How is BlackBerry Traffic working for you right now?

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2012 06:09 pm EDT
BlackBerry Traffic

Over the past few days, a small number of people in the forums started to notice they were unable to use BlackBerry Traffic as it wouldn't connect properly, was giving off error messages and just generally not working as expected. For some, services are back to a working state right now but to find out if things are running as per normal, we reached out to RIM to inquire:

There was a minor issue that impacted some users, but it is resolved now and BlackBerry Traffic is up and running for everyone.

With that in mind, have you tried using BlackBerry Traffic today? Are you still getting any error messages or weird issues arising? Let us know in the comments if things are working as expected for you, if not we can pass the info along.

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How is BlackBerry Traffic working for you right now?


Nothing odd or unusual yesterday or so far today in the Philadelphia suburbs. I use this app every day for commuting so having it back at work is a very fine thing for me.

Yup, wasnt working last night.. I am on a business trip and I was depending on the navigation and i was stuck for a while before i gave up and decided to use google maps.

That's ok. As long as the tools are there, we use them. Technology can fail too sometimes.

The important thing is to identify the root cause. In this case, I hope it's because they are upgrading their service or something related, not just someone 'forgetting' to check the health of their servers and nobody wanting to bring them back online. That is just bad corporate culture.

I saw that today too. I answered NO because I didn't know the nature if the test and didn't want to risk running up a big data charge.

Other than that, it's been working well since Tuesday.

I was seeing the same popup as of early Tuesday morning. If you click Yes, browser opens and prompts you for username and password. I tried my beta zone login info, but no dice. So who knows what's up with the 7x24 test.

My BB Traffic did not work yesterday. Today, I'm getting the "QA 7x24 OTA Test!" message when launching. I press No to proceed and it works thereafter.

I get the same message (just noticed it Thursday), select No and the app seems to work fine. The QA 7x24 test message is still showing up for me as of today (Friday).

I have used BB Traffic everyday over the last 3 days and not one hiccup. Guess I'm just lucky.

For those that haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

I've rarely had a problem with it, but I would like the opportunity to submit bug reports, since ocassionally there are minor issues. In one instance, the name of anroad was missing one letter, so the automated voice was mispronouncing the street name. I knew what they meant to say but would have liked an opportunity to provide feedback. I couldnt find anywhere to give feedback or report errors.

I like it, and the directions are spot on. But I have difficulty with getting an address in unless it is in my contacts, but most of the destinations I don't want in my contacts. Usually I'm cutting an address off the browser and it would be great to easily paste those into Traffic. Traffic is very accurate and I'm surprised at how precisely it tells me at just the right place to prepare for a turn.

I had been using TeleNav for the last year, I like it a lot. The short story is, it expired and I couldn't renew. So I tried BB Traffic, it never worked, not once. In the end TeleNav found a workaround for me and I have it for at least another year. I implored the tech to continue supporting Blackberry and BB10. He was very non committal. Really, he could not even muster up a fake "10-4 on that one buddy!"
BB Traffic Pro: Continued support assured
BB Traffic Con: It doesnt work

Same issue here - Telenav expired (BEFORE the year was up, IIRC) and I couldn't renew. Started using BB Traffic and while I do miss the visuals, the directions are great. Stopped working for me on Saturday, but it's up and doing fine now.

I was one of the posters in the forum and mine is working again. During the outage I contacted support two different time and even used the link I started in the forum.

Funny thing was they didn't even read the thread because it answered most of the questions they were asking me. :(

It didn't work at all for a few days, then started working again yesterday. I have noticed that it is not as accurate as in the past in terms of traffic/arrival times. I rely on it heavily in dealing with a long commute in the LA area.

Chino, CA

I'm having the same issues here. It was great helping me avoid traffic on the 405. Now, it isn't getting a gps signal anymore.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

When i left work BB Traffic estimated my arrival time originally in 26 minutes. Took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get home. The traffic didnt' seem to be updating and it kept insisting that i was in a green zone but was HEAVY traffic all the way home.

I used a major road in Toronto so I don't see why the traffic update wasn't being picked up.

After being down for the last 3 days, it appears to be back and running since this morning. Toronto, Canada. It's one of my most used apps so it was killing me not to be able to fire it up every time I got into the car..

Looking forward to seeing BB traffic on BB10..


Sorry been using Telenav for years now and it plays well with point. Those two apps make for a great team!

Use it daily and have for years. Never an issue. Best traffic and ETA data of all of them. Telenav is cool but expensive and has a big memory footprint that costs me other app space. Wish BB Traffic integrated w/ an optional map view to BB Maps - that's probably coming w/ BB10.

there is a long train on berryreview about tons of users having issues with BB trafic for a week.. I never had an issue until saturday. It took me the wrong way for an hour and a half. i was pissed. havent used it since.

Was pooches for days. It was working today but was totally inaccurate for traffic. Hopefully gets better soon. I think it is one of the better traffic apps.

It didn't work for about a week. It stopped working right we were on the road finding someone's house in the boondocks. I was bragging to my wife about how much better the blackberry is compared to her iCrap and #BBTraffic didn't work. It's working now fine, but I haven't tried it on the road.

Maybe I am in the minority here but I sure hope an integrated BlackBerry® Maps and BlackBerry® Traffic cums to BB10 asap.

Today was a really bad day to drive in Long Island, NY. A deadly car accident closed the main highway. Every other road was a mess and the BB traffic showed no problems. The route was the right one but the traffic was completely wrong. Common RIM, fix the problem. I love BB Traffic.

Stopped working for me on Sunday, and did not work thru Wednesday. Notes to customer support were not answered. Now they say it was a minor issue. Thorsten needs to work on customer service if he wants to keep his customer base.

I was having issues with travel on sunday night when I needed it the most...have not used it since then

Couldn't connect to server earlier this week - seems to be working fine now.

Still get the Unknown Locator Error -5 frequently when adding in new addresses - a reboot usually fixes that. But that's a software error on the device side, not a server error as it never even tries to contact the server. BB 9900 TMO

Love it. Can't live without it. Saved me traffic jams, three times. Don't need the frills of roaming 3D maps. I like the simple approach with valid data. Keep it going!

I've been getting the error "Network out of order" message when I send text messages. Never got it before but it is happen frecuently. Thought it was worth mention even though it may not be a BlackBerry error overall

My Traffic app was giving me hell! I kept getting a message saying that it was unable to connect to mobile network.

I got some messages saying test and I click yes and opens my browser and get an error Page. Other than that it is okay. I use Google maps on my 9800 it would be nice if rim could somehow incorporate Google maps and bb traffic to make one kick ass navigator app. Also it would help to link my places format both apps

Last weekend, I was in Portland OR. It worked last Friday but failed to work on Sunday and Monday on AT&T. It opened and allowed me to enter an address but when I picked it and clicked Go, it would search for a route for about five minutes and then say it could not connect to the server. It was rather irritating as I was in a city I was semi familiar with and going to a restaurant in an area I was unfamiliar with. Luckily, I looked at the address on my computer before I left.

It would not work in Seattle on Monday either. I haven't tried it this week but it is working tonight in Kelowna on Rogers.

It hasn't worked for me all week.
There were at least 2 days it didn't connect to the servers at all.
When it did I got the QA 7x24 OTA test pop up, and then the traffic information was incorrect, I had to resort to google maps.

It was not working for me on Monday or Tuesday, but it does appear to be working now... for what that is worth.

Does not always give direct route to locations I've put in, so I don't use it much.

The nav routes are working, traffic density is not -- at least not for Boston.

The traffic info has been exactly the same every morning. Which was correct on Tuesday I believe. But certainly not right for the rest of the week. So for me, it's mostly worthless as the reliable decision maker it used to be.

I love this app! (just not right now)

Mine is back working as of Thursday. I was getting the unable to connect to server starting last weekend.
It's a great app. I use it all the time when I'm traveling on business.
It's better than Google maps and better than my kids' iphone maps.

I get a searching for GPS message and it just hangs there for days. Doesn't ever find one. So frustrating. I just don't use it anymore because of that. Even now, while testing it out, it's been on the same message "searching for GPS..."for ten mintues

It was not working in Toronto earlier in the week (Tue or Wed). I don't use if so much for a route, as I have a Garmin, but I do use it for traffic (Garmin's is a joke). Tried for about a half hour, while stuck in traffic, and kept getting unable to connect to network or something. Wasn't impressed.

It didn't work for me for a couple of days but now is back to working. Though it appears that the traffic isn't as reliable as it once was. This morning it showed the highway I was on to be red with traffic as I was cruising down at 80 mph. It has also changed the routing from before this glitch.

Worked fine for me yesterday to get to an unfamiliar address in Hamilton, ON.

Jim Courtney
Editor and Publisher
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It is working great for me again, after a couple days down. Those were a couple of cold, hard days of asking my girlfriend for directions from her Curve that was running Traffic just fine.

Wasn't working for me for about a week. Working now, but getting the "QA 7x24 OTA test" popup. Not a deal breaker, but a bit annoying.

Not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but it gave me wrong directions to a new address yesterday. It had always been spot on before in my experience.

Bold 9700
BB Traffic Version
Rogers (Toronto)

I keep getting the unknown locator error: -5, very frustrating. Means I can locate using any contact! My spouse has an Android with Google maps. Holy &^$* batman, it figures out typos, you can SAY the destination, give approximate addresses, overlay friends, etc.

I saw a motorola phone with the BB 9900 formfactor. Nice looking but low quality everything. If they made that a premium phone I would have dumped my 9900....

Traffic prediction is way off, search function is unreliable now, too...although it's a free app and you get what you pay for, there are only so many things I used to defend RIM for that are now slipping away...and BB10 may be too little, too late...come on, RIM, you can fix this.

Still working for routes but the traffic assessment is a joke. Wasted an hour stuck in a sigalert that had been going on for 2+ hours, yet Blackberry traffic was green all the way. Sat this morning in backup even though green according to BB Traffic. Why did you trash this app Blackberry?

Chino, CA

Just downloaded yesterday and it is working well with the exception of the traffic assessment as noted above. Google maps seems a little off on that too as most traffic I encounter is worse than it reports.

For some reason, when trying to start Traffic from Contacts ("Drive To" option), or from an address in the location field of my Calendar, I get a message that says "You need to reset your device after upgrade application." Has anyone else seen this and overcome it? A reset does not fix the problem.