How to change the default view on the native BlackBerry Calendar app

Calendar Options
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2011 01:48 pm EDT

Beginners BlackBerry Tip: Changing the default Calendar View

  Calendar Options

Options Galore on the BlackBerry OS: One of the GREAT things about the traditional BlackBerry operating system is that it is FULL of options that allow you to customize your device experience. That benefit is also one of the BAD things about the OS. There are options everywhere, and if you don't know where to look for them or think to look for them, you may find yourself not taking advantage of them. While opening the main Options "wrench" on the homescreen does provide a ton of device options, you'll also find the Options link on the Menu within native apps like the Phone app, Email app and Calendar app that provide more options for those apps. The same goes for third party apps.

BlackBerry Calendar Tip of the Day: By default, the BlackBerry calendar shows you the DAY view. By hitting the Menu Key (the BlackBerry logo key to the left of the trackpad), and selecting View, you can then toggle between Day, Month and Agenda views. If you find yourself using views like Month and Agenda more than the Day view, you can easily change the default view from within the Calendar app by going to Menu > Options > Calendar Display and Actions and changing the default under the Views > Initial View option as shown in the screen cap at the top of this post.

There you have it. A simple tip, but a handy one for new to BlackBerry users and even old BlackBerry users (like myself) who get lazy and forget all the power that's at their fingertips.

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How to change the default view on the native BlackBerry Calendar app


And don't forget the shortcuts. Press a for Agenda view, W for weekly, M for monthly and D for daily. Unfortunately you won't be able to switch back from daily view using these shortcuts.

Kevin, even though this is a beginner topic, you might want to add something regarding the ability to move all calendar entries from one e-mail account to another. When I went from my 8330 to the 9930 (before having to return it because of terrible call quality), I had an issue with my calendar entries all collapsing onto the first e-mail account that was re-established during the upgrade process (which was not my primary account). Took a bit of digging, but finally came across the solution... want to say it was the "M O V E" solution, but don't remember at the moment.

I just realized that all my calendar appointmens and b-days are assigned to my work e-mail and would like to move them all to my hotmail or gmail instead. What is the "M O V E" solution to are referring to? Link please?...I also went to Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Default Services...but If make the changes here doesn't It just add new items onto the new email but what about my old appointments? Do they get moved as well?

If you search around on the forums you should be able to find it... Changing the default calendar is one thing, but actually migrating your old appointments is another. Apparently I can't post links yet, otherwise I would. In a nutshell, if you're in the calendar options and type "M O V E" you can move appointments to another calendar. Alternatively, you can delete the CICAL (calendar) service books that are associated with the appointments you want to move... It seems that doing so will move whatever appointments that were associated with that calendar to your default calendar (assuming that you don't delete that one as well).

Yep that worked thank you Tax...and yes I'm using the forums a lot more now...been learning a lot from happy we can actually change the default to "Month View" =]

There is one thing I miss in the BB calendar very much. In the monthly view, I would like to have a quick view on the meetings in a day when I scroll over the days. I see in the monthly view only the bars if I am busy or free, but if I want to see whats going on in the day, I have to press the day, switch to the daily view etc. Thats for a quick orientation very annoying.

Does anyone know how to change the default calendar? Whenever I create I new appointment/task in my calendar, it always sets it up in the BBM Groups calendar. I do not want that.


Settings-choose the last option enlarged system settings-default services and then choose the calendar you want to use as the default on. This steps are for the Bold 9780, I thing, for the 9900 it must be very similar.

Kevin this may be simplistic info, but it was great!!!! I always have to switch from the day view. Now, no more!


On the Torch, the last few OS builds have had an annoying bug that agenda view takes an amazingly long time to load - like 10+ seconds - if you don't also select the "show free time" option.

Agenda view is so much better without the "show free time" option selected.

Thanks a lot i have been wanting to get that changed for the longest while. keep up the good work guys.