Quick tip: How to change a contact's picture on BlackBerry Messenger

By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2010 02:31 pm EST

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I'll admit I often get bored looking at the same old pictures my friends have as their avatars in BlackBerry Messenger. Some just don't change them often (or at all like myself) or I just don't like the picture they choose. I also have my wife's BBM on my homescreen (as seen above) and like to change up the image from time to time. I had to dig a bit to get this done since I had tweaked a few settings, so take a read through this quick tutorial if you're looking to change things up a bit.

How to change a contact's picture (avatar) on BlackBerry Messenger

First off, go to your BlackBerry Messenger options and make sure you haven't checked Replace BlackBerry Contact Pictures With BlackBerry Messenger Pictures. If this is the case, it will actually do the reverse of what we want here and update the contacts in your address book with whatever they have chosen for their BlackBerry Messenger avatar.

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After verifying in the step above, make sure the contact is listed in your address book (if not then add them). You'll also need to have them linked to your BBM contact list (in BBM, highlight the contact and select Link to BlackBerry Contact then choose the corresponding contact in your address book). Find them in your address book, press Menu > Edit. Move the cursor over the image in the upper left, and click on it. From here choose the image you'd like to display for the contact. When you have it choose Menu > Crop & Save.

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Now go into your contact list in BlackBerry Messenger. Highlight the contact, Press Menu and choose View Contact Profile.

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On this screen, next to Use BlackBerry Contacts Image choose Yes. 

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Press Menu > Save and you're done. Your contact will now show with the image you chose. 

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Quick tip: How to change a contact's picture on BlackBerry Messenger


The wallpaper is on mobile.blackberry.com - go there from your device and there are a bunch in the wallpapers.

Will this work with OS 6? Went through the steps listed but when I go into "View Contact Profile", I have nothing listed below "Status" on the screen. (Style 9670, OS

Hey Guys, did with a 9700 running OS 6...

In case you have not found out yet: go into your contact list in BBMessenger. Highlight the contact, Press Menu and then Show on Home Screen. It will ask you in which folder you want to add it.

Neither do i. It ends right at the contact's status. In my BBM at least. I dunno what version the dude is using tho.

Make sure you follow all the steps. If you have Replace BlackBerry Contact Pictures With BlackBerry Messenger Pictures checked it won't show up as an option.

Also - make sure the contact is linked to your address book. In BBM, highlight and choose link contact. Then choose the contact in your address book so they link up. 

I tried this and it worked but now I don't like the pic....how do I get the facebook pic back that was there before for both my contact list and my bbm contact?

Would love to see more of these posts please :)
And quick question, what screen capture app are you using ? The pictures are so vibrant.

For those of you who don't have the option to use the contact picture in the BBM settings: does that person happen to be an SMS contact that you added to BBM? That's the only person whose profile does not have that option for me. All my contacts who have BBM have the option.

MAN!! I've tried everything and asked in billion forums!! And I was sure that the reverse effect that you wrote about is because of new BBM version! But it F*** WORKS now! :D

PEACE Brother!!