How to change what happens when USB is connected to your BlackBerry device

By Jared DiPane on 4 Jan 2012 09:14 am EST

Clock Settings  

Ever get annoyed when you plug your BlackBerry device in while in the middle of watching something, only to have the screen turn black and a big clock appear in your face? By default your BlackBerry device is set to display the clock when it is charging, so anytime a USB that is connected to a power source or computer is plugged in it will appear. Luckily for you this can be changed to enable Bedside Mode or do nothing at all, and making the change is quite simple.

  1. Launch the Clock application
  2. Press Menu then scroll to options
  3. Select the option for When Charging
  4. Change selection to Do Nothing or Enter Bedside Mode (depending on your preference)
  5. Save your selection

That's it. Really. It is just that simple. No more clock popping up everytime you connect your device to a power source, instead you get to decide what it does.

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How to change what happens when USB is connected to your BlackBerry device


When I put mine in the charging pod at the end of the day, I want it to go into bedside mode. But if I charge (or connect via USB) at other times, I don't want it to go into bedside mode. Left out of the tip is the fact that one can restrict bedside mode operation to certain hours, e.g., between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m, so it will only go into bedside mode when you pop it in the charging pod during those hours. The clock still appears when you charge outside of those hours, however, even though it's not in bedside mode . . . .

JasW...yep, that's what I do too. I charge mine every evening and it goes right to bedside mode which I love since it's my bedside clock too. This is one of my favorite features about the BB and one of the main reasons I came back after having a stupid

the same for me i am happy i just found out that you can set it to bedside mode when plugging the usb in instead of just the clock and then setting it into beside mode.

bedside mode is also one of my favorite features.

thanks for the article!

bb is full of surprises!

I work weird hours, so before I go to sleep at night I remember to change the clock to Enter Bedside Mode; when I wake up, I change it to Do Nothing. Works for me.

Beside mode don't work on my Storm 2, I have to plug it in and then set it to beside mode which sucks. But I will soon be upgrading and it may not be blackberry if things don't get better real soon. WhoDat Baby.

I would use my 9800 as a clock at night but it's just too bright and lights up the entire room even with the dim display options on . I'd love someone to write a program to simply dim the clock in bedside mode.