How To: Calibrate your BlackBerry Compass

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2011 01:40 pm EDT

With the release of BlackBerry 7 devices folks will find a new on-board application in the mix. That application is the Compass app and in order for it to work it does indeed need to be calibrated every now and then, and the video above walks you all through that process.

Ultimately, the compass app as a standalone application doesn't really do all that much but tell you which direction your BlackBerry is facing but when you start using GPS and other location based services this is where the built-in magnetometer will shine. Even at the basic usage level right now, GPS accuracy and response times are quicker on the BlackBerry 7 line of devices vs. the BlackBerry 6 devices for example.

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How To: Calibrate your BlackBerry Compass


Does the 9900 have an actual gps on there? Like one that will give you turn by turn directions like a garmen?

I'm glad I saw this. I looked like an idiot trying to calibrate the compass over and over again before. lol.

Ahaha Good Post Bla1ze ! I just calibrate my phone before you posted this on the Blog oh and i was so close to post a tread in the forum abut Compass and calibrate. So looks like you are a step forward, are you caking nonstop ??

Thank you For this.

Anyone else have constant issues with theirs? I go to show my friends the Wikitude browser and I have to calibrate it every 10 seconds! Really frustrating.

Wikitude regrets to inform you that our website is currently unavailable. We were affected by a lightning strike in Dublin which caused a power failure in the Amazon Data Center. We are working with Amazon to get our website up and running and thank you for you patience and understanding.

The intresting thing from all the videos that have been put up about the 9900 so far is that everyone uses the ones really using the touch screen. Force of habit or a sign that actually...a touchscreen on a bold isnt really that nessesary. Just a thought...

COOL, I'm looking forward to creep-wikituding people....

PS: TELUS HAS IT?! OMG OMG...checking it out tomorrow AND bringing spare pantz! :D

thanks for this... I've spent the last few days trying to shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture. I am sure Will.I.Am would approve lol

The magnetometer will be great for geocaching. I use CacheSense and it will support this function shortly. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies...


I have watched youtube clips i have read forums and yet my compass does not want to calibrate. I dont know how far away i must be from metal, i dont know if my rings get in the way but nothing i do will work.
If someone could please assist me i would very much appreciate all the advice and help i can get!!

Thanks Guys.