How to change the screen brightness on your BlackBerry 10 phone

Save battery life (and your eyes) by changing the screen brightness on your BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry 10 Brightness
By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2013 12:17 pm EST


Changing the screen brightness on your BlackBerry 10 phone can not only save your eyes but also your battery. Depending on your needs, lowering the screen brightness can get you some extra battery life and really help out in the long run. Most times I like to keep mine set between 10-20% for daily use, but I'll crank it up if I'm outside or somewhere with bright lighting. Keep reading to see how to change the screen brightness on your BlackBerry 10 device.

How to Change the Screen Brightness on BlackBerry 10 

  • Tap the Settings icon on the homescreen or dropdown
  • Tap Display
  • Drag the slider under Brightness Settings to the desired level

Done and done! Keep the brightness down to save on battery - crank it up when you need it.  

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How to change the screen brightness on your BlackBerry 10 phone


Got a question to all Z10 owners:
How is outdoor readability of the screen, I know we don't really have summer season yet, however the winter sun can be pretty strong too. Can you read the display without any problems under direct sunlight conditions? How does it compare to, let's say the Bold 9900?

The question also goes to those, who maybe got the chance to see a Q10 under mentioned conditions.

I am having an issue. When I turn my screen brightness to full I can't turn the setting down. I either need to tap 4-5 times to get the indicator to move or reboot and then move the screen brightness indicator.. :(

I just had this problem myself. What I found is, if I press and hold on the slider, and wait for the blue aura to appear, then it drags, everytime. but if I try to swipe it lower, it never catches.

So, just try to put your finger on the slider, and wait a second, then try to move it.

I think they forgot to add the "auto dim" feature on/off, cause these screens are very dim even at full blast, once in a very bright environment it lights up nicely and the vibrant colors are visible, I also find that when i slide the bar over it lags and i cant slide it for a few seconds, i'm not sure if this is happening to my device only, can others please try to slide the dimmer left and right to see if they have the same issue as me??

I love how on the playbook you can swipe down from the top right corner, hit the brightness icon and adjust it: very fast and does not disrupt what you're doing. I wish they brought the same to Z10.

blackberry 10 built to keep you moving

I really wont to keep moving but it's hard when i'm going on the street and i can't change the brightness immediately. need " "slider" for the brightness.

I really wont to keep moving but when i'm walking and etc. it's hard to type with two hands. WE ALL NEED "swype", and function buttons like select copy past and etc.

and i think we all need quick buttons to turn off/ on Internet and etc

First day i had it cranked up and I ran out of battery after about 7 hours into the day. I turned it down a quarter from full and today I lasted 12 hours, right about what I would expect from my bold 9900. I also turned off an always refreshing twitter app and switched from wifi at work to lte so nothing conclusive on my battery consumption yet though. Will take a few weeks to get it dialed in.