How to change notification tones on the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 4 Oct 2013 05:06 am EDT

One of the great things about BlackBerry (which is no different with BlackBerry 10) is the ability to select a different notification tone for every single alert you could get on your device. For users that are picking up the BlackBerry Z30 as their first BB10 device this 'how to' will just be a short guide on personalizing your BlackBerrys tones if you so desire. 

I for one have a different alert tone for everything on my BlackBerry - from emails, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, BBM, Whatsapp and the list goes on. By default your BlackBerry Z30 will only come with a certain amount of notification tones, however there are many more you can grab from third party apps or just digging around in our forums. 

You may ask yourself 'why would I want to do this?' and the answer is quite simple from my perspective. With different tones set for different apps/accounts you will have the ability to know what type of notification you have received on your Z30 without even having to look at it. 

For example - I have six email accounts on my BlackBerry and a couple of them are really not used for anything important. So if I hear one of those go off I know that I don't need to pick up my BlackBerry instantly and check the email. Of course, whether you choose to do the same as me is down to personal choice but it's a great option to have. 

Getting the notification tones changed is pretty simple. From the top bezel of the Z30 you perform a downwards swipe and select settings. Here you will see all your system settings and it's just a case of selecting the Notifications one. 

Initially you will see the options for your sound volume, vibrate on/off, LED on/off and Instant Previews. But scroll down and there you'll see all the applications that can have the notification tones changed. The native apps will be listed but at the bottom of the list is 'Other Applications' which will allow you to alter third party apps. 

Then it's just a case of selecting which app you wish to change and underneath the 'Sound' on/off toggle you will see the tone. Tap this and a drop down box will appear which will then allow you to browse through either tones or music. Once you select one you will be presented with a list of the tones available on the device, but if you touch the 'Device' tab at the bottom left of the display you'll also be able to search your SDcard or Dropbox if you have that set up and have stored any tones in there. 

Then you just select which tone you want and you're done. It sounds a wee bit long winded but once you have the hang of it it's a breeze and the benefits are great, as I've already outlined. 

And that's how to change your notification tones on the BlackBerry Z30 - a wonderful feature to have on a smartphone. 

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How to change notification tones on the BlackBerry Z30


Can't wait to actually try it! Z30 all the way.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

6 emails addresses? Lol you must be important. Jk. Love my Z10, but the Z30 is calling my name.

Posted via CB10

Too bad every text from every contact sounds the same. Thats something I really miss from the BBOS days.

Posted via CB10

Also, each individual notification setting should have its own volume control.

My mp3 ringtone for text messages is hella load for some reason, while my other tones for other profile settings are normal.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Hello CrackBerry! When are you going to post your Z30 review? I visit your website maybe about 10x each day to check if you already posted a review but until now there's none. I wonder why because you are already using the device for all the apps that you are endorsing.

They want to put some good mileage o. The phone first and then give out a solid review with in depth detail about what they experienced with the phone. Anyone in this world can open the box, use it for a few hours and give a half assed review.

Posted via CB10

Yes. It will be. You will be able to toggle between light and dark themes in the settings.

Posted via CB10

Check out some of the leaks if you can't wait for a carrier official 10.2 release. Some things have the black theme... sms, contacts, calendar, and BBM (so long as you don't load channels)


Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

Wouldn't it be easier to tag the old articles or something? Just have a generic BlackBerry 10 user guide and tag devices to it

Posted via CB10

Also can you at least be honest and highlight how we can not customise individual notifications on BlackBerry 10. A feature that was extremely useful on BlackBerry OS and any other device.
This is becoming increasingly irritating.
The notification system on BlackBerry 10 is the worst I've seen in a smartphone

Posted via CB10

i'm dying for changing the annoying Wifi-notification (or turn it off).
also any other "system-notifications" cannot be changed...
will this be possible with 10.2? i dont't think so...

You will be showing us how to open a packet of sweets next James?

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Blackberry 10 really is a great OS and I say this unbiasedly as the Z10 was my first ever blackberry. I really hope it doesn't get mothballed like WebOS.

what about customizing tones for individual contacts? We are already on 10.2,, and yet this basic feature is yet nowhere to be found.

Yes, you can do that through the contacts app.

Also not mentioned in the article, you can definitely set .mp3 files as your ringtone/alerts. I have all of my alerts set as mp3s from my music.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

That is only for phone calls or emails. I need sms to be included.
Notifications on BlackBerry 10 is poor. Especially when compared to BlackBerry 7.1

Posted via CB10

If I didn't already have the Z10 I would definitely be getting the Z30(still hate the name). I'm very curious to know how much this device would be on contract in America. My guess is they'll try $300 at first but will eventually drop it to $100-$0 within a couple of weeks. A part of me thinks the Z30 will be VERY hard to find in the states. Definitely won't be seeing any display models around town.

Posted via CB10

I refuse to call it the Z30, to me it's Z-Three-Oh. It's sounds better IMHO

Z10 via CB10

I have the Q10 and the sounds sux!!! Even I'm going to each account to make different sound setting by each it doesn't work and everything is the same how the main default settings is. Like if by the mail options is silent everything will be silent. This sucks. Also my last BlackBerry I could of make that each contact should have a different sound by the text messages, etc and this phone doesn't have it. It sux biig time.

Happens to be there is a option to go to the contact, go To Edit and in the bottom there's a option of sound for this contact but of course it doesn't work or do anything. This BlackBerry sucks!

Posted via CB10

You still cannot set individual ringtones for text messages for individual contacts. In the contacts app it's only for emails and BBM. I really wanna know what is so hard about to implement that...
When you get a SMS, you never know who sent it until you look.

Is there the ability to set individual volumes for each notification like in BBOS? I really miss that option. Right now the volume adjustment is the same for phone ringer and notifications. If I receive an email I don't need the notification for that to be as loud as if I'm receiving a phone call.

Yup i really miss the ability to set individual volumes for each application/notification.

Posted via CB10

Now my question is, can you change the individual text message notification tone by contact? This feature never worked on my Z10 and in the last few software leaks I installed the option was outright removed.

Edit: I see the guy a few lines above me commented about this very thing. I need to wake up.

What I don't understand is why BlackBerry provide only a few sounds by default on the new BB10 devices.

Do they have someone at BlackBerry whose job it is to ensure new devices are as frustrating and lame as possible? "Ok, well we've given them 16gb of storage, so let's not fill it up too quickly, we'll just give them a few single beeps of varying tones to use for all notifications, 1kb each, that should do it".

BlackBerry has had some of the best ringtones/alert sounds on all smartphones in the past, would it have really been too much trouble to put them onto the new phones, and save us the hassle of hunting them down and copying them across? I mean, somebody at BlackBerry must have had the job of deciding what alert sounds to put on BB10. Was he genuinely happy with the job he did? Hopefully he's one of the people who have been fired.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait for my Z30!!!!!

Graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Cyber Security As the Valedictorian...... Swiped from the Ever So Awesome White Berry Z10 10.2 on CB10

I think a more useful tutorial, or a good one to explain is how to get, how & where to put new tones.

Posted by CB10 on my VZW Q10