How to capture the perfect photo using Time Shift on the BlackBerry Z3

Time Shift
By James Richardson on 11 Jul 2014 09:56 am EDT

Taking photographs with a smartphone is paramount to many people. Whilst the camera on the BlackBerry Z3 may not be the best on the market due to it being a low cost handset, it does offer decent results and like all BlackBerry 10 devices has the 'Time Shift' option built right in.

If you have recently picked up the Z3 and it's your first BlackBerry 10 smartphone you'll want to carry on reading as I suspect you'll be rather impressed with what Time Shift has to offer. The feature is the perfect camera tool for when taking photographs of either a person or a group of people. We've all taken this style of photo before and found it's not always easy to take the snap just at the right time - when everyone is smiling or nobody is blinking. Time Shift solves this problem and here's how....

With the camera open on the Z3 you'll want to tap the camera icon at the top right of the display. Here you will have the option to switch to the video camera and also Time Shift. With Time Shift setected you are all set to go.

When you take a photograph the Z3 will actually record the image from slightly before and after the actual shot. This will then allow you to use the bar at the base of the display to move back and forth in time to choose the perfect image. But things get even more interesting - particularly if you have more than one person in the photo.

Just tap on one of the faces and you will be able to Time Shift that person. You can do this with numerous faces in the photograph - therefore allowing the best pose from each subject to give you the ultimate finished result.

The proof is in the pudding with this one and is a lot more enjoyable to use than read about. If you take a lot of photos of your friends then the BlackBerry Z3 is going to be your best buddy. In fact, your friends may well be jealous of the super results you get. Time Shift is extremely clever and it's awesome that it comes as a standard feature within BlackBerry 10.

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How to capture the perfect photo using Time Shift on the BlackBerry Z3


This is available on all BB10 devices so why differentiate? This is not the first instructional on how to use time shift and I don't see a need to repost the instructions on how to use it on one phone model.

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The argument is that people new to CB / BlackBerry won't have seen the previous articles, and they've done it for each new phone to help people along so why stop now. A cynic would say it's inexpensive to recycle content for clicks. Both are right. :)

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I'm not new and this is my first time seeing how this feature works! I'd read about it before getting my Z10 (and Q10), but never quite figured out what that icon was for. So thanks, CB!

So wait it's just like using it on the z10, z30, q10 and q5? And all this time I thought it will be different.

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Come on guys, as stated this is kind of a tutorial or heads up for new users.
Nothing new for people already rocking BB10's like us

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Hey, @Felixlives gets it. Thanks! The Z3 has hit a ton of new regions, of course we're going to have and help and how-to guides for the device. We've never done them before, so we're doing them now. Think back to when you got your first BB10 phone, I'm pretty sure you all went looking for help on some stuff as well.

Exactly why this is needed.

I'll also admit that it was a refresher for me, since I don't tend to take pictures of people and therefore, don't use this feature very often.

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This is ASSUMING that the people in those regions that just got a z3 are automatically signed up on crackberry which isn't very likely. I'm willing to bet those users never heard of crackberry and would likely go to youtube for video tutorials on the phone.

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Time Shift - Sounds like a GREAT idea. I just never got use to taking the time to use it.

Would be great if maybe you could opt to take a Time Shift picture and then come back later and choose the finial "frame" to keep. On the go it just works better for me if I take five or six shots and move on and delete the ones I don't want later.

Spot on ! I absolutely hate being forced to choose a photo immediately after taking it. It gets in the way of taking other photos. The time shift feature is perfect for making GIFs, I don't get why they aren't capitalizing on that opportunity. I would also like to see the ability to save the entire time shift capture, it's fun sliding the slider back and forth, controlling time in essence.

I still use the time shift feature because it is perfect for catching those split second shots.

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+1 I was just about to post this. If you are taking multiple photos, the time it takes to pick the best time shift moment can take too long to keep up.

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You can do this in 10.3.
You can even save shots and go back and edit and save another.
Used to hate it when you decide on one to find out the photoshopping is really really bad.

This is one camera feature which absolutely amazes everyone.. and comes in handy especially when I am clicking pictures of my 2 year old niece..

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Why is time shift always round in the pictures from BlackBerry but in reality it is a straight line??

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The circle is when the time shift has recognised face and you tap on the face. You can then "time shift" on just the face rather the whole picture (straight line)

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Ok today a learned a new feature on my BB. I didn't know you can time shift just the face. This is what Crackberry is all about ( and not bashing each other!!)

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When is Z3 coming to Saudi Arabia? It was supposed to be July but now there is no news about it

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Welcome to all the new Z3 users. The BlackBerry 10 os is an amazing experience and I'm sure you will grow to love your new phone. Ignore the trolls and negative posts as my experience on crackberry is 99.9999% of users are sound as a pound and as you get to know the regulars they can be very entertaining characters

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