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How to choose where your downloaded applications are saved on your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Jared DiPane on 20 Dec 2011 12:32 pm EST

Downloads Folder

If you are anything like me and you want your icons to be in a very specific order on your BlackBerry, you would probably find it very useful to be able to specify where newly downloaded applications go. Luckily on BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7 devices you can do just that rather simply. Whether you wish to have the icons placed in the download folder, a newly created folder or just the home screens, it all can be done in just a few clicks.

  1. From the home screen press the menu key then scroll down to options.
  2. Scroll down to downloads folder
  3. Change option to which download location you prefer
  4. Save changes
Pretty simple, huh? No need to move icons to a download folder after downloading, instead you can just set it up to do that from the start.


Didn't know this. Thanks! I hated always moving the icon's into my apps folder.


I always say that but never done anything. Thanks crackberry


I am on OS 6 for 9700, and I cannot open that folder. I am on home screen, hit menu key, scroll to options and when I try to open options it does not open. Does anyone know why that option won't open for me?


Because - as it says in the actual article - this is for os7 that's Seven not six (6).


UM may want to look again, it clearly said BB6 & BB7. I have this option on my BB 9800.


Lord love a duck! There it was right before my eyes but I never noticed it! Thanks for the tip!.


I wish we could save the files to a media card as opposed to the internal memory.


Thought they'd come across a way for that to be the case when I initially saw the link to the story


Don't care too much for this... When are they going to free up more application memory? I mean the 9900 has 8 Gig onboard storage and yet only a measly 540MB is assigned for apps...


See, on the PalmOS (original, not WebOS) they had the same issue - until someone came up with PowerRun. This awesome app moved apps from apps memory to card, leaving a system flag (shortcut) in apps ram. When an app was run it would copy the app back from card to ram and run, then delete itself from ram when app closed. Was great, made launching apps a second slower but meant it solved the storage issue.
If only someone would make something like it for Blackberry...


great tip, and I agree, lets try to figure out how to add the media card to that list of options, and there's the beginning of a greater tip right there, and thanks for the tip OP, nice one


great tip but sometimes the downloaded app has to go to the games folder or the maps and navigation. I know, I can change the location right before the download, I just like to complain a little bit....Enjoy the Holidays Crackberry Nation!!!

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate.

Happy Holidays for the rest....