How to attach files to an email on BlackBerry 10

BB10 Attach Email
By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2013 09:50 am EST

On the old BlackBerry OS, attaching files to an email was as easy as pressing the menu button, choosing attach and picking your files. On BlackBerry 10, the process remains just as easy - but if you're not sure where to look for the Attach option, you might miss it. 

When you first open the compose screen, the virtual keyboard comes along with it, hiding a number of options below. If you close the keyboard however (hold down the space key) then you'll see not only Format and Importance, but Attach as well.

To attach an item to an email, simply tap the Attach icon on the bottom of the screen.

Here you'll see the options to attach a picture, video, audio, contact, appointent or file to your email.

BB10 Attach Email

Tap the icon of the item you wish to attach and you'll be take to the file list (ie. Pictures app for a photo, File Manager for a file).

When you find the item, tap it. You can also select more than one at a time which is pretty sweet.

BB10 Attach Email

When you're finished, tap Done.

The item(s) will be attached to your email and you can send them on their way. 

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How to attach files to an email on BlackBerry 10


It is a little strange that the additional options like Attach are tucked away under the keyboard. It's fine once you know it's there, but not immediately accessible like a button on the compose screen. Like most things I've found with BB10, once you know how to do it, it's just a better way of doing things.

I'm not sure if this has been used as a tip, but one that I didn't notice at first that's been really helpful:

In the Hub, you can use the back button to return to the main inbox. However, in some kinds of messages, this is obscured by the keyboard, such as BBM or Twitter conversations. Instead of holding down the space bar to hide the keyboard, so you can go back, the whole pane can be swiped aside.

This is a huge relief when switching back to the Hub and wanting to move past one of these previously used screens. It makes the whole process an act of horizontal swiping to get down to where you want.

Have a great day!

I always use two finger swipe down to hide keyboard, I don't like pressing space key for 1 sec until keyboard is hided

Hopefully BB will refine this part in their future software update, "attach" is something very basic and important and i don't see why we have to hold down the space key to reveal where the "attach" is.

IMHO, intuitiveness is something people want to experience on their phone. Although holding down the space key isn't something tedious to do, it somehow makes it "not so" intuitive in the first place.

I'm all out for Q10 :)

Can somebody please tell me if it is as difficult to attach a photo from the camera as on the PoayBook? I synced my entire iPhoto library with my 64GB PlayBook but that means that all of the pictures as well as the the camera photos are shown in the file manager you pick the attachment from, without any option to order them. Additionally the camera photos are distributed all over those thousands of synced photos ... I hate it

How integrated are box/dropbox. It would be great if I could attach a file that is sitting on dropbox.

Anyone know about this?

Yep. Just select file as the attachment type and you can select files on the phone / sdcard / box / Dropbox.

You don't have to hold down the space bar or swipe two fingers down. Just a simple tap on the screen minimizes the keyboard.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but what's the whole point of "deeply integrating" Box and Dropbox if you can't attach any of those files on to your email?!

**Update** Whoops didn't read the comments above me :p

Wow amazing!! Is it just me or has NO-ONE noticed that the attachment file size dialogue (original, large, medium and small) is completely missing???

So anyone that uses their blackberry to send multiple photos in an email is FORCED to send actual file sizes.

Hmm - Z10 camera only takes full size images (not a bad thing)

But are you ready to send an email with multiple photos at say 10MB-25MB size.

Another example of how blackberry took a properly functioning task from old OS and completely FORGOT to keep it in the OS for BB10

Wake up Blackberry!!!

You would think *someone* testing the device would have come across this issue. As much as I love my Z10, there are a few issues like this that are really surprising to me, because the functionality was there in the previous OS. Hopefully they will be fixed in future OS updates.

Want an example? Try copy-pasting a phone number into the phone dialer to dial.

Voted "highly intelligent comment". An HIC.

We can encourage more end-to-end testing by pointing out this type of fault. I have found the same problems as Sina Bahrami found, and I'm a smartphone newbie.

i have an opinion that such post should be avoided by crackberry in the general news items and instead should only appear in the forums. cause having such post on the face of the website gives the troll a chance to laugh at the new device and make fun of it saying its too difficult to even attach a file on the best device.

Sorry, but why is this a "tip". Why isn't there documentation for the phone in which this information is front and center in a section titled "Email"?????

This should not be considered a tip, this is *basic* functionality.

Voted "highly intelligent comment". An HIC.

We can encourage more end-to-end testing by pointing out that the most basic things have never been written down, not even once. I have found the same problems as mnc76 has found. I'm a smartphone newbie and I read up a lot when I move into a new area and buy new things.

Also, we must find a way to stop the old-time CB crowd from using words "Whiner", "Whine", "Whining" in response to normal confusion posted by users.

Awww! Holding down the spacebar: that's how you close the keyboard! :D

Is there anyway to see the attaching advance?