How to add a home screen shortcut for any website on BlackBerry 10

Add to Home Screen
By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2013 12:39 pm EST

On BlackBerry 10, you have the ability to add a home screen shortcut for any web page you want. This comes in handy if you frequent certain pages and want to have instant access to them from your home screen, rather than trek into the browser and open up your bookmarks.

I have various sites bookmarked this way and it truly does save time when wanting to hit up those web sites. This trick is especially handy for web apps or social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Untappd. Keep reading and we'll show you how to setup a home screen shortcut on BlackBerry 10.

First off, open up the browser and head to the site for which you want to add the shortcut.

Once the site is loaded up, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Add to Home Screen

Add to Home Screen

In the next dialog, you'll see the icon, web address and have the options to name the shortcut as you see fit.  

When finished, tap Save.

Add to Home Screen

Now you'll see the icon on your home screen and when you tap it you'll be taken straight to that page in the browser.

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Reader comments

How to add a home screen shortcut for any website on BlackBerry 10


I love this feature, had it on my playbook and it just worked great! I have a folder just for bookmarks lol

It's great to get an app icon on your z10 when the browser mobile website almost does the same thing as the app on another mobile device. I placed an icon on my z10 (and playbook) for the Internet Movie Databse website that pointed to the mobile site instead of the desktop site of; the icon on my homescreen and application looks great .. very comparable to the look and feel of the sideloaded android imdb app. In many cases an app is just an icon that allows access to the internet. I also helped my cousin with the mobile app for his bank in this way since there's not one available for the z10 yet. He said it worked great!

Agreed! I inquired with my bank if they're making an app for the z10 and they said the mobile experience should work fine. With LTE its almost just as fast as a native app. I was thinking of adding more bookmarks like this prior to this article. Perfect timing!

Still waiting for my BB10 phone, as 2 years is up in Aug for my 9900. Having lived with the complete lack of bookmark management on my PlayBook, I have been wondering if bookmark management has been improved (read as installed) on BB10. The ability to edit bookmarks, import, export, create folders, etc., has been abysmal on the PlayBook. No import, no folders, no edit (edit is there, but the only option is delete). Has this been addressed in BB10?

How does this work with Active Frames? I.e., if I open a mobile site, go back to Home Screen, and open another, would it open another Active Frame, i.e. multiple instances of the browser, or not? It would be useful if it did.

I'm not able to add bookmarks to home screen after doing a re install of the os. Any ideas as to how i restore this function??

Correct after the OS update , I cannot save web pages on my Home page, no big deal, as I create a Smart tag with the Smart Tag App. But any reason why this feature is off.

Hello. I have the same problem. Does anybody has a solution for that ?
I made a shortcut to my homescreen but I can not delete it. The icon pulsates but without trash icon.

Did you figure out a way to delete a shortcut from the home screen? I'm in a similar situation, and can't figure out how to remove one.

Hey there. Did you figure it out? I just did, despite the info not seemingly being anywhere on the web. Hold your mouse button and the delete key simultaneously, all your icons will shimmer and have trashcans, and you will have prompts to erase whatever you want on that page.

I always use this option but all of a sudden its not working for me. I go through all the steps but nothing saves on my home screen. Why is this does anyone know?

How to show pop up to for add to home screen like in ios when page loads in browser and after adding to home screen is it possible to show fullscreen?

I am able to add to my homescreen however the link will not launch in my browser. Instead, it goes back to my browser homepage that shows the sites I've gone to prior. How can I fix this?