existing playlist, tap on the Add to Playlist option in the side menu

I usually rotate between a few different playlists for my workouts. As you can see from above you do not have to use BlackBerry Link but can manually perform this function right on your device.

For more tips, tricks, hints, and all of our BlackBerry 10 help guides be sure to browse through our Help Gallery.

Reader comments

How to create and manage playlists on BlackBerry 10.2.1


I still can't properly sync all my iTunes music on BlackBerry, which I think it's just silly...

Posted via CB10

>-( For the 2nd time, I've had my playlists completely disappear without any reason... there's a glitch somewhere....

Had that same problem last year when my device storage was almost full. Pics and music disappeared, and in some cases remained in libraries when deleted. I deleted some apps, and never had those issues ever again.

Posted via CB10

Wooow such hard stuff. Thank god it says what do I need to do, I never used to be able to find play lists on the music app.

Posted via CB10

I have a "fix" idea for future OS upgrades. In MUSIC to switch from ARTIST to ALBUM and GENRE is a pain. You need to scroll all the way back up in order to select the other options. Why not have it that you pull the left side of the screen (as done in "contacts" "bbm" "whatsapp" and many other bb10 apps) and have the artists, album and genre there, so switching would be a breeze!

Posted via CB10


A few usability improvements wouldn't hurt,... let's see what 10.3 final and 10.3.1 will bring...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Also, why when you select 1 artist do you need to see all of the songs from that artist, why not just the albums and have the options to select that album THEN view the artists like in "good ol' BB7"?

Add that to the 10.3 list....

Posted via CB10

Is there an option to create playlist from the file manager? If none i hope they can add search from music folder in addition to songs, album, artists when creating playlist.. ex: if I already have selections of songs from my music folder I can easily add them to my playlist..

Posted via CB10

+1!!! Good idea!! I keep my music organized in folders in my PC. Would make perfect sense to be able to access these folders exactly as i save them in my SD Card or be able to create playlists from these folders if not...

@Alicia My Z10 plays automatically everytime I sync it with my car. Any idea how to change the setting from the phone? Thanks.

I get this as well. But for me, the bigger issue is that once connected to the car, the songs play randomly. No matter what I try, there appears to be no way to make it so an entire album plays through from the first track to the last. Annoying. I've never had an issue with BB music players before...

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 seriously needs to work on that media player in the next upgrade. The UI needs to be a lot more friendly for someone who picks up the phone for the first time...

I liked the media player in the PlayBook better than on BB10. I just use Neutron. It does everything I need and then some.

Posted via CB10

Awesome quick tips for those struggling with the media app. But seriously, it's really not that difficult people. Not even if you are using a BB10 device for the first time. If you are complaining, maybe a BB10 device isn't for you, or worse case scenario, a "smart" phone isn't for you.

Posted via CB10

Yep, exactly!. People complain a lot! The Music App is not bad at all! (Bells and Whistles are not BlackBerry Style)

Posted via CB10

I still don't like that my Ringtones show up in my music. I've tried moving to other folders in file manager, but that didn't work. :/

Same here. Every downloaded ringtone or notification sound gets lumped into the "Unknown" folder mixed with my music.

Lovin' BB10!

I'm very happy with the music app since I decided on putting my music manually instead of using Blackberry Link, just simply dragging the songs that I want, all my library is perferctly organized with the CD cover, gender, name of artist, and so on...
The only thing I deeply wish Blackberry to turn the Music app to support the showing of song lyrics while playing, and also for us, the Z10 owners, the ability to listen to local radio broadcasting, just like Q10

I use the music app all the time but learned a couple new things. Thanks for the article

Posted via CB10

Does anyone else have any problems with selecting a song and a different song plays? On my custom play lists I'll select a song and a different one plays. Then I go back to the list and like 40 songs are just blank. No words. Also certain sings reply themselves for some reason but others don't. Some do it twice and others do it 3 times. I don't have multiple copies nor is it in repeat. When I skip it will play it again but then I skip again and the new song only plays once. Any one else have this or know a fix? I'm all out of ideas.

Finally posted from my BlackBerry Z30

Sometimes the photo doesn't appear with the song or album. Sometimes it does for me, sometimes it doesn't. The photo is in the same folder as the songs, but doesn't show up. Any suggestions.

Posted via CB10

Hi there.
Instead of doing this boring sequence just install "my playlist maker free" from snap app store and make all of this procedures go away.
You can put you favorite song in a folder or put albums sorted by folders then open this software then select the type of music and then mark select all and the click on generate.
That's it it will creat playlist from your music folders and show them in your music player.
It's so fast and simple to use. I love it.
After you do this settings on the app everytime you try to create another playlist you don't need to change anything just click on generat and the app will do the job.

Posted via CB10