How to access BBM Channels on the web using BBM Channels Manager

By Bla1ze on 26 Nov 2013 05:16 pm EST

While most folks who load up BBM Channels on their BlackBerry smartphone will do so directly through their device, BlackBerry has also made it easy to create and manage BBM Channels directly through your desktop internet browser through something called BBM Channels Manager. Whether you're looking to administer an already existing channel or set up an entirely new one, it's drop dead easy to do so. You can jump below to see how to get started on using BBM Channels Manager.

Creating a channel using BBM Channels Manager

If you've not already set up a BBM Channel and are looking to do so in the easiest way possible, then I suggest using the BBM Channels Manager website. Sure, creating one on your device isn't exactly hard either but using the site in its bigger format is always going to be easier than trying to do so from your device.

You just simply hit the link below, click on 'Create a channel'. From there, you'll be asked to login with your BlackBerry ID, once logged in you'll be off to the races and you can proceed to set up your channel however you do so see fit.

Create a new BBM Channel using BBM Channels Manager


Administer your BBM Channel from the BBM Channels Manager webpage

If you already have your channel set up and are just looking to interact with folks on your channel(s), then you can do so directly from the same website. Aside from offering the ability to create new posts, add new comments, you can also tweet your channel, delete your channel, review users statistics and much more! There's even some additional post tools available via the website such as the ability to create .gifs using your computers webcam. All in all, it's a nice interface and easy way to control your channel.

Access your BBM Channel through the BBM Channels Manager

So that's it really, a nice way to access BBM Channels directly from your computer's web browser. Although it should work in most browsers, I'd be remiss in not pointing out that from my personal experience it works best in either Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer seems to have some wonkiness but your mileage may vary.

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How to access BBM Channels on the web using BBM Channels Manager


If you need multiple Channel managers, create a fake BBID and use this web interface while waiting for BlackBerry to get their act together and support multiple Channel admins from BBM.

This is a good idea. I've been torn about this for some time and have begged/pleaded/yelled and screamed in every survey about this..

I don't understand how they want to appeal to brands with the one admin per Channel rule, but having the web interface does help.


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Stay Classy CrackBerry!

Just searched for an update and didn't see one for bbm. Is this available for the STL 100-1 models? Bbm channels that is.

Posted via CB10

Yep, loaded it on my -1 already
Just wait till you are prompted to update. Update still has to populate some servers

Posted via CB10

I want to try out the gif creator feature. But, is it only possible to create using the webcam? How about images?

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.gifs already work when sized accordingly, so if you have one on your device you want to use -- just post it. If you want to make a personalized one with yourself or whatever, that's what the webcam one is for.

Hard to believe!

The BB marketing department is SLEEPING!
No wonder the company is in the dumps.
WHERE IS THE PUBLICITY? - none ... na-da ... nothing.
BB has a lot of beautiful ponies but they are hidden.
BBM channels ...
BB OS updates ...
ya da ya da ...
They gotta get their act together FAST!

How do we learn about new opportunities like BBM Channels? ...
Here at CB but not from BB (the company).
Thank you Bla1ze and the CB staff!

BlackBerry didn't even announce it in their own BBM Channel..... not that anybody bothers to read it.

I'm sorry but Channels is going to be something of a disappointment to many. It doesn't really know what it is, and BlackBerry sure doesn't know either. It's microblogging but it's so rigid and closed off compare to Twitter. Like minded people can comment on the same posts but can't communicate with or 'follow' each other so I hope nobody thinks this is a way to find like minded Contacts for BBM because it isn't "Social" at all.

Posted via CB10

LOL. Who reads 'stock news', and where was it buried? In the 'BB good news section?' I lost that link.

Lol maybe they are waiting until channels is out on iOS and android, and maybe everywhere else like the web.

My Bbm channels has disappeared and I have no update available?? Did every trick in book to see update and still nothing.

Posted via CB10

Try tomorrow morning. It should be available in your region. Go to BlackBerry World and search for BBM. I wasn't able to see it at first but I JUST downloaded it by searching it.

I think its easier to just do it straight from your device.
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Love BB10!

There is a search option to looks for categories. Type in something that you are interested in.

I'm just trying to survive this zombie apocalypse just like everyone else. Maybe you can help me out.

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One thing I am frustrated with is that it seems the only way to approve comments is via the website. It doesn't even tell me when I have comments to approve on my phone

If channels can be managed from the web, and you can interact through the manager, does this perhaps preclude a "web manager" for BBM itself? Things could get very interesting in the near future...

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!

This is what immediately came to my mind as well. There needs to be much more integration. It would be so cool to login with my BBID and access BBM, BBM Channels, Protect, Remote File Access, etc. from a Web interface.

Posted via CB10

I see you are running a Q10, I am considering purchasing a Q10 or a Z30... Would really appreciate your feedback on the Q10. Thanks!

I also recommend the z30. It's much faster, smoother, the screen is a bigger, natural sound is really awesome especially when talking to another user with natural sound. The screen is also OLED it's just brilliant.


Great to see BBM expanding to new levels and increasing access to it. Next stop full windows and desktop clients, maybe even Linux too.

Posted via CB10

One thing that struck me visiting a few channels is language translation. BBM is very multinational, for instance the Mercedes F1 channel and the BBM channel. Would be great to be able to translate people's comments so communication can flow between languages. Probably a tall order and I notice Instagram doesn't have this but would definitely make Channels way more communicative. Just my suggestion for down the road.

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Great to know the channel manager exists.

Now if only there would be option to assign admin roles to my bbm friends.

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Not only that - the web interface times you out after 30 minutes of inactivity! Bonkers. So 'brands' are going to have to keep logging in all the time....

Then you get a 'reported channel story', you dismiss it but it still shows up in your channel.

Been telling BlackBerry over and over in the Beta feedback that Channels in its current form via the web portal is NOT ready, not by far.

You should be able to edit you comments on other people's channels and retract if you so choose. It seems once you type something it's there for life and carries your BBM name.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

One thing I don't like about BBM Channel is that when someone replies to your comment, you can't instantly reply back. You have to go baCk to the Channel, look for your comment and then reply... You should be able to click on the notification and then it brings you directly to your comment.

Posted via CB10

Sweet! Good to hear that this exist. Just started a channel and now its off to the races.

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BBM Channels desktop manager not working for me! I've been trying all morning and all i get is the blue winding circle like its trying to load. Anybody else with this problem???