How to enable Bedside Mode with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By James Richardson on 28 Feb 2014 03:04 am EST

Having Bedside Mode on a BlackBerry is certainly nothing new. With the introduction of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 we did get a quicker way of accessing the feature if it's one you use when you retire for the night. 

One way to reach it is just the same as it's always been with BlackBerry 10 and that's to open up the clock app and drag down from the top bezel. You'll then be given the option to select Bedside Mode. 

But like many other features within 10.2.1 you can now add Bedside Mode to your Quick Settings - meaning it's just a simple swipe away whenever you need it. 

To set it up in Quick Settings just follow these simple steps: 

  • Open settings (swipe down from the top bezel)
  • Select Quick Settings
  • Tick Bedside Mode and you'll be ready to rock

In addition to just activating Bedside Mode you can of course dive into the settings and alter a couple of things. As you can see below you can toggle on/off Wireless Connections and Phone Calls - so you have the option to receive whatever is important to you - or nothing of course. 

Options, options, options - just what we like and BlackBerry seem to be giving us more with every OS update - good stuff. 

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How to enable Bedside Mode with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


Yup, I have a Z10 dock (generic / amazon) which works great, I click power top button then just swipe down for bedside mode. Love how the alarms makes screen brightens up, tap anywhere for snooze and goes back to dark. Only thing I don't see is how to dismiss the alarm. I end up having to turn the alarm off completely and every night turn back on.

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It took me a while to figure this out too: when the alarm goes off, just swipe up from the bottom! That will dismiss it and it will go off again at the next scheduled time. There really should be a visual clue about this when the alarm goes off.

You can also just tap the screen for snooze. It make it so much easier to just reach over and slap at the phone in the dark.

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Why not just swipe down once and tap bedside mode? Easier than tapping power button twice and then swiping. ;)

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Why didn't they added the option to disable data but keep the Phone Calls only?

I have 15% power consumption overnight with wireless on and only 3-4% with wireless of but then I have no calls either. With calls but no data I expect around 7-8% top, should be better.

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This comment is useless as the whole Bedside mode is emulateable like that. I also wondered why there isn't an option that leaves phone on but disables data, I'm sure quite some people would like that

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I'm not following you. So instead of doing this:
Settings > Mobile Network > Data Services > Off
You'd rather just complain and use up power until the option is integrated into the Bedside Mode options? I don't get it. ???

I'm with you. The phone calls only option is the only reason I use bedside mode.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

Bedside mode for BB10 needs to be updated to include the many great features that are present in BBOS.

The preset timed bedside mode is a great feature and this needs to come to BB10.

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I wish it worked like bbos where the phone had an option to automatically enter bedside mode when plugged in.

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I liked the auto bedside when charging my 9800 but that sucks when placing it in the mounted car charger. I bought NFC stickers for the generic dock but can't figure out how to activate bedside mode with it.

Posted via CB10 on ZED10

The best part of Bedside Mode on os7 was being able to set hours for the automatic plug in activation so it didn't activate while plugging it in during the day

When is the article about how to launch an app going to be? Or the article about how to turn on the phone? Or how to dial a phone number?

I'd also like to see an article on how to select letters on the keyboard.

Just kidding (of course) -- but seriously -- what is the lower limit on these articles? At what point do we realize that a user that needs to know the info in one of these basic-function articles is simply beyond hope of understanding any type of computer?

Posted via CB10

I was thinking exactly the same thing reading this article.

Why so many news about: How to launch XXX, how to do XX, when these functions are basic ?

Perhaps you would benefit from an article on how to avoid wasting your time on articles with content that doesn't serve your needs.  Of course some will complain that an  article title that clearly defines the content should be sufficient - thereby eliminating the need for such a tutorial. 

They have stated multiple times why they write these articles. 

Yes one would think these people are intelligent enough by looking at the article title to realise this is not relevant to them! Just think of the extra minutes in the day they could accrue by just not reading and commenting about these articles!

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I appreciate these "basic functions" articles. Believe it or not, I've learned something new from every one of them, no matter how basic they seem.

Cheers. :)

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So what you're saying is, instead of just actually picking up your phone and familiarizing yourself with it, you're waiting to be spoon fed everything?

I think that's a good idea. I like these articles. I like to spend time finding and learning features on my own but I miss some things. I think these "basic" tips are great. If I already know about it then I move on. I don't come in and provide zero contributions in the comments.

Maybe if a separate section was set up for "how to" or if these were under the bb10 help section it would cut down on the not so constructive criticism. At least you made a suggestion instead of just ripping the article.

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Too many fluff articles headlining the news section. Write them sure but get them off the home page and place them in a section for noobs.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

I think clearly this helps CB pop up on search engines when users (particularly new ones) search for exactly these type of basic questions.

Sad to get it after too much swiping/steps...

There are "two beside modes" in fact! The "real one" for me is the one where the clock stays visible if phone charged or not being connected to charger... It is the one you get when opening the clock and swipe down, bedside mode (also by swiping down 2 times on a locked screen).

The other you get in quick options, the clock shows red, but then fades out, turning display and key lights off... Not really my needs coz I want to see the time by glancing in the middle of the night, without touching my device!

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Swiping down on a locked screen does nothing for me.

Do you mean a locked black screen...

Or a locked screen showing time upcoming events etc?

I've tried it in both

On a locked black screen, nothing happens

On a locked screen showing time and everything, one swipe down opens the clock in bedside Mode.

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Swiping down once gives me the bedside Mode clock.

Swimming a second time means I'm swiping the clock, which brings up the options for the bedside Mode, the only option being exit.

What do you mean swiping down twice? I know that sounds terribly obtuse, but how are our experiences different here

Posted via CB10

No, but anischab did, and that's what I originally was asking about. You responded in his stead, so I assumed you were having the same experience as he.

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I love the option to switch off the radios!
Thats what I really missed from BBOS!

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There is also a much simpler way to do it, without adding a function in the quick tool box :

Press twice the top power button and then slide from the top bezel to the bottom.

When you will start sliding from the top, the bedside button will appear and you can keep sliding.

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I would love to see the BBOS features for bedside mode in BB10. Liked being able to dock my phone and have bedside mode come up automatically at night.

Also would like to be able to adjust the level of the night screen
Too dark for me

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How do you get the red night mode to stay on if the phone is not plugged in? Tried all the previous comments but mine always fades.

How about also allowing the clock to stay on when NOT In bedside mode and plugged in? In BBOS, we used to be able to dock the phone and use it as a really neat desk clock. Can't do that in BB10.

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I preferred being able to select a custom notification profile. I travel a bunch and my file sends me texts instead of calling. I had a profile that disabled all notifications except phone and text. Can't do that now.

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I would like to set wifi off and phone calls on at bedside mode.
Is this impossible or I am missing something?

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I keep asking myself if there's somebody at BlackBerry that actually keeps track/reconciliation between BBOS and BB10...

The features from BBOS still missing in BB10 are /were so many (and most of them so simple) it's beyond me what those guys are doing/thinking...

 Q1O

What I would love to know is how to get the Porsche Design clock I had before the last update........tried the same method to reinstall it but it doesn't seem to work.
Any one has any suggestions??

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I would like to suggest that these articles about very basic functions not be included in the home news feed. I understand there may be a couple of people who benefit from them but I suspect that for most of us they are mind-numbing pablum. I know CB is under pressure to provide fresh content but so much of this stuff feels like filler. Access sleep mode... access device manager... take a screen shot. Not to be rude but I wonder who will be the first to write "how to access the hub" or "how to touch the screen"... seriously, we're almost there. A completely separate section could serve the needs of newbies or tech challenged while leaving a clean news feed for the rest of us. That feed is your best marketing tool and it should demonstrate value.

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Just for giggles, I read the article and followed the instructions. This is something that I do when I develop/edit/read my training manuals
If there are going to be "simple" how-to's at least flush them out a bit and make then complete for the novice/ new users.
I used the quick settings, setup bedside mode, clicked on it and....
NO settings mode. No settings anywhere in the settings. It needs to be setup from the clock app, which was missing from the article.

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