How the Crack Team made the most of their BlackBerry smartphones at BlackBerry Live

By James Richardson on 1 Jun 2013 08:13 am EDT

BlackBerry Live seems like it was almost an age away, yet the Crack Team were there in full force just a couple of weeks ago. We had some great news from BlackBerry regarding new products and features but that's not what this post is about.

As you will see from the below Story Maker video - one of the highlights for us was Kevin's birthday and we celebrated well into the early hours in true CrackBerry fashion. He was clearly on a mission to have plenty of fun, where as Adam spent a good part of the evening stacking empty cans as high as he could - maybe that's an American thing?

But in all seriousness, our BlackBerry smartphones were invaluable to us at BlackBerry Live. As well as us being able to use them as cameras for taking quick snaps and the odd bit of video footage we relied heavily on BBM as our main means of communication. Prior to us arriving in Orlando we had already set up a BlackBerry Live BBM Group and this was where we spent a lot of our time - not only to make sure we weren't doubling up on content but also for giving instructions on where to be and when. As you saw - we knocked out a shed load of content over the days we were there and I'm pretty confident that without the BBM Group things could have been chaotic.


We posted recently that the majority of the Crack Team were rocking the BlackBerry Q10 at BBLive - mainly down to it being a great business tool and its battery life. If we were there to work we needed to get stuff done and the Q10 was perfect for the job - blogger approved!

And then we're back to Story Maker of which I made a few of whilst at the event. The below one is the edited version as things got a little messy and we wouldn't want to put you through the pain of seeing that, but it's just another example of what a fantastic feature Story Maker is on BlackBerry 10. You can turn any collection of photos and videos into a funky piece of art to keep forever.

Roll on BlackBerry Live 2014 where I'm sure things will be taken to a whole new level.

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How the Crack Team made the most of their BlackBerry smartphones at BlackBerry Live


You guys are having way too much fun lol!

Well done, the BlackBerry Live coverage was excellent and wow, what a stress test for your Q10's!!!

Awesome job guys!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Hey. How about a tutorial on storymaker. Was trying to use it the other day and realized that different modes presented the pictures on a different way. It would probably help if someone just wrote a quick blog on how to create stories with story maker.

Posted via CB10

You guys were taking pics of Kevin while he was passed out on the bed? Hilarious lol

CB10 on Verizon Z10

Are you sure you want to be called the Crack Team? People might think you guys work for Rob Ford in Toronto!

Posted via CB10

Awesome guys!

Ermmm side question: did Kevin manage to do some trouble-shooting on his sister's 2 rebooting Z10's? Any insight into what is going on with all the random rebooting being reported?

Posted via CB10

So her OS wasn't up to date. When I upgraded the OS it no longer had the issue! Think it's mainly an issue related to a couple versions of the OS that were out there. If you update to latest for the most part seems to be a lot better.

It was great seeing the CrackBerry crew set up in the main concourse area... it was a very busy area... but you all got the word out... Great job