HOTTT: BlackBerry Storm 9550 In Video Again!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Aug 2009 10:59 pm EDT

If you frequent our BlackBerry Storm 2 forum, you'll know our pal Salomondrin has been up to his pre-release device antics again, this time delivering on his promised walk-through of the BlackBerry Storm 9550. In the 7 minute video above he gives a solid overview of what the device is all about as well as his opinions on it and how it compares to the first generation Storm. Like the first Storm 9550 in-action video we ran here at CrackBerry, Sal's 9550 lacks Wi-Fi and is rockin an early, early, early OS, so things are only going to get better from here. Odds are this video will disappear quick off the interwebs, so grab it fast. There are quite a few youtube accounts rocking it though.

In case you missed it this week, in the forums I posted a screen cap from a newer OS version of the 9550 which shows the 9550 does in fact have WiFi (in case you were doubting it) as well as the answers to some of the many questions that were asked after posting the first in-action video. Storm 2 chasers will want to stay tuned... newer versions of the Storm 2 hardware/software feature a cool improvement/innovation that hasn't yet been shown on the web (let's say there's even more to the display than initially meets the eye). I have no doubt it'll pop up in action before long. Good stuff salomondrin!

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HOTTT: BlackBerry Storm 9550 In Video Again!


The screen click sounds kinda cool. I like how the screen locks when the phone is off AND when its locked. i hate how i can push my screen in when in my pocket and locked up.

That's clearly a VZW device. You can run the "global" VZW phones on any GSM network. He only had edge (notice not EDGE) since VZW's EVDO isn't the same as GSM 3G; nor are there correct service books for the Storm from AT&T (I believe that's the reason behind no EDGE, or just no BIS/BES plan).

this looks great!!! I had hoped they would have made a gsm 3g version but theres nothing wrong with wishful thinkin...anyway this version may steal a few iphone users away from att.

My suspicion (hope?) is that, for the same reason the screen doesn't click when it's off due to the new screen hardware, when you hover your finger over an onscreen button, the screen raises a bit under your finger to give the feel of a physical key. Or, maybe I'm just dreamin'...

That's why its running on EDGE. Its like putting your AT&T SIM into a BB TOUR.

I'll make a short video showing you guys it works 100% fine on VERIZON.

seems same speed as 148+,

accelerometer looks exactly the same if not slower.. im not bashing just yet, looks like a fun piece of hardware BUT I hope rim does some OS improvements or we will be in the same bucket as we are now with Storm... 160 character limit is like the storm... I dunno not much crazy advancements but WIFI and Screen... like I said I cant knock it till I try but Rim had this long to do something... DO IT!

All in all I gotta buy the Storm 2... I'm just that Berry Guy to do it :)

The 160 limit is the global standard for a single SMS/TEXT message. No phone can go over that limit in one message.

for the music, did they add continous playback?? as in, no gaps between songs?

Awesome overview though. Thanks for doing it.

To be honest, it looks exactly the same except for the outer body. I'm still "cautiously excited" about this phone. I think I will wait for some type of spec sheet to show exactly what's NEW, whats UPDATED and what's been TRASHED when compared to Storm 1. Doesn't look like much though that warrants buying a new phone... again.

Check out the upgrades to the Iphone > iphone 3g > iphone 3gs

There really aren't a whole lot of changes when it comes to new iterations of phones.

Wow its the same phone with minor adjustments...def not worth my money, ill just stick to the storm 1 and exchanging my phone every 8 weeks....

It seems that the reviewer hasn't used a Storm 1 in a long time. The speed demonstrated in the video is identical to what a Storm 1 has with any recent OS. Also, the buttons on the bottom of a Storm 1 DO light up.

I'm not sure what people were expecting out of the Storm 2, but it's just a Storm 1 without the click screen. That's ALL. Yes, they changed the bezel to be a darker gunmetal gray, they made the bottom buttons into the touch screen (which I'm not sure I like), they made the side buttons into the rubberized plastic, and they combined the power and lock button (since the previous power/hang up button is now integrated into the touch screen). Otherwise it's just a Storm 1 with an OS update.

This is merely a way for Verizon to cut down on the unit replacements due to the click screen being faulty.

i don't like touch screens, but if this is an early OS version...RIMM in on the right track. If they really want to compete, they need to do some larger overhaul in the media side of the phone.

still unsure about sure press because i think it'll slow you down. based on the video review, i can be wrong.

time will only tell.

In my honest opinion, as a BB app developer (, if this is what the OS looks and functions like on S2 I am moving to iPhone. Think about it... RIM has 1 year, scratch that, till 2010 to release a GREAT consumer phone to compete with the iPhone. The only people left on Verizon with Storms are the ones smart enough to save money by NOT switching to ATT. I admit, S2 looks like its faster, but thats not nearly enough. Once Verizon gets a CMDA iPhone, RIM'S easy 80 mil Verizon market is going to hell. As a developer, I have to pick a device and stick with it. Providing support for two separate devices is a nightmare since I am doing it all by myself. The latest games I am creating lag, and they arent even in 3D! I understand that blackberries are for professionals, not children, but dont adults like to have fun too? isnt that the whole reason why RIM is trying their cards in the consumer market? The storm IMO is marketed as a FUN phone, not just a productive one. There are so many possibilities RIM, step up and learn how to make a user friendly interface, support openGL 3D graphics, use a bigger battery if your worried about battery life, stop putting the radio in standby when we surf the web, give us a good OS (I played the "check the forums for a new OS leak every day game"), give us thumbnails when we are looking through our videos, i hate the naming schemes you give everything. the list goes on...

in all seriousness, I love my storm, and I really have fun developing games for it. but I have never told anyone to go buy one, nor have I supported those thinking about it. really, when I look back at the life of this device, I would mark it as a failure. It was premature, and RIM was just looking to capture the 80 mil apple could not get too. from a business standpoint, if S2 comes out around the same time as a Verizon iPhone and its not PERFECT, I mean a completely new shiny OS, then all current Storm owners will migrate to the iPhone, for lack of changes -> psychologically the phone will look the same as S1 and nobody will give it a chance.

I paid $400 for my Storm 9500.

If RIM expects me todish out another $400 for a bug ficer upper they have a thing comming!

i was really excited for the Storm2 till the last couple of minutes but the thought of spnding $400 on a bugfix with wifi option does not attract me.

Curve 8320 vs 8900 = Brand spanking new exterior with a sexy looking OS upgrade

S2 brings nothing new to the table.

that "sexy looking OS upgrade" is what is on the Storm 1 right now. Transitions, fades and all.

How much of a different exterior were you expecting? The phone is just a big screen

But you're right about the S2 not bringing much to the table. RIM hasn't really brought anything *new* to the table at all since the Storm 1.

"The latest games I am creating lag, and they arent even in 3D!I understand that blackberries are for professionals, not children, but dont adults like to have fun too?"

Yes but adults have sex.

Sweet!! I can't wait till this comes available. My current storm isn't that bad, it has it moments, but the new one with wifi now that's what I'm talking about. Thanks for the preview.

I dont see much improve from the video and why there no WIFI as rumour before ..honestly a little disappointed for the whole things .....UI just the same flick scrolling ...the sound of physical clicking ....and if the final product not improve much I rather keep my old storm...

can 1 of the videos please tell me if the surepress is even all around and that every phone will click the same way??????????

That was the worst review of a phone I think I have ever seen. Half of the things he said about the Storm 1 weren't true. Please someone with a storm 1 get your hands on this thing and give us a good review.

I would definitely consider this on AT&T. The addition of wi-fi, the fact that the device is a lot more solid looking (no light leaks), and hopefully will be easier to type on make it very appealing. But I still don't know whether I'd pick it over the 9300.

Personally I feel cheated and misled. I have the Storm 1, And i have named it the S#!T Storm. The thing sucks, sorry but it does. The Browser sucks, the upgraded HTML browser sucks, multiple battery pulls suck, most of the apps are lame and quite frankly who wants them.

1. I have to do multiple battery pulls a day, to keep my storm running, then the thing takes longer then a virus infested pc to load.

2. Why is it when i have my email settings to auto-grab the images i still have to do it for every one.

3. The thing freezes like a deer in headlights, did any one notice that the entire presentation was done in portrait mode??? with the exception of when he was showing the pictures and typing the messages

I was the biggest Storm supporter. Until I got an IPOD touch. I have more ease of use using the Wifi Texting, and email downloads and picture viewing than i do with my storm.

Now I find out that they are developing a new one instead of fixing the old one I was like Dude WTF, I personally will not be getting the Storm 2, 3 or 100.

Say what you want about Mac but both the iphone 1 and 2 are far superior than the storm. Not to mention the Ipod Touch. At least Apple fixed their old problems before they got on to the new

I know, I know what your going to say (In a whiny voice) it still doesn't have mms, well thats because ATT hasn't got it right, not Apple. (still in a whiny voice) But it doesn't multi-task, well who needs multitasking when the speed between apps is not only flawless but lightning fast. I swear I spend more time looking at the hour glass on my storm than anything else.

You know the one thing that is the most really disappointing, I can actually type this whole thing using my Ipod Touch quicker, than i could on my storm.

Nuff said I'm done

Than a jailcell. You buy an iphone/ipod and you're in apple's pocket. You play by their rules and they lock down their shit tighter than richard simmons' spandex. I'd rather a more open platform, being able to install whichever apps I want, not just the ones approved by big mac.

If you want flashy graphics, that's great...but it's not everything. From the sound of things the storm just isnt your kind of phone, and that's fine. That's why competition is good. Lots of choice out there (omnia2 touch pro2 iphone pre). But don't chalk it up to inadequacies on the phone's part. I barely ever see the hourglass since OS .141 and up and I haven't had the thing freeze on me in months

Did anyone notice the 2gb sd card when he pulled the back cover (1:37) and then when he showed the device memory screen (3:48) it said there was 14gb's for the media card????

you saw 2 different SD CARDS is because I was using 2 phones at the same time. ;)

Mainly showing the SW of the phone that had the 16GB card in it, and the HW on the 2GB card.

this is very early software. The fact that it runs that fast on this software is impressive. I imagine when the final version is ready it will be lighting quick!

Ever since the last official update i have been happy with my storm. A better processor would be nice but I'm ok with it. I am curious about the screen not clicking unless it is powered up.. does the screen actually push in or is it just a vibration inside the phone that makes it feel like it was clicked along with an audible "click" sound put out by the phone. Im just wondering because a mechanical click doesn't use a battery to work and using something like they are describing may shorten battery life if you are doing a lot of typing. Maybe im the only one who is wondering about this though.

I hope that in the next few months RIM will make this Storm 2 an eye poper. Their has to be WiFi on it, and the damn thing should be faster, and not spend a minute trying to catch up to me. The first Storm, shame on RIM for rushing it, and lets see if they learned from thier first touchscreen. Shame on me for thinking they will.

Hey what do you think is the expected retail price is?
I dont get a upgrade until feb. 10'...for me thats waiting too long if this comes out in nov/dec. I'm losing my mind with my 6th storm. I think i have to get another one now too. The screen I believe broke on me last night. Now no click what so ever. I hope this storm 2 will have no problem with clicking...

Looks like I will stop purchasing BB apps since my next new phone will be a CDMA iPhone. Not impressed with this AT ALL.

a little faster that phone is but definitely not as fast as it should be. to go from the home screen to the menu ok it moves but when you were in media going from pictures or ringtones and then going from landscape to portrait mode, it just went slow. sorry but that's not enough of an improvement over the past one

My Storm 1 runs just as fast as that Storm 2 with OS 5.0 not much improvement...I will wait for OS 5.1 when they utilize the 3d gpu..then there will be something to talk about.

Although a lot of the features on this seemed pretty awesome, and even with the older OS it seemed pretty fast, the biggest draw for me was seeing that 1/6 near the character limit for the text messages. Finally looks like Blackberry is going to start supporting EMS messages, are at least allowing you to type a message that will continue on to the next message/page without having to save draft and start a new one.

So it shouldn't be a problem for anyone! ;)

That means your txt messages can be seen on your BBM and if you are texting someone else with the same options, your txt messages will look 100% like BBM messages, which is pretty sick.

i dont under stand how a Verizon device. is running on AT&T and using lost. i have the storm. and this storm 2. looks so much better! but im not big on the screen click. it should be an option.

God Yes! This Actually Looks Better And Responds Quicker Than The First Storm. Not Bad, Not Bad. At Least I Look At It This Way, This Device Will Ship With OS 5.0+ At Least, Way Better Than 4.7.

I thought the first Storm was great and I love it but I'm drooling over this. Too all the whiners. If you like the iPhone or another phone so much go get it. No one is stopping you. Just don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Even at the early stage it looks way better and responds way better than the first Storm does. I can't wait to see when it comes out! Sadly I won't be eligble for my year upgrade until February but I am ok with that. Should have at least 2 more updates for me by then :)

I'm pretty sure I will stick with my Storm 1...the only thing that has me truly impressed is the 144+MB of application memory (what gives? why can't we have that too)...I know so many people that complain about the Storm 1 but I really like it...

I am very suprised and i'll tell you why. I own a Storm 9500 and i use OS 5.0. since a few weeks. There are two reasons why i am so suprised. First: The most people who tried 5.0 on the Storm 1 told us that this OS is very buggy. Mine works great with this OS!! Second: As i can see on the Video, my Storm seems to be as fast as the Storm 2 in the video. There was only one problem which i had since i use OS 5.0 and that was a RESET which made by itself. Everything else is working very well. As i just told you...i am very suprised. Strange.... (please excuse if my english is a bit "buggy" but english is not my native language :-P )

i dont care how well it looks. its about performance. and my storm freezes alot. but if the storm 2 doesnt do that then i am deff. willing to pay for the upgrade. hopfully its as good as every one is hoping for. i dont want another let down. i was pumped to get the storm one. it works great and its fast. but it just freezes and reboots its self way to often.

I can't wait to get a hold of this phone. It looks slick and impressive. I love the idea of a touch screen phone. As a Curve user, I will switch the first chance I get.

Disappointed that he didn't talk about the camera. I was impressed with the overall speed (except for the accelerometer). All in all i believe that it's an improvement.
I would hope that someone will do something for all of us Storm 1 adopters as far as an early upgrade discount or something for having to put up with all of the Storms' original shortcomings. While my Storm now is not too bad, it's only because of the Crackberry community.....

There is no reason for me to get the storm 2. Really the phone has the same spec as the storm 1 outside of bigger memory and wifi and even that isnt enough for me spend 200 and another year contract for the phone. I most likely going to get a Motorola Shules when it comes out for verizon. And also I actually love the storm 1 but the storm 2 is nothing but a minor upgrade of the storm 1.

Looks great!! I am glad they took the money they I gave them for the Storm and produced a decent product. I can't wait to give them more money for a phone that ctually works!
Maybe I can use my Storm as a door stop.....or a paper weight. It also makes a good hockey puck.....thanks Verizon!!