How to add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings dropdown on your BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 Flashlight Tip
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2014 05:11 pm EST

One of the handy dandy new features in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 is the ability to turn on the Flashlight in a uhh.. flash from the Quick Settings drop down menu. 

On taller phones like the BlackBerry Z10, Z30 and P'9982, after you upgrade to 10.2.1 the Flashlight app is automatically added to the Quick Settings drop down (this is the menu you see when you're on the homescreen and swipe down from the top of the phone).

However, after updating to OS 10.2.1 on the Q10 and Q5, it appears BlackBerry stuck to just three rows (six shortcuts) showing by default vs. the five rows (eight shortcuts) that show up on the taller phones. And on the Q10, the Flashlight app didn't make the cut to the 10.2.1 defaults.

The good news is, you can add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings menu in under 10 seconds. Hit up the Instagram video below to see just how easy it is:

How to add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings Menu

If video isn't your thing, here's the step by step:

1. Go to Settings on your BlackBerry 10 phone. To get to Settings, you can either tap the "gear" icon on the homescreen, or swipe down from the top to pull down the quick settings dropdown menu, and tap Settings from there.

2. Now in the Systems Settings page, tap the option for Quick Settings. It's the sixth option down.

3. Scroll down the page of options until you come to Flashlight, and tap the box so there's now a check mark showing.

4. By default, this will place the Flashlight at the bottom of the list of shortcuts on your Quick Settings menu. However, you can reorder the shorcuts. Simply tap the icon at the bottom of the Quick Settings page that has an arrow pointing both up an down. Once tapped, you can press and hold on the icons at the far right of each row to drag up and down the Quick Settings shortcuts to reorder them. 


That's it! From there you'll have the Flashlight App never more than a quick swipe and tap away. We'll follow up with another more in-depth tutorial of all of the shortcuts and features offered by the Quick Settings menu, but in general this process will work for all of the different shortcuts offered. You can toggle them on and off and reorder them at will. 



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How to add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings dropdown on your BlackBerry Q10


This tip is dedicated to my sister-in-law! Both her and my bro updated their phones to 10.2.1 this weekend. He's on a Z10, she's on a Q10. When they didn't see the Flashlight app on the Q10, they pinged me on BBM and asked how to get it there. And hence, the realization that we needed a post on this was born!

And now that Instagram IS on BlackBerry 10, I think I'm going to start doing way more of these types of tutorials. Easy to pump out and they're FUN. Plus, you know, since BlackBerry 10 is so efficient I can probably show most tips in 15 seconds or less. Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for this, Kevin - it will be one of the first things I add to my updated Q10 (36 hours from now, woohoo!)

By the way, before you go crazy over Instagram videos, I was unable to see the video at all, not even a still shot. Just acres of black screen. Don't know if this will automagically get fixed after the update to 10.2.1 but thought I'd mention it.

Thanks again (to your sister-in-law too) for the tip!

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,

FYI you can swipe left and right on the quick launch drop down to access a second page of icons... so the flashlight is already a quick launch option, just on the second page

Posted via CB10

That's correct, if you have more than page's worth of shortcuts enabled. From what I've seen, that isn't the case by default. After the upgrade to 10.2.1 on the Q10, only six were enabled by default. So if you to them all on, then sure... you can swipe over. But on the Q10s I've seen upgraded so far this was never the case.


I don't recall enabling more shortcuts, I had thought they all came enabled... but I've been running the 10.2.1 leak for a while so I must have.

Either way just thought people might want to know you don't have to limit yourself to Six quick launch icons

Posted via CB10

Did not know that. What device do you have. I removed some icons and don't have a full first page, but this is good to know. I guess I'll still be discovering new things in the weeks to come.

I didn't know about the "pinch" thing
... just lately a guy told me about it... wow awesome feature! well done BlackBerry

Since 2010 

In the contacts app you can now selectively add to contacts accounts, couldn't do that before. So if you have outlook, icloud, MS exchange etc... you can now add a contact to the account you want listed. Used to be you had no way to do this and had to delete the contact from the account separately.

Posted via CB10

Great tip, thanks!

What's this pinch to zoom in the Hub about?

BRON :: a cron-like task scheduler for BlackBerry 10. Http://

While viewing the HUB, if you "pinch" the screen (forefinger sliding down while thumb is sliding up) the list will be reduced to only the unread messages.

I'm still trying to figure out the "read my last email/text" feature. The voice command prompts go through the motions, but never reads the message.

Woah.. really?! Are you in the UK or something? I know in some (many?) parts of the world people call a flashlight a Torch. That's pretty cool if they localized that.

It's down as Torch for me as well - I'm in the UK, great feature that BlackBerry change it due to where you are.

Posted via CB10

It depends on what language your phone is in. If you have it set to UK English, it will be torch. If you have it set to US English, it will be called flashlight.

I'm curious as to their thinking. Personally I would have thought they would have the same apps list for all phones under the quick settings and just limit the number that can be checked dew to the smaller screen. Seems more logical.

Posted via CB10

That's what it is and you can add more to the list
Swipe left or right to view past one page

Posted via CB10

My Q10 has two pages. I just scroll from one page to the other to access all of the apps in quick settings. :-)

Got UK settings?

Or is it allegiance to Her Majesty for Canadians?
Aussies got Torch, too.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That's because, like a good Canadian, you set you language settings to English (uk) rather than English (US) .

Posted via CB10

What's going to happen to all the free and paid torch (flashlight) apps in BlackBerry World now (inc the app's that have a torch setting)?

While I'm here, what about the screen shot apps too?

Obsolete, that's what it's called. And devs knew it was "coming soon".

Should be standard feature of any smartphone, without the artificial need for an "app". Goodonyer, BBRY!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Seems like BBRY didn't have a 'flashlight' so devs would code apps therefore artificially inflating the number of apps in BlackBerry World.

Oh wait, BlackBerry would never allow their store to be filled with cr@p apps...

If you choose UK English u likely get torch.. as that's what I use her in Canada and I get torch.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Kevin. I actually did this yesterday and your post came up today. This is really a must do. The Torch is something most of us will use regularly.


I love having the flashlight as part of the OS without having to download an app. Use it all the time!

From the mind of a mAnIaC

Totally agree
Calculator should easily be accessible. We should also have the option to change the default app for flashlight or calculator. While we are wishing, why not have the option to add any app to the quick list.

Posted via CB10

Awesome idea. Any link or app in the quick settings.

Would then be more like a quick menu instead just settings / options. Oh, oh the customizations....

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Just got the hard shell white case from you guys for my Q10. Thank you and greetings from Abilene, TX...Love this case!

Posted via CB10

ever since i updated to, the Edit Order option in my music player doesnt work anymore.. i cant save the order of tracks i've rearranged, my music stops when i hit Save. my Rotation Lock option also doesn't work as easily as it used to, i have to lock and unlock my phone sometimes for it to turn to landscape ..i've not liked my z30 very much lately because of these. i'm not happy

Wow, flashlight on the Q10? I'm missing another great feature from the 10.2 update...jeez when will Tmobile update me?(sob)

Posted via CB10

Wait till you try the customized quick settings. It's makes configuring your phone so quick & easy now. It's a huge timesaver!

Why is it called "Torch" on some Z10s and "Flashlight" on most others?
Oops, I see others have already brought that up!

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your effort and the job that you do in Crackberry and (for) Blackberry).

But now that all the Blackberry users are waiting impatiently the release of the 10.2.1 around the world you should write something about those who have not received yet the update. Vodafone in Albania (but I think also around the world) it's not realeasing the update). I've been looking around the forum and there is the same situation everywhere.

Please try to update and brig some fresh news.

Wrote from unlocked Q10 with Vodafone Albania.

Posted via CB10