How To Copy & Paste on the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2008 01:30 pm EDT
Copy and Paste on the BlackBerry Storm

This weekend has proved to be a gold mine for BlackBerry Storm leaked info, and it isn't stopping yet. Now we how the copy and paste function will work on RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. Posted by Mike over at BGR:

All you'll need to do is put one finger at the beginning, and another finger at the end of the area you want to copy. Slide those two fingers together and you have yourself a highlight. Then go Menu, Copy, and you're good to paste. If you're worried about your bad hand-eye coordination, fear not, because hitting the Escape key deletes the highlight. Simple, brilliant, and effective. Maybe the boys of Cupertino should take a field trip to Waterloo. 

I can't WAIT to get my hands on one of these bad boys. The word right now is that the Storm will OFFICIALLY be announced (not released) this Wednesday morning, October 8th, and that RIM's co-CEOs will both be in London on the 9th for marketing. I'm thinking press release on the Wednesday and hopefully a live event on Thursday (update: don't think we'll be seeing a live press event until closer to launch. Fingers still crossed for an announcement sooner, but may not be this week!). Either way I'm sure we'll see a lot more BlackBerry Storm goodness this week.

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How To Copy & Paste on the BlackBerry Storm


for real, this phone is gonna kick ass. I'de never thought I'de get soo excited for copy and paste :)

I think Michael at BGR may have misinterpreted the technique used to highlight the text. I tried posting this comment there but it looks like their servers are really jammed and I keep getting errors.

What it says is that you simultaneously place one finger at the beginning of the text you want to copy and one finger at the end of the text you want to copy. This will highlight the selection. You can remove your fingers at this point.

If the selection isn't exactly what you want you can touch at the beginning of the highlight and slide the highlight to where you want. Likewise for the end of the highlight.

Then there are two ways to copy. First way: "click" (as in touch the screen and press) in the middle of the highlight. This brings up a menu box with the copy command. Alternatively you can press the physical menu button and select copy.

I think if you use your "slide" technique you'll end up erasing the highlight (by sliding both the beginning and ending highlight to the middle of the highlighted text).

Where in London is that going to be? Does anyone know that? I would love to go there!

Ok I may be a dork for the LoTR reference but I think I need a hobbit to wrestle my berry away from me. I haven't been able to put it down all day. It's like it just finds its way into my hand on its own.

All talk of release does not a release make. RIM simply keeps adding to the growing herd of unicorns. Tell you what RIM, get ONE...just ONE of these promised items out in the US for retail consumption...just ONE for damn sake. It's becoming laughable.

Another bitter AT&T subscriber. The Bold will be here someday. I think this time with this phone they will get it right.

You are angry at RIM because they haven't released the Storm... a phone they have not yet announced. I guess RIM better release this thing before they have that darn official announcement for the phone. Just because you read blogs all day and know about the Storm ahead of time doesn't mean RIM is late releasing this thing.

And you are blaming RIM for not releasing the Bold... a phone that is released around the world but not on AT&T because AT&T is still testing it. How is that RIMs fault?

The only thing laughable is your misdirected anger at RIM.

Don't forget RIM has already released their flip phone in Italy. If RIM can release the phone elsewhere the delay in the US isn't due to RIM.

Looks like the herd of unicorns is real. Blame the slow US carriers for not releasing these phones.

I was at the Verizon in Circuit City today, and I asked the rep. if she knew when the Storm was due to be released and to my surprise, she said she knew but was not allowed to say. So with the off chance that I would get any type of information from her, I asked if she could give me a timeframe, and she said within 30 days!! I was ecstatic!!! I told her that my upgrade was on the 11th, and she said to me that I would be fine, that it wasn't going to be out before that, but that it would be out soon! I so cannot wait for this phone to come out!!!!!!!!