How To Bake A BlackBerry

Baked BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 2 Jul 2009 08:22 am EDT
- member Henk sent this one in.  Apparently you can bake a BlackBerry at 200C for 20 minutes and it will still function when its fully cooked.  Check out Henk's story.

"Thought you might like this...

Couple of weeks ago, like a good dad, I was baking with my 10 year old daughter. I couldn't find my Blackberry afterwards and was looking everywhere. Tried calling my number etc. When the cookies were done, I opened the oven and found my BlackBerry on the cookie tray: well cooked!!!

The plastic casing was warped, very soft and burning hot. After a cool down, to my immense surprise, when I switched it on, it worked...!

The keys were sticking a bit and the camera has lost some of its sharpness but otherwise, all is well. I have now picked up a new casing and it looks quite new again. They keys are OK again.

I quite liked the grunchy look but have to admit that it is easier to use in its original version."

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How To Bake A BlackBerry


Exactly why I love mine so....LOL

And here I was worried about mine ever working again after it drowned in a rain storm last year....had I read this story first I wouldn't have given it a 2nd thought...LOL

I should have added that I was surprised that the battery hadn't exploded. It must have exhausted some noxious fumes as I lost my sense of smell for 3 days after the baking exercise!

Very impressed though - this easily makes my blackberry qualify for Military Proof status!


I guess Blackberry prove to show that they builded a tough cookie... lol. well on the other hand wonder what would happen if the iPhone was in there, I think it would turn into liquid and just maybe, just maybe a little explosion... LOL I think some one should try it, if I had an iPhone I would... lol

But someone needs to get that guy some new themes. No reason to have boring stock theme when so many free themes availible!

funny feel good story. the first sentence brings a smile, when a lot of frowns have been around lately! thanks for sharing!

are u going to keep it or get a new one? With the 8900 the bold and the tour coming. I think its time for an upgrade. I tried to make out the carrier it said vodafone i think so definitely plenty options to upgrade.

I personally hate my curve 8330 and I cant wait for this tour to come out.

My curve got run over by a dodge ram pickup on a gravel road about 3 months ago. Got a few scuffs in the screen protector, and half the keys got pushed under the faceplate, i banged it against a table to get the keys popped out and she's good as new.

Are you sure you were baking cookies? Or were you "baked" while baking some brownies?

How does one's BB curve wind up in the oven without knowing? If it fell out of your shirt pocket, you would hear a thump, if it was in your hand as you were putting in the baking sheet, you'd feel it missing...

I think we need some more details...

Thanks for the pics.

THAT is funny. Too bad they don't survive a dip in the porcelain like they do in the oven. This is living proof there are blackberries in hell. BRB...need to go start sinning.

Thanks for the picture!

Hey I know that if I baked my storm it would work as good as it did before!

Wait, its not hard to not work when you don't already!

That is completely awesome! I work in a Verizon Wireless store, and I just had a customer upgrade his blackberry from a 8703 that he had run over in a truck, and the only thing wrong was a cracked screen. Blackberries are one of the most rugged devices out there, and I love them all!!! Thanks for this whole site, I love it, and tell everyone I sell a Blackberry to about it.


Love stuff like this,Glad all is well with your BB.Its amazing that it still works. Its a good thing it wasn't microwave cookies or the out come may...... have been a little different eh.

Plastics and what not would definately start to melt, but all of the internal components (PCB, capacitors, resistors, microchips etc..) can withstand heat up to 240 deg C. I work for an EMS provider(Electronic Manufacturing Service) providing contract manufacturing for companies such as Nortel and Rim in the production of the internal PCBs. Without getting into much details, boards start off bare, then components are stuffed on and then goes through bake (10 zone heating oven), to soldify the solder paste that is used to ahered the components on the pads/footprint.

I put mine in the microwave by accident while defrosting hamburger buns for 1 1/2 minutes. It came out a bit warm and wouldn't turn on so I removed the battery and let it cool down for 30 mins. It turned right back on and functioned perfect!