How to add a speed dial for a contact in BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Speed Dial
By Adam Zeis on 13 Feb 2013 04:06 pm EST

I'm not a big phone user as I'd prefer to email or BBM my contacts, but having speed dials for my favorites does come in handy. BlackBerry 10 makes it easy to add speed dials for contacts and leaves them just a tap away for making quick calls. You can add as many as you want (although it gets messy after a while) and they'll appear in the phone app with their contact picture. Keep reading to see just how easy it is to add a speed dial for a contact on BlackBerry 10.

  • Tap the Phone icon
  • Here you will see the recent calls list. On top you can tap the boxes that say Add Number to add your first two speed dials
  • Tap Add Number, then choose the contact you'd like to add
BlackBerry 10 Speed Dial

After the first two slots are filled, you'll notice there are no boxes showing for more numbers. Not to worry because you can still add contacts. 

  • Tap Contacts
  • Tap the contact you want to add, then tap and hold on the number you want to add to speed dial. When the action menu appears, tap the star icon and they will be added to your speed dial list. Repeat this for additional contacts.
BlackBerry 10 Speed Dial

When you're done, you'll see all your new speed dials listed on top of your calls screen. Just tap to dial the contact. 

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How to add a speed dial for a contact in BlackBerry 10


add your voicemail # back and set the speed dial to 1. dont add your phone number, the voicemail # is different from your cell #. if you are in canada and with bell +16473832355 regardless which province you are from and its not LD. if you are with different carriers, just call them or search for voicemail # on their support site.

Great tip... very tempted to get the Z10 this weekend!

WOW @ that picture of Kevin in the second screenshot :D

Ha ha, that Kevin M looked like a good ole Canadian schoolboy instead of a recent John Lennon look-alike !
that baby looks mighty cute too!
Anyhoo thanks for this speed-dial tips, very handy for me

My contacts photos only show up occassionally and often after I have dialled that speed dial. But they never stay. Hopefully another bug to be fixed.

Hi all

I have been waiting for a post about this. My z10 only allows 9 speeds in total. I run a small business and have to be in contact with about 10 people on a regular basis. Is this normal for Z10? Also the speeds are number based not contact based. Meaning if I select Bob as a speed I must take up 2 speeds for his mobile and work. I would really like to just click on his picture and be given the option for what number to dial. This way it saves a speed. Has anyone else experienced this.


This is sooooooooooooooooooooo long winded!

All you need to do to add a Contact or Phone Number from your recent calls list to Speed Dial is as follows.

Tap the Phone icon, Press and hold the Contact or Phone Number you want to put on Speed Dial and a Black Contextual Action Menu pops out on the Right Hand Side Press the Star icon and your done takes under a second to do, simple!

Look at my Post on New Features on the Right Hand Side before you post anymore News articles about the Blackberry Z10 Functions because it seems like you are missing the whole point of the Blackberry Z10 which is Simple Flow On The Move One Handed!

This is the Second so called News Article today which shows a Non Optimum way of performing a simple task the other being the one on email.

I love Crackberry but we need to be the Best as well as the Biggest!!

this is fantastic, I fall for this phone every day as i find all the trips and tricks to it. I dont miss my i5 at all

thank you black berry for all your settings , and thank you crack berry for all your guides

Does anyone have vvm up and running on the z10 with Rogers? I noticed that the above pic has it on the calls display screen

if voicemail can be assigned to 1 why can't other contacts be assigned to the rest of the numbers? call quickly from the call log is nice for the 1 or 2 ppl that i call the most but more then 1 row starts to take away from the log itself. i filled up all 9 spaces and nothing from the log can be seen until you scroll down.

Anyone knows how to restore the original Voicemail speed dial? (I deleted it by accident)
I miss the beautiful icon and the fact that Voicemail was not associated with mobile/work/etc type....

Thanks :(

I've tried to get this to work with my Q10 and I can't get speed dial to work. The only number that works is the #1 for voice mail, but that was already programmed. I have visual voice mail, so I don't even need that one.

I REALLY miss speed dial!

Urgh... wish this had more than 10 like the old OS7 you cna assign almost all alphabets to speed dial.