How to add a search engine to your BlackBerry 10 browser

By Alicia Erlich on 1 Nov 2013 01:45 pm EDT

As an avid BlackBerry user, I belong to quite a few BBM groups. During one of the conversations the question was posed if one could add sites to the search engine list to the browser. The process is actually quite simple and perfect for those of you prefer using a website not included in the default dropdown (i.e. Bing, Google, and Yahoo.).

Be sure to follow these quick steps. Keep in mind this may not work for every search engine. For instance, Wikipedia had no issues while the option would not appear for

  • Go into the browser and load the page you wish to add (i.e. Wikipedia).
  • Tap on three dots, overflow/more menu,  and select + Add search (May have to search a term first in order for this option to appear)
  • A popup appears asking you to confirm the new search provider
  • Tap Add and it will be included in the dropdown

Now if you ever wish to remove that particular website from the list you can perform the following actions.

  • Open the browser and begin typing in the search bar
  • Tap on the dropdown in the upper right hand corner to display the dropdown list
  • Tap and hold on the search engine you wish to remove and press on the delete option from the side menu

While I do not recommend removing the default search engines, at least you won't have any issues removing your personal choices.

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Reader comments

How to add a search engine to your BlackBerry 10 browser


You have to be on the language page not the main wikipedia page. I wasn't seeing the add search on the main page but once I clicked english page waited for it to load completely the option appeared towards the top of the menu

Posted via Q10

Done! Added and but I'm not sure what this does. I know but I think I'm having a brain fart.

Posted via CB10

If you're not seeing add search scroll to the top of the list. I thought I didn't have it either.

Posted via CB10

Would be great if it, you know, was possible.
'Tap on three dots, overflow/more menu, and select + Add search'
You lost me after 'tap three dots'...

Damn auto type. I do not see add search either. 10.2. Would love it! Hating bing.

Posted via CB10

Still upset that I can't use the main search icon to search for things in browser. It was much easier and quicker before the 10.2 update that removed Google bing and yahoo from the extended search option, for the search icon mounted on bottom middle of z10, between the phone and camera icon.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Found a solution on a forum. You have to turn parental controls on and back off. Don't ask why lol. But after I did I went back into settings > search > extended search and found google yahoo and bing back there

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This is a bug found and a workaround has been floating around in the forums;

Quoted from crackberry user GSM-S

"Extended search fix
* Toggle the parental permission on and off and the search engines will be back in extended search. (no need for password, you can just cancel and that works too)

Browser fix
* When I upgraded, the search engine suggestions in the browser were turned off. Open the browser settings and turn on search suggestions in display and actions."

It does not work on the home page of Wikipedia but it does after you do a search. After any random search pull the dot menu and it will show the + Add.

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It let me add Wikipedia from the main page but I cannot see how to bring it up. Trying to add again after doing a search I get message saying cannot add. So much fun...

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BlackBerry should add a shortcut to a preferred search engine in the tabs pane.

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I have also lost the browser search in Universal (or extended) Search. Just to clarify that is the search magnifying glass at the bottom of the home screen.

I would love to yet it back if anyone knows how.

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Option shows up on very few sites. Nothing for yahoo for example. And then... where does one even access such a search list from the browser?

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To those unable to to get Add search on a specific language page on Wikipedia, you have to press on the text field before (then close the keyboard for Z10-Z30), then press on the three dots. This is the way it recognise the Search text field.

This works on Wikipedia main page because the text field is automatically selected, but it works elsewhere.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Easiest way, go into your browser. Type the website you want. Now it gives you the option on the top right corner before you select something or press enter. It's set default to bing, click on that icon and you will see the options bing, Google, yahoo. Select Google. You can even long hold bing and yahoo to delete them.

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Get to Save to homepage. Done. That's what I did. As for this +searcj feature. It's NOT in every variation of the browser especially Z10.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

After updating to 10.2, google, yahoo & bing doesn't show on my universal search app. Can somebody help me?

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Pls who's gonna help, I can't get the pings of two of my BBM contacts, but they can get my own and these contacts are really important, I have upgraded my OS, did a factory reset but all to no avail. Pls help.

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You can specify whether your BlackBerry device stores your search history, which categories to include in searches, and which search engines to use to extend your searches to the Internet. You can also clear your search history from this screen.

On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
Tap Settings > Search.
Tap the settings you want to change.
Change your search settings.
Try this now!!!!

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Great tip.

Also of great importance, you can 'drag and drop' to organize the order your search locations appear in. Default search will always go to the top spot.

After you change the search engine, the BlackBerry Browser continues to use the new search engine until you change it again.

While you're typing a search term in the Browser, tap the search engine icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap the search engine that you want to use.

Click on scroll bottom at the top right corner

Long press to delete whichever search engine you don't want.

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I did this immediately I got my phone. I hate, the default search engine that comes with BlackBerry 10 OS, Bing.

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your search provider has to return a successful search page for your query before you click on the three dots/overflow menu. It's there, just play around with it. Thanks alot Alicia, I am so in love with this fully free customization/open permission of BB10, i'm down for the ride.

This is completely ridiculous to have just to choose between ONLY three search engines!!
There is no EFFIN ADD to the search engine.