How to cheat at PaperPlane on the BlackBerry PlayBook and get HIGH SCORES!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 03:48 pm EDT

* Disclaimer: It's my birthday today. Every year on my birthday I like to do up a fun post I might not normally write. Last year I did up the controversial BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup. Pushing the limits, I know, and I took a bit of flak over it (though it's still one of our highest viewed articles on CrackBerry... what's that say?!). This year I'm keeping it toned down but am giving back to the community by showing you how to cheat at PaperPlane on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I discovered this cheat back on Good Friday... and it's pretty much remained a secret... until today. Now you too can be setting High Scores like me! *

Since the BlackBerry PlayBook was released on April 19th, PaperPlane by BBThemes has been one of the top paid apps in BlackBerry World for the PlayBook. As you might imagine from the name, it's a game where you toss a paper airplane, with the goal being to throw it as farrrrr as you can. It's a simple game, that for only 99 cents, can turn into literally hours of addictive fun. To add fuel to the fire, there's also a leaderboard where you can see the top scores of other paperplane throwers. As I write this over 266 thousand planes have been thrown for a total distance of over 4.6 million meters. Pretty awesome. Right now the game only features one play board -- an office setting -- but we're told more levels are on the way (update: see a video preview of new levels here), which makes the 99 cents even more worth it. Check out the video above to see PaperPlane in action... and keep reading for more info on how to cheat to win!

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How to Cheat at PaperPlane on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

It's so simple you're going to kick yourself when you hear it. The first thing to do is go to General within the Settings on your BlackBerry PlayBook and set your Application Behavior to Paused. After that, open up PaperPlane and then open up another app (I suggest clicking the View Rank online button so it launches the web browser and takes you to the Leader board for the game). From there, jump back to PaperPlane and toss a plane. 

Now here's the money shot. When the plan is in the air.... still flying (hopefully out the window)... quick do the bezel gesture to jump back into another open app. The "action" is paused on the game, yet in the background the PlayBook's clock is still ticking. Since the distance the plane flies is based on pixels over time, your plane is still "flying" in the background while you're in another app. Kill some time in another apps, and then swipe your way back into Paper Plane and watch the distance meter climb! Apparently this isn't a glitch in the game, but has to do with the PlayBook OS right now (don't think there's a quick fix to prevent this). So in the meantime you can have some fun crushing the leaderboard. Just keep in mind that BBThemes kills all the outrageous high scores every 12 hours, so you'll have to come back and reset your records regularly.

But that's it. Check out the video above to see the game and cheat in action!! Play safe, and have fun!

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How to cheat at PaperPlane on the BlackBerry PlayBook and get HIGH SCORES!!


I think that RIM needs to recall this app as it was released prematurely before testing. Now, someone let the media know so that they can make this world news.

I'm Zach!! The one in 3rd place :) In case any of you are wondering, I got that score legitimately. I used to be first, before people had fun with this little glitch.

Wow, that is funny, I just tried it and took a screen shot to save forever... Distance: 394.1 meters, Your Rank: 1, Game's Best: 71.94 meters...

I KNEW there was something going on. Could not figure out how to get it passed 40 metres...this is relieving.

Why would you make a post about how to cheat a game after the dev of that same game just let you do a playbook giveaway? I'm sure they will really appreciate having to delete all these bogus scores now.

BBThemes knew I was posting it.... they already have a script that deletes out the outlier scores.  Plus, maybe this way, RIM will the issue... as I think it's a PlayBook OS thing and not an app thing.

Happy Birthday Kevin! I def think needs to add a new ringtone to the mix though in honour of your birthday.. "Tu dudu du du .. tossing a paper aeroplane..." (ala nashstruck)

First, Happy Birthday Kevin, hope you have an awesome day. Now, that being said, on your birthday, you are supposed to get the presents, not give them . Thanks for sharing and for everything you do for us CracKBerry addicts.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

And...aha!!! The first day I got my playbook...I ended up getting a huge throw on paperplane (I was #2 right behind you). I was wondering how I had done I know!!! :)

Haha! This is one of the many reasons I come to this site! Humorous yet informative.

Happy Birthday Kevin! =) Hope it was a great one =)