How to add custom contact settings in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By James Richardson on 14 Mar 2014 04:41 pm EDT

Customization is one feature that BlackBerry has always excelled at - from legacy devices all the way to the current day and BlackBerry 10. Customizing contacts is a prime example. I'll be honest and say that I don't use it for many of my contacts, but for a certain few it's nice to have a unique ringtone or message tone for when they get in touch so you know who it is without even having to look at your BlackBerry. 

Customizing your contacts is super easy. Just follow these quick steps: 

  • Open settings (pull down from thre top bezel) 
  • Select Notifications and scroll to the base of the page
  • Choose contacts and tap the + icon to open up your address book and add a contact
  • Select the function you wish to alter and you're good to go

As you'll see from the image gallery - you have a selection of things that can be tweaked. These include phone calls, email messages, BBM, SMS and other messaging. You'll then be given the option to change up the tone, vibration settings, LED and instant previews. 

Not the most exciting thing that BlackBerry 10 has to offer but a nice option and one that many newcomers to the OS may not even have been aware existed.

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How to add custom contact settings in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


What I want is profiles. That way I can set a custom ring tone for work contacts, and family ect. That, wireless charging and bedside mode when charging are the 3 biggest things I miss from BBOS

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Is bedside mode not available for you? Don't you just pull down from the lock screen or set bedside as one of your quick setting options.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I use bedside mode. Just put the phone into dock then swipe into bedside mode and it charges for the night. I know it used to charge automatically before but one swipe is not too difficult.

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Funny thing, James.

You seems to use UK English on your phone, yet the article uses US English. Has the article been written from a BB phone or a desktop?

If from the phone, do you change language settings manually, or is that smart to detect what you're writing (two in put languages enabled of course) ?

Customize / customise etc.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Maybe CrackBerry requires all articles be written using US English. For some strange reason the Government of Canada configures their computers to use US English and as appropriate Canadian French (Quebecois).

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Agreed, would be great if custom LED colours were built in rather than having to get an app to do it.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

I think this is nice. But you should be able to set custom led colors here.
Why would you need an app to do a basic thing.

Try using Samsung you need an app for everything or try iPhone - doesn't even have LED. I got an app for. 99p that allows me to change LED.

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Need to be able to change the notification tone for channels that have been favorited so I don't get the same as a new BBM notification.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

I find that with non blackberry users you can longer have custom ring tones in BBM for them, it uses the "stock" one that you set.

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I have also found that since the OS update the custom BBM ring tone I've set for my wife, who uses an iPhone, no longer works, and instead reverts to the default tone.

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Special notification for personal ring/tone is not working on my Z10.

person that i already settled, when the person's bbm/call, it still using global tone :(

Was there any misses on my setting?

CB10 on  Z10STL100-2/

I've found it to be an issue too.. I couldn't get to set via the setting - notification - contact.
But what I did was, go to phone book - select contact - edit - go to lowest bar and customise from there.

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So if you go through contacts way like you said, then custom from there it works ok? What happens if you set all notifications for specific contacts to off? Does this just not notify you that you've had a call/text/email?

Don't get what that is there for? Is like like to block or something?

Using BlackBerry Z10

Off subtopic but still on the topic of contacts, I'm very disappointed how long-winded and painstaking it is to copy a contacts # in BB10...U actually have to go to the field to edit the contact's #! Unbelievable! My 3 year old 9900 can get this done in a jiffy...but the 'fwd' moving BB10 is a pain...# verydisappointed there :(

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

Add me to the agree it's a pain group. I tried this just yesterday. Ended up writing down the number and re-typed where I needed it.

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I hate the fact you can't change volume of notifications to low and ring tone high. You used to be able to do that on old BlackBerry os. You could have ring tone to loud and Bbm notification low.

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With BBOS I would set times for automatic bedside mode. Anytime I docked from 10 PM until 6 AM (my custom times) the device automatically entered bedside mode. Saved 365 swipes and 365 taps a year.

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Why do you need to have customized LED colors for different contacts when their name and picture shows on the screen when you get a call? Who looks at the LED light anyway?

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I still want BlackBook or Stealth book. I contacted Oswald Designs and I think we just need a few more supporters to motivate the team.

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Plus, I just tried removing notifications for some contacts and they still show up. wtf? Thanks to my lock screen new message indicator, everyone knows how many messages I have. Flipping WhatsApp logo and all.

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I'm extremely glad this feature has returned. When I purchased my Q10 in October, I was shocked to see it was not available. I'm waiting to receive the update to use this feature again.

Ms. Lady P

Just got notification from verizon @ 12 noon for update I been running the latest from sachesi for two weeks. Still 365MB. Downloading it now.

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All I want is simply to to have a contacts company details displayed (along with the name etc that are currently displayed) , just like they always used to be. It's madness for supposedly professionally biased products to have this oversight....

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