How bad is your BlackBerry addiction?

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2013 08:05 am EDT

During our Talk Mobile discussion, one of the topics was the dark side of mobile gaming. We talked about phone addiction and ignoring the people in our "real" lives in favor of our virtual friends. 

I came across this video from Thailand that really puts this into perspective. Even if you don't speak the language, just watching the video gets the point across in grand fashion. When you're with real people doing real things in real life, your phone cuts that connection and you're essentially checking out from whatever it is that you may be doing. 

We're all guilty of it. Checking our phones when on a date, out to dinner or just hanging at home with our kids. Not only is it bad social etiquette but it also affects your friends and family in the process. It's an addiction that we all face as BlackBerry users and that's just all there is to it. 

Watching this video made me realize that I'm guilty of this on plenty of occasions. Being in the tech industry and that it's my job makes it a bit worse, but I'm actually not bad in comparison to Bla1ze who is definitely the worst offender (with Kevin a very close second). 

So just how bad is your addiction? Do you check out often when you're with other people? Hit up the comments and let us know!

Need help with your addiction? Pick up CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse

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How bad is your BlackBerry addiction?


omg guys i just had an idea!!!!! a touch sensitive physical keyboard!!! so like on a q10 you can swipe left to erase, swipe up for the word prediction, just like the z10 and maybe a few other added ideas

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Most likely, the technology is still in testing phases. I had the pleasure of speaking to Vivek at length about his "baby for two years" (the Storm project) and the potential future of SurePress. He then spoke about how the tech is there to have a glass/plastic hybrid screen or keyboard shape into keys, and have the same swipe up or delete swipe incorporated into the functionality.

Bull ... the technology has been used about 5yrs ago ... I cannot remember if it was Nokia on one of their phones E66 I think ... or another and it worked quite well to ignore spurious touch tracking/inputs when physical inputs where required/used.

...What is bull about anything I said? Technology can still be in testing phases for anywhere from 1 day to 10 or mor years. There's no limit to testing. The fact of the matter is that BlackBerry is aware of new technology that has not been implemented into mobile computing, if anything at all, and they are very close to bringing it to the mainstream.

I wouldn't say every couple of seconds. For me, it's more like any time I can at work when I'm not too busy :)

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I petty much never put this thing down. All jokes aside. I know it's bad. But do NOT let it interfere with my personal life.

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The first step is to avoid being in denial. Please admit you have a problem because you and I know they you do.

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I broke my finger last month, while at the hospital bleeding and the doctor stitching me up (14 stitches) I broke out into sell mode. Explaining why the Z10 is hands down the best phone on the market today

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Wow. Very dedicated lol. But yeah, I just can NOT help showing off my Z10 to other people and giving them reasons why it's the best option.

Posted via CB10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Addiction is pretty bad, apart from work I can't leave Sector Strike alone. It's taken the place of brick breaker.

Os 10.1 makes the ui now literally perfect. I'm half expecting glitches to come up all the time, but honestly I do not have any.

Roll on 10.2

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I need help. Always checking something every few mins. I take it to the shower/toilet with me. Wake up and check all notifications as if it's the morning paper.

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Spot on. I just woke up and this is the first thing I've done.
Officially addicted

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^This! I always pick up my phone and check it all bleary eyed first thing as soon my eyes open.

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But it helps me to wake up more easily and get the brain out of standby. :D Otherwise I would sleep away every second after I dismissed the alert.

Nothing wrong with taking it to the toilet. At least you're not interacting with other people when you're on the can.

I check my BlackBerry when I see the light flashing throughout the workday. While I'm at home with my better half or with friends and family I try to put my phone on silent and check it once every hour or so. If I have it ring or vibrate in I'm always checking it.

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Good idea! Want to have some quality time with my kids. The problem now ever since I customized all my tones my daughter will get the phone for me and tell me you've got email etc.

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I use BerryBuzz as well so even on silent I can see if I have a text, work email, personal email or any other notification via the color of the LED.

We complain about poor battery life, but it's probably because the phone is being used all the time. Imagine how long it would last if we just used it when we really need to?! Days!

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Although I didn't understand the punchline, it's strange for a provider to be telling it's subscribers to use the phone less

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I think it's a good idea like the alcohol commercials that tell you to drink, but do so responsibly. Moderate onself, which is easier said than done.

Where's my scotch? Need to brush my teef.

i would guess this is the fine line between commercial success and morality......if ignoring physical people versus virtual world is morality...

It's bad pretty bad....always on it except when driving....can't wait for 10.1 MR and soon 10.2.....i literally check my phone and cb apps every 5-10 mins and always on it....

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I constantly get my BlackBerry confiscated because I pay no attention to anything when I have it. Lol

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I can't say too much but I know very well someone whose addiction exceeded event horizon..:)

[...] and new hero's coming:

Yea guilty here as well. It's been real bad as of late cause I can't put this Q10 down man. Blackberry did an amazing job with this one.

yea I'm guilty of this too. A few years ago a friend of mine use to HATE me on my phone. If I spent more then 5 minutes on my phone when we were out she would get quite upset & start ignoring me in a VERY passive aggressive way.....Though in my defence, it usually wasn't due to my BB addiction. At the time I had a very demanding job & all those texts, emails, & calls were all work related. I finally left that job because I never had any time to my self. They would contact me at any time, anywhere, day or night. Even when I was on Vacation.

Whenever I meet new people they always comment about how I'm on my phone a lot so I tell them I do something important instead of checking twitter or snapchat every 2 minutes.

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I checked out DTAC, the maker of the video, and they are a cell provider. I wish I spoke Tai so I knew what the underlying theme is. What cell company would tell you to put your phone down?

Back to topic though, I am as addicted as all get out. I keep my old Bold on me in case they collect my phone at work. Always have a decoy lol.

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My girlfriend is always checking her texts and emails on her Bold. She's gotten a lot better since I keep after her about it. I make a real effort to keep my z10 holstered while we're together to set a good example.

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My phone is sleeping on the night table as my alarm clock and mini-meteo station to know how many layers i have to put on myself in the morning.

This is one of the more and more common disagreements between my wife and I. I am a small business owner and I am "always checking my Blackberry" no mater where we are. At the table is particularly annoying to her. In my defense, who knows when that next big opportunity will come along.

"True Tales of BlackBerry " is a great read... I don't think it's an addiction at all. It's reflective of our connected society. The fact that I carry 2 BlackBerry Q10 's, just says I am really really connected... Charlton Heston said it best... "out of my cold dead hands...." TeamBlackBerry

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I admitted along time ago I was a BlackBerry addict. Now I just tell other people to deal with it!

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To put it in simple terms, my wife states that if her, I and our cat were all drowning, my priority would be save my BlackBerry first then the cat and her if time allowed.

That's entirely reasonable; your wife most likely swims a lot better than your cat, and you can't use your cat to call for help after you survive the first period...

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Sometimes it is an addiction , i guess checking BBM and CB10 each 5 min as an excuse for holding my Q10 counts as addiction, but it could be that it is just "killing the time" (at work for example). But it all depends, who is more important: you or your phone. My phone (Q10) is my "daily driver", but when the day ends (after work) it needs its rest too...

I have a crackberry addiction... I'm constantly checking my phone all the time for msgs, emails, playing games and so on...

Sent by Bbry Z10

that's not the problem crack on BlackBerry is the problem.. can't stop using it...LMAO *

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

My BlackBerry was creating a problem with me and my gf, I'm on it so much she would get annoyed if I even looked at it when I was with her. Bought her a z10 and she is now just as bad as me, problem solved!!!

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I admit my BlackBerry is never (ever) out of arms reach. It is beside me when I sleep. With me: In the bathroom. In the kitchen. In the car. On my bike. Every where. My friend warned when I got my first BlackBerry saying "you know what they call those things don't you? Crackberries". I laughed at her figuring no gadget would have that harness on me. She now has a BlackBerry and suffers the same addiction. My husband has my 9930 and I see him on it more and more - he's not gadget happy like I am but I see the BlackBerry sucking him in. Hey, there are way worse vices in life.. :)

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I try not to touch my phone when I'm with friends and family. I used to be really bad about 5 or 6 years ago, always texting on my phone when I was with friends. Then I noticed how much I was doing it and made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time spent on my phone when I'm with family and friends.

I have to be accesible 24/7 for work so I can't completely ignore my phone but I have set up custom ringers and tones for the people that need me in an emergency. Everyone else can wait until there's a break in my social function and I can check my phone without being rude.

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As bad as it is, I'm realising I'm addicted to CrackBerry using my BlackBerry even more than I'm addicted to my BlackBerry. Getting screwed both ways and y'all didn't even buy me dinner. You guys need to offer a twelve step program.

I'm so addicted to my z10 its dead by 1030 and I only start using it around 730 off charge at 530

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You know this reminds me when I used to check my Bolds usage. It has a interesting feature. You can go in and see just how long each application is/has been running.

To get a good reading you have to remember to close the each application after use so that it doesn't count the time that the application (s) are just open, just the time you are actually using.

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Yes, I'm addicted. I don't know what it is but after playing with the top Android phones and iOS for 6 months then going back to a good old 9930 (by choice baby! Love that shirt) everything else is lacking something.
I think the keyboard is laced with crack.

I want to be informed about everything. BlackBerryZ, Worldnews, Emails, and im using it for publishing my novel... impossible to live without my berry ;).. okay no.. on a regular day, I'm checking it every time... but on weekend or when im with friends, I try to forget... but it's hard, isn't it?!! :)

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I'm guilty.
I am ashamed to admit....I have actually taken pics during kids Christmas pageants and uploaded to FB and Instagram.....
And I've texted during movies.
And at restaurants.
And at work during boring teleconferences.

Posted from my amazing Z10 via CB10

Cocaine is a hell of a drug - Rick James so is crackberry and my z10. Still have a life though lol

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

The real question is, How bad is my CrackBerry addiction? Pull to refresh, no new articles... pull to refresh again, still no more new articles...

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I used to do this a lot when I had my RIM 950 back in the day but I quickly caught on to how uncool it was and stopped. I haven't done it since. I see it is commonplace today not just with BlackBerrys but with the BlackBerry knock-offs too.

I must admit that when I'm with others my BlackBerry hardly gets checked....but most of the time I am, totally. 100% addicted :)

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My addiction is has been around for 7 years now but it's less than it used to be. I'm very good at leaving the BlackBerry on the counter when I go to the gym, the mall or the park with the kids.

Love my Z10 so much but I also realize I don't need it on my hip 24-7. Got to enjoy life outside BlackBerry World.

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What I love is all the flak a person gets - always from family doing the same damn thing! (self-righteous hypocrites )

Hmm, anyone here get the idea to create a reversed version of this ad to promote BlackBerries? When I'm on my BlackBerry, its like all my friends are right here with me...

Thats a pretty good video and very relevant to society at times. Thank you, hits home and makes me think and adjust my behaviors and habits around my family. Especially when my 3 year old is begging for attention or gets impatient with me to show me something, and I say hold on one minute as I text, BBM, Tweet, CrackBerry as much as I can get away with. :(

I'm with you on this.
I think the impact especially on kids (even babies while feeding) is something that we're totally not aware off to which extend this behavior influences them.
Time perception for kids is totally different than for adults. A moment for us can be very long for them, especially when they want attention from you.
I try to be constantly aware of this, but also know I fail many times trying to do so.

Kids grow up with adults (environment) with this behaviour and I think it is/will become a very serious problem that only grows larger if we don't adress and acknowledge this.

My girlfriend and I are also discussing this behaviour with eachother all the time, as we see people (including ourselves) not putting the thing down for a moment, and are annoyed by talking to other people while they are looking at the phone screen.
As an adult you see this, but making people aware that it has bad influence on the social stimulation and growth of especially kids is almost impossible on a small scale.

Videos like this are a good start for communities to think about it.

I'm addicted enough to keep buying them. Addicted enough to be patiently waiting for BB10. Addicted enough to try and sell peoplo n BlackBerry whenever I get a chance (or at least help break the bias).

That's about it. I don't use it when I'm with people unless it is urgent. It's a means to connect to people, so no point having it in hand when there are people around you.

I'll admit to spending allot of time with my Z10 when we first met, but not so much now. I'll use it to kill time while waiting for something or someone. I'll check for free wifi when I walk in to a store or restaurant.

My only hope is that none of you are using your devices while driving. If you are, please stop.

Since channels been introduced I've been hooked on to channels. One of the best things in BlackBerry. Try out beta if you have not already.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

I was hanging out with my friends yesterday but that didn't stop me from texting and going on the forums...

It isn't my fault though. The Q10 is just so good.

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I am addicted to my BlackBerry. There i said it. whew. I don't mean to do it on purpose. I guess we have to tone it down. I will do better. But as a BlackBerry user i can't promise that it will be easy.

I make a point to not respond to anything but a phone call when I'm around other people. Drives me nuts when people are half done a sentence and stop to respond to a message. If it's important people will call.

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I do not like my friends and family checking on the phone when they are eating/hanging out with me. Therefore usually the only time I put my phone down is when I'm with people. As soon as I'm alone I hop back on my BlackBerry. I don't think that's so bad...

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Mmmm I have my Z10 all the time near to me, is my everything, also use it for my work, but when is time for quality time, I give it a break, it is hard to me because all my family is on touch with me via smartphone, actually via BB :P ... and I need to keep attention to them ... I can say I am always cheking my Z10 but I give people and real life their importance :) ... the husband does not complain, is a good sign rigth?

I am bit addicted, but I usually put it down when around guests, unless they get on their phones. A few years ago, we spent the weekend with my husband's cousin. She spent the whole time on Facebook playing and chatting. On my way home in the car, I checked in on Facebook, and she had posted on my wall what a wonderful time she had spending time with her cousins from Tennessee. I thought WTH.

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I have to be accessible by phone/email for my work. I feel kind of rude sometimes when a friend is speaking to me and I tune out to handle an important email/text/call.

Most of my friends are on their phones 24/7 so that eases the feeling of guilt.

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Oh yeah, I admit it. I just have to check my phone every moment that I can. Even more, I love replying almost immediatly to new bbms / whatsapps. I mean, it is instant messaging is it not? :)

Sometimes when we're with friends, we al dump our phone in a box or something and the first one who picks his/her phone before the social gatherings are over, needs to get a round of drinks. Works well I have to say ;)

That was amazing BlackBerry needs to rerun this, way better then the keep moving commercials thank you for sharing

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Well, I have my Z10 plus my PlayBook and from time to time I grab my Bold,, I guess I'm guilty as well...

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guilty.. end up looking at the phone even when u know there is nothing to look for.. that ends up being every few minutes.
the video was very nice tho! quite appropriate.!

Definitely addicted. I'm always on my BlackBerry at all times of the day. I had Droids, but there's something about a BB that makes you want to spend hours on it. Love my Z! :-)

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

When on own, I am on my Z10 constantly. I love it. Period.
When I am with my husband, I try to control my addiction, but he usually is asking me to look something up for him!
When I am with my mom (who is NOT a techie!!) I am usually showing her pictures or things on Facebook. She reads magazines and watches TV while we visit, so I figure my phone is fair game.
With any others the phone is put away unless there's an important call (rare!).
I'm addicted, but there are times when I can control the addiction.

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Actually, BBM Video lets me keep in touch with the family when somebody's overseas, which happens often.

Posted via CB10

The only reason I even own a smartphone is so I can read and keep up to date on the latest news about my Blackberry smartphone! If that isn't an addiction I don't know what is.

Great video. Mine is really bad. When I don't feel my BlackBerry in my hands or don't see it I almost feel panicked. I swipe up the lock screen sometimes just to look at the screen :(

Posted via CB10 - Channel C00016D81

Wait. You mean other than my phone and myself there are actually teal people in my world? When did this happen? I swore my world consisted of my phone and myself :( great now I have to learn to interact with other humans.

Posted via CB10

I love my Dev Alpha A. So much so that I haven't unboxed my Z10! I love the mini PlayBook form factor that BBRY should use for the phablet! The OS is great and runs well on the device! Now if only the PlayBook finally got OS 10; next week works for me and it would be a great start to summer. ;-)

Posted via CB10

Hello! Great channel you have here! A good mix of everything! I am now following your channel. It would be great if you can follow my channel too. :) PFC Systems C0007F38F :)

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I'm so/so addicted. But more of a proud BlackBerry owner than anything. Long live BlackBerry. Wooooo

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Try this simple test: have you ever gone out of the house and forgotten to take your BlackBerry with you? If your answer is no then you're an addict. Me? i used to sometimes go off to work and forget my Bold 9900 but since i got the Z10 I've not forgotten to take it even once. So i guess I've slipped into addiction...

Me: turn back home to get my BlackBerry if I forgot to bring it, even if I'm already far lol

Posted via CB10

I was already guilty in 2005 with the BlackBerry and others were annoyed because they didn't had one and the iPhone or smart phone were not born. Now 8 years later nobody complains it any longer because all friends have IPHONE or smart phones and do the same :) I'm doing everything with the Z10. Watching TV, movies, checking business and private mails and using it more frequent for Web instead the laptop because it's faster. Its just the question of self control. I'm writing these lines while my GF is playing with her Simpson game on her Samsung while we watching TV. So I don't feel atticted. LOL

Posted via CB10

Anybody who has posted a comment here and claimed their not addicted are lying to themselves! :)

Hi my name is Martin and I'm addicted to my BlackBerry!

Was using BBs for 9 years straight. Past 5 my BB was through work. 3 Months ago work switched EVERYBODY to iPhone. Now for past 3 months I feel like I am aging faster. Lost weight. I feel like I lost everything. And I can't win a darn CB contest to win one! :-(

I'm not addicted...i just don't want to put it down. Lol
Except for my work BlackBerry... that sucker dies each weekend or is near dead when I look at it on Sunday. When I get home it stays in my bookbag. I check it Sunday to ensure I'm ready for my Monday meetings but my personal bb is rarely away from me.

Posted via CB10

Surprisingly enough mine's not all that bad. I spend most of my time alone whether at work or at home, so when I am with other people it's kind of an occasion worthy of shutting my phone off.

Posted via CB10

I am in a similar situation. So I don't find it hard to put it on silent or even shut it down completely. Usually when I'm hanging out with people, it's just a few, so they're already there. The main ones who would try to reach me would be work, in that case, trying to call me in...and who wants to answer that call?

My BlackBerry runs my life. I input every minute of my day into my BlackBerry. Without it I wouldn't know what I have to do next. My BlackBerry holds all my contacts (phone, email, BBM, etc etc). Without it I wouldn't know how to reach anyone. I trust my BlackBerry to store my passwords. Without it I would not be able to log into anything. Without my BlackBerry I wouldn't have access to my bank accounts, credit card accounts etc. I depend on my BlackBerry and BlackBerry Protect.

Yes I admit that I'm a BlackBerry / Crackberry addict, how much??

It got me in trouble at work, with my better half, with my parents and friends!, even my niece ask me the other day if I can be without my BlackBerry for just half an hour? and to be honest I think I can't

Well I don't smoke and I don't use drogs so I guess that I'm entitled to one vice and mine is BLACKBERRY and I'm very proud of this!!

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Yes I'm addicted but it's not my fault my Z10 is always blinking. You can't leave your new phone blink and not pick it up, that would be cruel.

Posted via CB10

I must admit that I am addicted. This is my 3rd Z10 since March. I bought one from Canada for use with a local wireless company. Sold it when not supported. New one from Verizon. Opened it to look at guts, mother board, touch screen via video from TechGuyz. What is wrong with me. Added leaked OS Updates. Bought a Q10 on Ebay and configured it and now wife is hooked. Added her to my phone account. Read CrackBerry posts daily and ported Android apps from Koz (GoodEReader)
Now awaiting A10. Life without BlackBerry doesn't exist.

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When on vacations I just need to check my BlackBerry in case of any urgent work matters instead of carrying my laptop around and irritate everyone else!

Posted via CB10

I am so addicted, I can't get enough of my white Z, so I got myself a black Q! Best of both worlds (great BB10 full touchscreen experience and QWERTY) :)

Posted via CB10

I'm been using my Z10 as much as my laptop for the past 4 months. I guess you can call that an addiction.

Posted via CB10

A huge addict always have been! Love my z10 and how it can function as a metal detector! Way to go blackberry! Highly support them!

Posted via CB10

My Blackberry is on "here to make you as productive as possible, as long as possible" all day every day; from 6am till 1130pm :D

Posted via CB10

Totally an addict. My hubby and friends have to say "Step away from the crackberry..." when we're playing cards. If I'm shopping in a tech-y store I will try to sell customers there on Blackberries or will out talk the sales person answering someone else's technical questions about specific Blackberry models. When I bought my Z10, I was so up about it, that two other people in the store ended up buying it too.

None at all. I had multiple BlackBerry devices before, but it was just like any other phone to me. However, since using other platforms (i.e. iOS and Android), I find those phones much more addictive due to the large app store and Google Play store selections.

I'm on my BlackBerry all day everyday. Except in the shower. I do use it while on the can, yep, HAHA!!!

I was thinking I could get my Q10 "liquepelled" for 60 bucks, take it in the shower with me. Hmmm...

Posted via CB10

Never thought I could use a phone as much as I used my last Bold... until I got my Z10. I find that I hardly use my desktop or even laptop any more! The Z10 is always at hand, very often IN hand. I use about 40 apps on a very regular basis, and the odd time I find myself not busy, I scroll around looking for some lonely app to run :) Always on the lookout for more apps. I do almost EVERYTHING on my Z10 (Banking, including deposits, communicating, social media, navigation, business/personal directories, music, news, special interest reading, book reading via Kindle, organizing my life, tracking shipments, remote PC support, recording lectures, travel, financial stuff, blogging, scanning, Skyping with the grandkids, weather, sports, calculations, podcasts, shopping, casual photos and videos, and even the occasional game (word games, puzzles, chess). Sometimes make phone calls! :)) Always looking for more activities I can shift to my Z10. It's an addiction that I'm proud of! :)

I'm literally having a affair! With my Z10 behind my life's back! Hahahahahah! I love the Z10!!! Great job blackberry!

Posted via CB10

I learned seperate when driving and family events to have alerts off (rbl) u can do it. What's more important...? it's easy if u figure out what's more important

Posted via CB10

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Your spell is amazing and got my man back. Now to clarify, it had already been some time since we had even spoken to each other, and I was really starting to miss him. but since i contacted to bring him back, and it worked! … I could not have done it without you! We are now blissfully celebrating our Birthdays together, and are even planning a beach getaway just us two.
Thank you sooooo much