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How to change the volume key action on BlackBerry 10.1

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 11:37 am EDT

One of our big gripes with BlackBerry 10 was the fact that you weren't able to change the notification/ringer volume using the volume buttons. Surprisingly the buttons only allowed for media volume control, which just seemed kind of strange.

Thankfully in OS 10.1 you now have the option to choose what actions the volume buttons take - meaning you can set them to control either your notification volume or media volume by default.

To set this option, head to Settings > Main Volume

Under Volume Keys you can toggle the option on or off.

With the option off, the buttons will control your notification volume (when media isn't playing). With the option on, the buttons control the media volume full time.

Note here as well that you can toggle music shortcuts on or off so you can control your media using the volume keys.

Keep in mind this option is only available on OS 10.1 so if you're running OS 10 you won't see it available. 

For more help and how-to be sure to check out all of our BlackBerry 10 Help Guides.


so crow

First I think I am anyway

Posted via CB10


You think, therefore you are.

I'm glad they fixed that. I would be really annoyed if I had to wake the phone up to adjust the volume of the ringer. (dont have bb10 yet. Sprint. Need I say more?)


I just got a software update this morning for my Z10 on Verizon Wireless
Software Release:


Improvements in this update include:

• Improved Battery Life: Over 60 battery-saving improvements have been made to keep you moving.
• Photo Enhancements: The camera has been optimized for better photos in low-light situations.
• And More: You’ll also enjoy fixes to Gmail® calendar, improved performance for 3rd party applications, and better browser video playback.

Posted Via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network


Absolutely pissed right now! I just downloaded that same minor update from stupid Verizon and it's totally crippled my Sideloads and Android Player. Damn you Verizon! You refused to bring us to at least 10.0.10 probably won't release 10.1 till F'en Christmas but you'll release this piece of crap that's crippled my Sideloads. Ugh! I seriously feel like throwing it in someone's face right now.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10.


sideloads don't get transferred with the os update.


We need to be able to use the volume rockers while connected to a bluetooth device!

Posted via CB10


In the OS 10.1 leak you can! I an already running it, I couldn't resist the temptation. So either wait until 10.1 rolls out officially, or download the leak in thé meanwhile and you'll be able to!


Volume control while connected to bluetooth is already supported, at least for some devices. My Volvo won't accept it, but my BlackBerry music gateway does. I think it depends on the specs of the connected device.

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL


my biggest gripe about OS 10 was exactly the skip songs which will get fixed with 10.1 :D cant wait


BlackBerry had built such an amazing platform and every update continues to bring us more and more joy. I'm waiting on the official release of 10.1 but it sure sounds like yet another awesome update. Woot!

Posted via CB10


That's my biggest annoyance with the new platform. I don't know how many times u have found my phone on silent because I somehow clicked the volume down key too many times! To me it should have no control over notifications except muting an active ring or notification.

Posted via CB10


I was just going to post something similar!

What there needs to be are options to lock the volume keys from changing your sound profile.
And/or option to have a Confirm toast pop up if you want instead.

This is how you CB10, son!


That is what this post is about.

Also, with 10.1, you won't go all the way to Silent if you set it up right. It will stop on vibrate.

Posted via Z10


Adam your showing headphone audio boost in your screen shot. I have not. What version is that or is that the leak which I have installed. If it is I don't see that option. Or is that the dev version?

Posted via CB10


The one remaining problem with this is to go from full volume to vibrate, you have to go all the way down in volume to the lowest volume then to vibrate. Then, if you go back to the ringer through the settings menu, it turns it on at the lowest volume setting. I'm not sure how to fix that, but they need to come up with something.

Posted via Z10


Thank you for the how to. :)


Can we change the function of the voice button?