How to allow attendees in Google Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

By Kerri Neill on 2 Mar 2012 01:34 pm EST

The Calendar application is just one of the great new features available on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software but it still needs a few fixes to make it perfect. For anyone that just has basic needs when it comes to using the Calendar, getting up and running is very simple. But for those of us that need a bit more functionality, a few tweaks need to be made. We already looked how to sync multiple calendars when using Gmail, but what about adding attendees to events?

Some of you may have noticed that when syncing a Google calendar to your PlayBook, the "Attendee" option is curiously missing. Well not to worry because there is a quick work around that will have you adding attendees in no time at all. Thankfully some forum members have already found a solution that seems to work flawlessly for most of us. Keep reading for the step-by-step guide to allowing attendees in your Google calendar on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

How to set your Google calendar to allow attendees option on your PlayBook:


Step 1: On your PlayBook go to Settingsl and then tap the "Accounts" icon.

Sync Off

Step 2: Select your Gmail account and turn the "Sync Calendar" option to "Off"

Account Setup

Step 3: In the "Accounts" tab, select "Add New Account" > "Email, Calendar and Contacts" > "Advanced Setup" > "CalDAV"

Account Info
Step 4: Enter in your account information as follows:
  • Description = Name your calendar (if you sync more than one Google calendar, give this a unique name because you'll need to be able to distinguish the two later)
  • Username = full email address
  • Email Address = Full email address
  • Password = your Gmail account password
  • Server Address =

Step 5: Select save

If you only have one Google calendar, you can stop here and you should be all set. If you sync more than one Google calendar on your PlayBook, your work isn't done just yet.

Step 6: Go back to your Gmail account and set the "Sync Calendar" option to "On" again. This will create duplicate entries on your calendar but we will fix that in the next steps.

Google Calendars

Step 7: Open your Calendar application on your PlayBook and swipe down from the top bezel to make sure all your calendars are there. If not, reboot and reopen the app (syncing can take a few minutes, so be patient).

Uncheck original

Step 8: Find your original Gmail calendar (the one without the unique name) and tap it so the check mark disappears. Swipe the toolbar back up towards the bezel and your duplicate entries should disappear.

Thanks to CrackBerry Forum member abeath for this great find!

While I would have loved for Google and BlackBerry to have figured out an easier way to make all the functions of the Calendar application fully integrated, it was probably too much to expect since even Google Sync on my BlackBerry Bold doesn't work correctly. Make sure to head on over to the forums by clicking the link below to leave any questions or comments that you may have and let our forum members help you solve them!

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Reader comments

How to allow attendees in Google Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0


Are you only syncing one or numerous calendars? Check the forum link for a couple other options. Mine are sendng no problem :)

Just one Google Calendar - perhaps being a Google Apps account (rather than plain Gmail) is the issue. I'll keep trying things to fix it..

Can you post where you have found this, I still cannot send meeting invite emails with my Gmail account.

Wow a mention in a post, Good day just got better.

P.S. It will still not send the invite email, but it will add attendees to the calendar item. I still use it all the time regardless, and I have the web version or my ical send out the invites when I log onto them either in the morning or at night.

There were a few of us on the forum pulling our hair about this, we managed to get the attendee option the same way described here in the post, but no mail was being sent, as someone mentioned above, so what's the missing link?

I can't get it to work. I have multiple calendars,
Gmail - I never use this one
Gmail(Events) - I use all of these instead, I have them synced with my google calendar.

So I followed the steps, and made another calendar called "Gmail - General" but it hasn't double posted any of my events... Is it sopposed to double all my "Gmail - School/Work/Personal..." ones, or just the "Gmail" one that I never use?

And I searched the forums but I can't find the specific one you guys keep referring too.

It works, however, although my other calendar is unchecked, the unchecked version which does not allow me to add attendees appears as the default when adding an appointment, so you need to scroll to the last calendar, the one that allows for attendees. Just a minor inconvenience.

Thanks for this! Remember if you use 2-step verification you have to go into your Google account 2-step verification settings, manage application-specific passwords and generate a password. That's the password you will have to use.

OK, I guess I'm missing something here. I have multiple Google calendars that I have been able to get syncing using the workaround you mentioned in the link. And you said that in the article above that if you have multiple Google calendars, you have more work to do, but it doesn't specify what else needs to be done. When I follow your directions above, it does allow me to add attendees to my primary Google calendar but no other one. What do I need to do about those secondary calendars that I need to be able to add attendees to?

Thanks Crackberry! My Google Calendar is synchronized, I can invite people and it as all integrated with my contact list. Playbook and Crackberry the perfect combination.

Are your invites actually being emailed and received? When I tried, it appeared an email went out but it was never received.

RIM needs to update the UI of bridge calendar and all, because I am finding all the PIMs are NOT reliable, sometimes they sync other times not :(

I can't get hotmail or yahoo calendar to sync. Invites get sent out, but the entry does not show up on my BlackBerry.

Really appreciate this. Worked for a day and now playbook message app opens with only most recent message and an 'Unable to open a PIM session message'. Any ideas?

Suddenly today, I couldn't get appointments to enter so I tried resetting the Caldav settings and couldn't get them to work, getting a failed testing message. Any thoughts.

"it does allow me to add attendees to my primary Google calendar but no other one. What do I need to do about those secondary calendars that I need to be able to add attendees to?"

I have this same problem, how do I add attendees for the other calendars? Please help!!!

hello i have a problem with my icalendar on playbook . I was able to create the ical account but when i want to choose it as default it is not in the list and only the local calendar appears, please help!!!