How to change the lock screen message on BlackBerry 10

How to change the lock screen message on BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 13 Feb 2013 08:51 am EST

BlackBerry devices have had the ability to display a lock screen message for some time now and with BlackBerry 10 that feature is still around. By default, there is no lock screen message set on your device. It's not something everyone likes to do but the option is there if you want to. Follow me after the break to see how to set your own lock screen message.

  • Tap the Settings icon or swipe down from the top bezel to bring the homescreen menu and select from there 
  • Tap Display

BlackBerry Z10 System Settings


  • Scroll down to the Screen Lock section and find Message displayed on locked screen
  • Enter your desired message in the Line 1 and Line 2 fields 

How to set lock screen message


There you have it. Enjoy setting your lock screen message. For other BlackBerry 10 help, visit our How To, Tips and Tricks page. 

Reader comments

How to change the lock screen message on BlackBerry 10


Does anyone know if there's a way to not show your next calendar event on the lock screen, I just want it to show time and date.

I would like to see how the password screen is for the device. I am assuming that after you swipe up to wake the device the keyboard appears to enter your password. Can someone show this? I would also like to know about how emergency calls are handled when the device is locked.

The lock screen is nothing fancy. When you slide up you get the key board to type in your password. You get 10 chances. There is an 'emergency call' button in red on the top right to press in the lock screen. I have to figure out how to upload a screen shot...

Many thanks - I am glad to see that they have kept the number keys at top as part of the keyboard like the PlayBook.

I'd still like to know what the "lock" screen looks like. I mean where you actually enter your password. How does it work? When you start to swipe up does a box appear asking you to enter your password?

Yes, when you slide up the keyboard appears to type in your password. You get 10 chances. There is an 'emergency call' button on the top right. So far only a keyboard (if there is a swipe option like android I haven't figured it out yet...). I will try to upload a screenshot.

How is the Bridge app on the Z10. does it still let you connect to the internet with your playbook the way it did on os 7? I have had a blackberry for the last 7 years but if there is no bridge app or it doesn't function the way that it did I see no reason to stay on blackberry. Their late release in the US is going to hurt them again, everyone I know has jumped ship already, I am the last hold out. Mainly because of the way my 9810 and playbook work together but if the Z10 doesn't do that I might as well switch to an android now and get it over with before they tank.

Can anyone let me know how to set the password lock on the device? and whether this is a numeric password, or you can use a gesture, etc...

Many thanks

i just have a basic question to the person who came out with this website, i went to the actual blackberry website looking for when the blackberry z10 is comming out in the united states, and in chicago, 400 miles away from me, the phone is expected to come out in march 6th of 2013, i have already registered for updates through verizon cause thats my carrier, so my question is since i live in the minneapolis area, when will the blackberry z10 come out in minneapolis, minnesota?

I changed my lock screen to include my in case of emergency (ICE) number as my phone is locked and anyone who finds my phone can't get past the lock. I think its a great idea to have that screen.

Yeah, I agree. I was out snowboarding with my son and he found a iPhone 4S that someone had dropped. It was locked but had the number to call. Called it and hooked the owner up with their lost phone in 5 minutes. If they hadn't had that, I don't know what we'd have done... had to go to their carrier and tried to sort it out from there... far too much work. Kudo's to my son for turning it in (and turning down the offer of a reward)... he told the guy if he'd lost his new iPhone 4S he'd be in tears so he just wanted to get it back to the owner (also another teenager). Morale of the story, ALWAYS put your home number (or some number that isn't your cell number on your cell phone lock screen). I've always done it but nice to see it actually works.

How big is the seond line field? I have a failry long "please return my phone" message on my Bold 9650 and i wonder if it will fit.

I am trying to find a way to set the lock screen message on a lost device from the BB10 console. Very convenient feature for getting a device back! Anyone knows?