How to alter application permissions with BlackBerry 10.2.1

App Permissions
By James Richardson on 18 Apr 2014 11:33 am EDT

Since Android applications have been readily available to download onto BlackBerry 10.2.1 devices one of the main complaints I see in the comments is that we have no control over app permissions. Many Android apps will automatically have access to areas of your device including your media content and that's just for starters. As BlackBerry users we like our security!

Luckily with native BlackBerry 10 apps we have some control what the application will have access too. As I'm sure you're aware - I download a lot of apps and games and frankly it does puzzle and frustrate me when I see that one of the app permissions being requested is to receive BBM invitations or similar.

As you download the app/game you do have the ability to un-tick any of the permissions you don't want, but if like me you quite often just agree as you can't wait to get into the app there is a way to alter the permissions at a later date.

And here's how:

  • Open Settings - pull down from the top bezel
  • Select Security and Privacy
  • Select App Permissions
  • Open up the app and you can toggle on and off the features you don't want the app to have access to.

Simple and a real bonus in comparison to the Android apps we have access to from third party stores. Just another little feature that BlackBerry does just right!

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How to alter application permissions with BlackBerry 10.2.1


Oky next post can be "how to open apps on blackberry 10.2.1" "go to the app, and touch the icon and it opens".

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OHHhhhh MY Goodness! That worked! I can finally open all my apps!

Haha, but seriously it's good info for people who don't know much about technology and a reminder for us folks to reassessing our security

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If it's a legit question, you can't. It's the way Android's designed. You can't change the permissions on an Android phone either. Use it or don't use it.

Isn't there an upcoming Android version that will allow changing permissions?

Sorry, not

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Really? Because my app permission list is empty altogether. Literally, I have no apps listed under the app permissions.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Same issue here. It's driving me nuts! I've even wiped my device and did a clean install. After that it worked for a while, but suddenly I was back having an empty list resp the sentence "There are no applications to manage." Anyone found a solution to this yet?

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"Simple and a real bonus in comparison to the Android apps we have access to from third party stores. Just another little feature that BlackBerry does just right!"

If BlackBerry was doing it right, we wouldn't have to download Android apps to begin with. Almost sounds they are blaming Android because we can't set permission on their apps that aren't meant to be used on BB10 devices.

How so? Can you think of a better, faster way to not just simply add available apps to Blackberry, but multiply their current number? They're trying to open the way for devs to easily bring their apps over to the platform without them having to invest a lot of resources for a brand with few current customers. I thought that much was obvious.

If there's any complaint out there for people about Blackberry that prevents others from using it, it's apps. People are simply unwilling in general to give up the ecosystem of Android or iOS since BB just doesn't have the same stuff.

Well, now everyone some access, and even better access since 10.2.1, to all those apps they would miss out on from at least Android phones.

Kevin wrote an article about this very thing. It's like the more Android is available, the more people complain. I feel like it's a possible way of getting people into the system. Once the brand gains more popularity, then people will start building natively again. Until then, this is what we've got. Sure it can backfire, but I don't really think they've got much of a choice. Either allow Android apps to populate the system, or shun them and throw a hail mary.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

There a lot of people in the forums that need this kind of information. This site is not committed to keeping everything on par with what YOU know. If you want that, maybe you should look into a tutor or a mentor or big-brother or something.

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Am not hating, it's just that i've noticed that recently the quality of the posts has decreased immensely I feel like they just wanna write anything through the day. If u really wanted to make those tutorials about 10.2.1 then they should've been out along time ago.

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CB team have repeatedly stated they will bring these "noob posts", and I'm fine with it.

People new to BB10 will profit and get to know new things , and others get a refresher.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

There is a bug in the OS for when a number of Android apps, or a specific Android app will blank your entire list of application permissions.

The only workaround that seems to fix it is to delete Android apps one by one until the application permissions list is restored.

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I've got that annoying bug. Can't work out which app it is and really don't want to delete 20 android apps and reinstall them

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Has anyone actually confirmed this? I've had this problem since 10.2.0 and had hoped that the 10.2.1 update might fix it, but no luck. Strangely, one or two apps sometimes show up in the list after I install a new app... but eventually they all disappear.

This also applies to native bb10 apps also. So you will have to keep removing apps until the permission screen is populated. I had to remove one app at a tile and check every time if the application permission screen was/wasn't populated, and kept at it till it finally worked. I guess BB thought why the heck would people have more than 20+ apps on a phone.

I too have experienced this bug. Funny enough, I didn't notice it until I unsuccessful tried to post a picture to the forums on Crackberry.

Visit my channel @ C0029395D

This happens even with just native apps. It's random number of apps that get installed. Once you hit that number your screwed. Sometimes deleting apps solves the problem, but not always. BlackBerry has yet to acknowledge this issue. It has been a problem since day one.

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I just checked mine. I have 99 apps installed and no issues. Maybe when I install 100?

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This has nothing to do with Android apps. It is the amount of permissions that the application permission manager has to deal with that causes the problem. If you install only native apps you will run into the same problem. And it started with early 10.2 leaks.

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James really opened a can of worms with this blog.

Didn't notice the issue, but yeah my apps are all missing from the Permissions Page.

Wow, noticed the same thing!

In my case, an updated native app needed a new permission and I had no way to set it. Had to delete a ton of apps before my settings came back.

I did notice that if I go to the Location Services setting and choose Application Permissions from there I do see all my apps, though I can only change the location settings then.

This really needs to get fixed. I had to delete my banking apps to get my settings to work.

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Yes. , I just counted 200 apps I stalled in storage. I wonder how many I have to delete to get my permissions to re appear again

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Personally, I wouldn't even bother. I'd wait for them to fix it in a future OS release. If you really need to reset permissions on a specific app, you can always fully delete it from within BB World (not just uninstall) and it should ask you for the permissions settings again when you re-install the app.

At least, that's how it used to work.

The reason why I don't adjust permissions upon initial installation is because I like to try out the app completely first and see what features if any I would use or what I feel the app would need at some point and then go back to permissions and change them accordingly. But now I don't have that

BlackBerry, hope you fix this with 10.3

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Read -and comprehend- the blog post.

This is for BlackBerry native apps.

And, yet another reason to NOT install the garbage made for Android.


My wish is that the permissions could be more granular. For example, some applications ask for accounts access but I would like select which it can access in a read-only manner, or some want phone access to read whether a call is in progress when a "Phone call status" would be sufficient.

I have the same problem. I go to change and get a message saying you have no applications to manage.

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Astounding how stupid some posts can be. Always a good question attracts fools.

Back to the ability to authorize app, it seems incredible that a bug like this is known and nothing is done. Honestly, BlackBerry should be warned.
Personnally, have NO ACCESS neither to apk or native apps, am on a Z10.
Better, MAX virus scan gets no permission to scan apk.
To the logic down to earth guys, could this be reported to BlackBerry ?
And to the lunatic rats making noise on serious topics, go get a life, get laid, even a wa*nk might help you. Poor creatures.....

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So if you deny a native BB app the permissions it requires the app will still have full functionality ?

Unlike Android craps, yes*

*if you deny functionality that the app requires to work, the app may crash. Like if you deny access to the camera for your banking app, you will NOT be able to use the photo-deposit ability for cheques. Or if you deny access to your files to FB, you won't be able to upload images from your phone.

This is why knowing the info in this blog post is good. With BlackBerry native apps you can go in and allow or deny permissions as needed.
Android craps are an all-or-nothing approach, often if you deny anything, the app fails to open.

Support the native developers!


Take it up with BlackBerry. They build the partnerships and are executing a strategy with developers porting Android apps.

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Take what up with BlackBerry?

If a developer is too lazy to build a native BB10 app, I don't waste my time.

MY BlackBerry is an Android free zone.


The reason you sound so butt hurt: Android apps on OS10.

Android is now a key plank of the BBRY strategy and they've made it easier for Android developers to port their apps to BBRY without ever developing for their native OS. If you want that to change you should buy more bbry devices and try to move it from 4th place OS to 3rd or 2nd ... which is admittedly more difficult that just bitching at your keyboard.

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Some of the comments here remind me of a fourth grader sneering at thejr first grade sib. "I know how to do that. That's for babies!". Their brains haven't developed enough to realize it was all new to them in the first grade, so they curl their lips and feel superior. Yet one of the core values of CrackBerry is that everyone is welcome no matter what level and people help each other out. We all had to begin somewhere, right? I am not aware of any prenatal tech training.

On topic, as mentioned, I would also really like to see expanded permission choices. I appreciate developers that explain why they need a permission.

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100% Agree......most of these morons that mock the "simplicity " of these articles would be like a fish out of water when it come to basic human interaction. EG: How to find a date.
And if they can bet their date would be of the fat hairy sweat pants wearing because she cannot get pants to fit over humongous belly........
Every one need to start somewhere.
It is definitely a turn off when new users try to learn about their devices & these jackasses are mocking the article because they already know it

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Then the ass clowns that want to argue over who posted 1st & the eternal virgins that live here 24/7 & know everything should have each their own section.

Really f#*$ing bright!!!!

If some persons will behave respectfully to others then there will be no problem

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I also really like that some developers have begun to explain why their apps request certain permissions. I wonder if it's something that can be made mandatory, and if there's a way to make sure the permissions are being used in the way claimed.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I noticed if you count apps under App manager > Device Monitor > Storage and the number passes 100, then you get the message that you don't have apps to manage. If you delete apps, regardless of nature, to get under 100, then you get permissions back. These 100 apps include the ones running with the software, like notification, miracast....

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App permissions are cool. But sometimes you have to "allow" certain features for select apps to be fully functional.

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Is BlackBerry users are that fools to not knowing all these that why they still belong to BlackBerry. Crackberry should seriously think about this before posting this type of craps. If one dont know how change app permission, they dont have the right to use BlackBerry. Seriously crackberry shame on u. Really pathetic for this type crap posts. Give some value to BlackBerry users.

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Why about new blackberry users that have not yet had much experience with the BB10 os and platform...don't be such a fucking fool to think that because a post is a simple it's useless.

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And thank you for sharing!

Now, try to think about a time when you showed an iToy friend your phone. "This thing is confusing" after 30 seconds of fumbling...

This searchable post is for people new to BlackBerry and not the superior jerks like yourself.


once BB comes up with Android 4.3 runtime (incl. Apps Opps) ; keep figures crossed -we will be able to alter Android app permissions, too

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Thanks for the correct info, posted similar question / suggestion above....

So it's 4.3,....

(Now I'm waiting for the "Where's KitKat? " whinge.... :-) )

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Somebody can tell me how can install the smartwhatch 2 on my Z30 because I have the apk application say can't install this application

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Almost 80% of the apps are considered non functional in the BlackBerry World because of people tampering with these settings.

Don't have access to App Permissions for some reason. When I go in it says "There are no applications to manage". Anyone else with this issue ?

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Ok. But what about apps that don't appear there? Remember is native BlackBerry but does not appear on this app permissions list. Presently it stores my recorded voice notes in my Q10, not on the media card. I would like to change that.

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Guys I didn mean in that way. Even for the new users, when they installs a non trusted app from outside BlackBerry world, wen they didn make it ON the app permission bar, the os itself asks for the first time. So whats the point of arguing with os. I m also new to BlackBerry only. Only two month old BlackBerry user. In this short span of time I changed my q10 to z30 when I fell in love with the os too much. Dont be so rude.

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Don't be rude.


Go re read your first post.

Take your own advice, and we wouldn't throw it right back at you.


Occurred to me that the author who wrote the article, considering the reactions, must not have a clue, according to the solution he provides.
BlackBerry is perfect, geeks talk all day -all
Night about it, speculation over speculation, but this bug is REALLY odd for the"most secure and reliable of the OS".
After the 10.2.1 rolling mess, here we got another BIG one . Is it somebody at Crackberry reporting this to Super-Chen? Or too busy to attend press conferences ?....

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Hey James

Why don't cover a topic on what each permission exactly means and why an app asks for a particular permission.

That will help a lot.

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I think one of the problems that BlackBerry need to address is the fact that the third party apps seem to override the permissions that IS and I already gave. I did "untick" the relevant requests for permission, yet they seem to have "ticked" themselves back!! When I went to try and change these settings on the on/off button, is blurred and it can't be changed. This cannot be overlooked by BlackBerry in the new IS update as this is a matter of reliability that BlackBerry had always pride itself to hale.

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I would like to know, when after these apps are installed, do we find these apps in the same place all our apps are in case we need to install them.

I hope I can ask this question here.


Gets better- got a z10 and a Z30. Both suffered same thing : no access to apps.
Better: trying to backup via BlackBerry Link today, Z10 went ok, but backup denied for z30! Same OS10.2.1.
Guess apk and a glitch in OS caused some trouble...not happy, my AV gets denied access to apk, the OS denies access to app control, anybody aware of this at Crackberry ?

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I feel the permissions don't go far enough. I'd love to be able to toggle Internet access on and off on a per app basis but that doesn't seem to be available.

Totally right, mate.

Internet access is the one I'm waiting for.
Outbound firewall or on a per-app basis.

No network access, no stealing of data or snooping of any kind. Problem solved, at least for some apps and games that wouldn't need it.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yes you can too change the permission on many Android apps! Not all jut many you can, don't mean it will run after you do but it can be done.
The developers of android apps need to give us the ability to do it too while they are porting apps over to our systems.
There's an app I will try to post up for anyone to download and mod that Google removed from the app store that gave you the ability to remove ads from apps and I have another that mods permissions across the board, start up, GPS etc can all be disabled to one degree or another. I prefer to strip ads or should I say spike them? Because what it does is place something in the banner box so it don't look so ugly when it's blank. Google devs hated that app! Hehe hehe he!!!!!

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Well on my z30 since the last update this isn't working at all. No this is not a joke. When I try it I can only see à 'there is no application to manage'
I have french from orange. I tried to report this to BlackBerry but no real answer

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So true, I have deleted so many apps because they are asking for too much information I feel is private.

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The issue I'm having is that the apk apps are not recognizing my mobile network.

Blackberry Q10 Verizon Wireless

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I have deleted all the android application on my bb10 because I can't compromise my privacy many android application is a scam application

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Most of the Apk file I downloaded has make me wipe my BlackBerry 10 more than 2times it always slow down the network of my phone or never connected to network I have stop downloading any Apk application

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My problem is that I downloaded 2go app from blackberry world and yet it brings no network as I try to open it...and it. has been showing this like forever...need this to be solved ASAP

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