How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2013 12:33 am EST
How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 10

If you've picked a BlackBerry Z10, opened up the web browser and found your default search engine set to Bing there is a good chance you're looking for a way to quickly change that. Unless of course, you like Bing. Getting it changed was quite honestly a bit of a task on BlackBerry 7 but with BlackBerry 10 it only takes a few seconds to accomplish:

  • Open up your web browser and start typing a search in the search.
  • Up top in the right hand corner, you'll see the Bing logo. Tap it.
  • A drop down will appear showing Bing, Google and Yahoo. 
  • Set it to whatever you wish and from there on out, it will be set.

That's it! You're all set with whatever search provider you choose and you'll never have to worry about it reverting back unless you wipe your device or reset it at some point.

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How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 10


Great to see some of the small details in the browser and I like how if you click on the like bing link it takes you to WP Central. LOL!!!

Posting about porn was brave. I hope you know that it's going to lead to a porn comment from me on all your articles.

I would like BlackBerry to DROP yahoo... They have the nerve to say we are not supporting bb no more, we'll we should not support a dead search engine if they don't support us

You can delete search engines by simply holding down on the name "yahoo" and the overflow side bar (right side) will have a delete option.

With blackberry 5/6/7 there was the option of adding search engines. I love having thesaurus search on my 9900. Heck I could even set up a search engine so that my request does a search on Is that option still accessible in BB10?

It is but not in the same way it was previously. Now, the sites appear to need support for the open search protocol. A site that supports it will show up in the menu offering you the option to "+ Add Search" when that option is there, you can then add it as a search engine. I'll look a bit deeper but right now, that as close I see as that way being implemented. Still there but a bit different.

Wait wait wait wait!

How can you do it in the older OS-s?

I'm on OS6, and I always thought the search engines were defined by my mobile operator and could never customize them :(

You could also set your browser to open a search engine as your home page. Open your browser, go to Settings, then select Display and Actions. Under On Startup select Show My Home Page. Under Home Page select Open A Specific Page and a url bar will appear. Type the url of your favourite Web browser. Go back and close your browser then re-open et voila!

The last two comments have made me think as well, I use for my search engine all the time. It's google results but kept private so you don't get all the targeted ads which creeps me out honestly. Is there a way to set your own search engine as default in bb10 as you could in bb7?

Wow, obvious but great find. Can't believe I didn't see that. I hitched that this was one of my biggest letdown of BB10 (not being to change default search engines ). Thx!

Excellent! Keep these tips coming. It's awesome that BB10 has so many customizations, and even more awesome that you guys post about them all! When I get my Z10 all I'll have to do is go back through these posts to get everything set up. No frustration required. ;)

I changed my default search engine to Google, but when I do voice control it still uses BING! How do I switch the default voice control search engine also? I really don't like Bing.

I suggest everyone use Bing until Google decides to support BlackBerry. Why support them when they don't support us?

No secure Google, no duckduckgo, no way to add custom search engines... That's just lame, but OK for a .0 release I suppose.
I can't wait for this OS to mature to the point where it's actually usable for more than just demos.


I hope Verizon let's this be an option. They are in bed with Microsoft so my only option on my 9850 is Bing...and I hate Bing!!!

I use bing or yahoo for msot of every search unless it doesn't have or show what I'm looking for. Google for conversions and the others for all or any searches.

i am not able to add my website to the opensearch in the BB10 browser
what are the changes in BB10 browser from the previous ones??
Can tell the requirements of a website/search engine to be added in BB10 browser opensearch ?

If you want to add duckduckgo or any other search engine:
1. Open the default BlackBerry 10 browser.
2. Visit the DuckDuckGo homepage in the browser.
3. Tap the menu icon (three dots) on the bottom right.
4. Tap Add search.
5. Tap Add.

After that you need to choose your new search engine as a default (like in this howto).

....just recently got the BB Classic and I have tried everything to get rid of bing/4 square....unfortunately, it remains. There must be a way to delete bing and add Google!?!