How to add a wallpaper within a BBM chat using BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Jun 2014 01:04 pm EDT

Part of the latest BBM update was the ability to add a wallpaper to your BBM chats - giving you some customization on how your conversations look. At the time of the update release there were four colored options in the BBM Shop for users to download for free.

It's a bit early to tell if I like the new options or prefer the black default look to BBM chats. I'm always a fan of dark backgrounds on my smartphones so maybe I'll be a little more excited when there's a few more options available.

Either way, if you fancy spicing up your BBM chats here's how to enable the wallpapers:

  • Open BBM and jump into the menu (three grey lines - bottom left)
  • Open up the BBM Shop and scroll to the bottom
  • Tap the color you wish to use and then press 'Set'

And that's it, all done. If you don't like any of the color options available in the Shop you can jump back to the default settings by pulling down from the top bezel to get into Settings and then select 'Reset Wallpaper'.

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How to add a wallpaper within a BBM chat using BlackBerry 10


They need to monetize. And we understand, BBRY needs a cash infusion with real sales and turnover, not another Premjection.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

No... they should NOT try to monetize things that their competitors give away for free.

I can set any background I want with Whatsapp for free. I don't have to buy from a preset selection available from BlackBerry.

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Then use whats app. And we'll use our secure BBM. Lemme know when you in so I can hack into your info

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@LeyroyP09 and @Prem WatsApp

Monetizing in areas your competitor does not can easily create issues for your product.

I am the biggest supporter of DLC, Microtransactions etc. charging me to change the color of my background is the very essence of nickle and diming. Very unbecoming of an "enterprise" company like BlackBerry pretends to be.

I like the idea! I was wondering why there weren't any dark themed ones available. Guess we'll have too wait for the next update!

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Also I found out that only you see the wallpaper selection... not the person you are chatting with.

I find the interface to get to the wall paper kind of clunky... I mean, who would have thought of going to Shop?

Of course only you can see the wallpaper that you set. How would it work if you were in a convo with someone who had a different one set?

Ideally, your comments would appear with your selected wallpaper, and the other party's comments would appear with their selected wallpaper. Just a suggestion.

If you fancy you can get to the same place by using Settings from the drop-down menu while in BBM, then Select Wallpaper.

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I was hoping that the chat originator would be able to set the chat background to be used for both (or any parties).

I guess the key awkwardness is that it is in the Shop. This has me to believe that there won't be any custom wallpaper allowed and you would have to use one provided in the Shop.

You can also set the wallpaper from the Settings menu. In the app, swipe down and select Settings. Scroll down and select Set Wallpaper. BBM Shop opens. Scroll to bottom. The settings option is more intuitive, but it takes you to the same place.

It's a start but it's implementation is wrong. Why is this tied to the shop only? While selling wallpapers might bring in a little revenue, it needs to allow the end user to choose their own image files as well.

In fact, why is the BBM shop such a limited, closed thing? There needs to be a way for individual artists to submit packs for sale just as devs can do with their apps.

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Cause now it's filled with masterpieces from Picasso, Michelangelo, Caravaggio..etc. huh?

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Didn't think there would be some much haters! I personally like the free ones and excited to see what comes next!

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I personally like the new wallpapers for the chat Window. I know there are only a few colours to choose from but I like the way they contrast with the chat bubbles and make them 'pop'. I'm sure we'll see more customization here in the near future. Go BlackBerry !

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The only value I see for wallpapers would be to differentiate conversations with a background color instead of only an avatar, thus avoiding sending messages to the wrong person when in a hurry... Until this is offered, this a useless feature...

Only bad thing is should be able to set it to individuals and not one for all.

Think it's easy to guess it's in the shop because there will be some for sale. Just like the stickers. Then it's one market place for all instead of go here for one go here for the other.

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I totally agree with Ommasain. Even allow us to customize CYMK colours and assign each unique colour to each unique contact. Helps to eliminate the wrong message to the wrong contact.

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This is great and ,I want more options like this for all my emails and anything else in my Hub,More colors More fun to look at.I wish I could intensify the colors though.Can't wait for 10.3 on my fantastic Z10.


Would be awesome to get a pack (if they want to monetize), so we can have one custom colour for each contact.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Maybe giving everyone $500 would do just that. But then again, people would complain that it came in the wrong denomination.

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Good concept. Poor execution. It would be better if we could have a different background per contact or conversation. Instead of all or nothing.

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Would be really nice if we had the level of customization that the old BBOS app CrunchSMS had. I miss that app.

You could also go to the wallpaper you have and click 'remove' if you want to go back to the default! Happy BBM wallpapering :)

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Nice idea but those options are not working for me. Hit the reset. Guess I'm boring. I liked the option we had (might have been a beta) in bbos where we could customize the actual bubbles per contact

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The active frame functionality was lost after the latest update. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Mine still works. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you - yes, the usual suggestion - tried restarting the phone?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Restarting didn't work. Hopefully in time it will corrects itself. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I'm with many of the above posts: allow custom wallys, allow devs to sell both sticker packs and wallys, and most importantly - allow wallys to be set per chat( not per "contact" as some chats have more than 2 members).

I can see this implementation could be changed on the future updates. Who would have thought to go to shop for wallpapers. I do however like the idea of custom wallpapers.

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I certainly agree with folks that say from usability perspective it's odd. When I saw release notes about background wallpaper i looked for background/wallpaper option then Google it and in 2 seconds found out its under BBM shop. Which to be frank is not super intuitive to access itself. Too many clicks...

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More selections would be great... a dark theme (black bubbles) would be interested. also, how about a picture?

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New backgrounds color in BBM chats are amazing, it's a good idea and I think that you BlackBerry should let us customize the background a little bit more, like letting us put in the background a photo from the gallery.

Good job, keep working!

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You have to admit, I was really surprised by the variety of wallpapers, really astonishing. Not one, but 4 different ones. What more could you ask for

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Couldn't care less about wallpapers and our enterprise dropped BES server so I won't need or be able to use BBM protect.

This is poor execution. They need a separate release for enterprise IMO. Problem is, except Gov't enterprise is dropping BES in droves.

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Dear Berry....
My Z10 with STL 100-1 OS can't use BBM now this because of I wanted to change BBM wallpaper all of the sudden stuck...I can't tab from the menu and even from the hub...I appreciate your soonest reply

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