How to clear your browsing data and history on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2013 02:12 pm EDT

Often times you may find you want to clear out all of your browsing data on your BlackBerry 10 device for various reasons.

If your browser is acting up, you can't load certain pages or you just want to cover your tracks, you may find that clearing out your browser data serves as a quick fix. 

The option is easy enough to use but a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look. Thankfully we've done the hard part for you, so all you need to do is follow the steps below to get it done on your end. 

  • In the browser, tap the overflow icon (3 dots)
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Privacy and Security
  • Scroll down and you'll see two buttons - one for Clear History and the other for Clear Cookies and Other Data.

  • Clear History will clean out your browser history of pages you've visited and wipe it clean.
  • Clear Cookies and Other Data will take out the leftover data like login cookies or other saved information.

To clear out each, simply tap the corresponding button. You'll see a toast message (popup) as confirmation along with an undo button should you want to reverse the action.

That's all there is to it. Happy browsing!

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Reader comments

How to clear your browsing data and history on BlackBerry 10


Private browsing works well. Just wish once you selected private browsing it stayed on. Once you close the browser it defaults back to private browsing OFF for the next time you open it

I noticed that earlier today as well. I can see both ways being desired, so I think it should be an option rather than a permanent switch.

I find turning on private browsing and clearing browser history require far too many taps. I'm used to a simple Ctrl + Shift + P or Ctrl + Shift + Delete on a desktop computer so the same tasks on the Z10 feel like a millennium.

I saw that too almost two months ago, it's really strange. I think it's because of the setting above "Delete History Entry" after a day/week/month and so on: you can't choose "Do not set a history at all", what makes a Private Browsing setting impossible/redundant...

Posted via CB10

It seems like those are either your bookmarks or recently visited pages or a mixture of both. Perhaps go into "Settings" -> "Display and Actions" and change "On Startup" from "Show My Home Page" to "Show Last Tabs."

What about form data (User / passwords)? I've been prompted for these before, but can't find a setting in the browser to manage / clear them. Any ideas?

Thanks for the post! In find if you delete the history once in a while it helps with keeping the overall speed of the device up.

Me too. Clearing cache alone is usually enough to fix problems with websites not loading properly. I don't want to clear the cache and loose all my saved login cookie data as well. The option to clear cache only has always been available in the past. Why did they take that away from us?

Posted via Z10 on CB10

There's an easier way to clear your history on your browser. All you do is tap on the open new tab icon on the bottom left. From there choose history. Once that opens up there's a trash bin on the bottom of the screen. Hit that and then it gives you a second to decide if you want to clear it real fast or undo before it fades away. Your welcome.

Posted via CB10

i really really appreciate this website in dealing with the blackberry classic and others thank you because otherwise it is beyond my control and less interesting. in the instance of clearing the history there is little lock looking things on the top right hand corner of each little frame and i would like to delete easily but cannot however although when i went to privacy and security it did not have the clear hisory option as in your picture even after using the 3 dots which was a great clue i was able to delete though by making immediate with the time settings such as 1 month etc maybe i am missing something