How about a Porsche Design BlackBerry Q10?

By Bla1ze on 23 May 2013 01:27 am EDT

The Porsche Design P'9981 was a pretty interesting device but it's now a little bit outdated even with it having arrived in gold. Arguably, it was outdated at the time of release but that didn't matter to a lot of folks. Personally, I wanted one but I couldn't justify the cost for what essentially broke down to a dressed up BlackBerry Bold 9900. A Porsche Design BlackBerry Q10 though, that's something I could possibly go for.

Sadly, the likelihood of that device being a reality is unknown at this point, but we can at least imagine what one would look like thanks to CrackBerry forums member, DYLANHABKIRK. He rendered up the above image just to see what it may look like if it was to ever be created and I have to say it looks pretty badass. Again, not a real device but what do you guys think of it? Put it into production?

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How about a Porsche Design BlackBerry Q10?


Besides, I want BlackBerry to succeed with stuff that matters. Being is for when the house is in order, I wouldn't spend resources in the furniture while my kitchen is on fire

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Nice idea, I would prefer a blackberry phone White and Zilver, now that would be tha shit (P.S I don't really care what model as long as it is a BB10 device)

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It'd be awesome, but I'd never take a $2000 phone out in public. I'd be too terrified of dropping it or someone stealing it from me.

I think a BB10 version is a given. Especially considering people like Piers Morgan who are massive BlackBerry addicts but also love to show off their current Porsche BlackBerry.

If you're going to get celebs to stay then this is a must. Also, I want one ;)

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Porsche should stick to designing cars. I find their BlackBerry designs strange and not sure why anyone would pay thousands for one.

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Nice thought man. It would be great if it has the track pad, call n end n options key. Can't trust touch screen for ending calls

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How about something newer ?
Like the Blackberry Bentley Q10 ?
And also give it a bump in specs since its going to be priced like a boss. Snapdragon 800 with 3 GB RAM 64 GB internal memory, and a Battery thats over 3000 mAH 13MP Sony Camera with Dual LED Flash . Im sure they had to cut a few corners making the Q10 for the average consumers but now can build it without having to think about the cost issue., and bring the same to Z10 that deserves the high end treatment too.

The Porsche desing BlackBerry was one and is still one of the nicest mobile phones on the planet.

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I'd take the classic Bold keyboard over the Porsche designed one, but I totally dig the top of the device (minus the Porsche brand marking).

That's way more needed than the one the 9900 they just created i think this is a much better idea now i only wish i had the money to buy one lol

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Typing experience on the old one is quite disappointing for such an expensive phone! If it happens hope the keyboard changes, very solid feeling phone.

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I'm not crazy about BBRY designing multiple QWERTY devices that have BB10 on them. Make the best QWERTY device available, which is the Q10, and continue to innovate. I'm surprised they haven't taken the slider device seriously. That would have been arguably better than the Z10.

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If Porsche came out with a smart car, remote controllable like the Tesla ...this will became a must have.

In that case, Porsche should even supply that special edition phone with the car.

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Definitely want one. But would like to see some change ups - I'm not a huge fan of the button shape/feel on the P'9981's keyboard. Need the keyboard to be a little more Q10 like.


How many of these sold the first go around? Was it worth the resources to bring this to market? I can't see them selling too many of these. I'd say focus on getting BBM cross platform and bringing the best possible services to it. Channels, Money, ect.

I'd pay a surcharge for a full touchscreen + keyboard slider, but for BB to slap a new housing on the Q10 even if was designed by zombie Frank Lloyd Wright and then charge a premium for it smacks of... exploitation, is the only word I can think of.

I would buy that if it was just abit smaller like the space from the top of the screen to the front camera. Furthermore if it was abit less chunky would like it if it was slim.

I'd love if the Q10 actually had that look. Fire the current design team and hire the porche design team.

I would save and by this if they made it with the glass weave battery door

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Porsche used to follow the dictum of for follows function. In this case, BlackBerry got it right and the Porsche version is just a money grab.
Stick to cars Porsche and leave the phones to BlackBerry.

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LOL so PhotoShopping is considering "rendering" these days? :)

Must have taken a serious supercomputer to render that. :)

Having had the 9981 and used it for over a year and a half I just say it was the most stylish phone I ever had.
Keyboard was not as good as the 9900 and that was its only flaw.
I hope they do make A Q10 model as it would be great for both companies

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Very nice... but slightly extend the screen to move to his blackberry on name Porcshe design ...

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Not bad looks better than before. I drive a Porsche and a Range Rover Sport but don't think I would buy this phone, would not mind playing on one. Also phones Z10,Q10,Q5 and Porsche phones far too expensive to be waved around in the street, keep them safe.

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Put the BlackBerry label at the bottom and give it more screen real estate or make the phone smaller.

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Beautiful, love the blacked out look. It's a very nice modern look. Would prefer if the Porsche design replaced the blackberry logo. Instead of making it taller and adding it above.
With this change, I would easily buy it over the q10

How about adding additional coolness to the mix for the stratospheric price, to make it more of a concept phone?

1. Wireless charging system?

2. Localized NFC payment (eg: baked-into-BB10-OS's Oyster payment system with compatible built-in Oyster antenna for wireless payment in London, UK?)
[And localized antenna/App support for other similar payment systems adopted for other countries such as Octopus in Hong Kong]

3. Gigantic battery that lasts one week without charging ;)

That would be seriously so nice. LoL, the more I check out the picture, the more I'm thinking "why not?"...

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Remember, It's all up to porsche to design it. And quit judging it, it's going to be a great one once it's in production. Would you buy a feature phone if it looked like blackberry 10? That would be stupid to buy something based on looks. Don't be foolish, but it for its premium quality and functionality if you have the dollars to burn up.