Revisit your childhood with Hot Wheels - Track Builder on BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Aug 2014 06:51 am EDT

I can't say I was ever into Hot Wheels myself - maybe I'm too old and missed it as a kid, but when I saw Hot Wheels - Track Builder in the Amazon Appstore I had to check it out on my BlackBerry Z30. And I'm glad I did, as it's pretty darn sweet - and free.

As the name suggest, the game allows to you build your own custom tracks and this part is pretty clever, although I didn't really have the patience for it. There are however a selection of pre-made tracks which you can dive straight into and race and they are awesome! Once you select one of these, the camera angle will pan around the track so you can see how great it looks and how many times you are going to be upside down. You can skip the track preview if you desire and get right down to business.

Once it's time to race you'll utilize the BlackBerry's tilt controls to guide the car. Tilt forward to accelerate and left / right to steer. As you zoom around the track you need to collect coins to earn points and there are also blue bolts which give you a power boost.

Hot Wheels - Track Builder will offer you the option to sign in. Clearly, I didn't have an account so I set one up in the game which took less than a minute and once done I could then see that I had 2000 credits. These credits can be used to buy extra track parts and upgrade your car.

Graphics wise the game is pretty sweet and is backed up by some nice sounds and music. Overall, for a free game it's well worth checking out if you're into your cars.

Download Hot Wheels - Track Builder from the Amazon Appstore

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Revisit your childhood with Hot Wheels - Track Builder on BlackBerry 10


Just Google "install amazon appstore"
You can install their app now.
I've had it for a long time already on my Z10.

Take care.

www. carm. org

Yes just install their app.

You need to have an Amazon account already. (have you ever bought anything from them before) Or set one up.

Always try to get the apps you need from BlackBerry World first if it's there, android apps seem to use more juice (battery power)

Take care

www. carm. org

Bloody amazon where r the BlackBerry apps I just hope wen 10.3 releases BlackBerry 10 gets all the amazon kindle apps as well.

Posted via CB10

Pretty cool game, I had no clue this was on Android. Also, I'm curious as to whether Amazon will let the rest of their services be on BlackBerry?

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(my wife's complaint yesterday. Pop-up in "Cut the Rope" on her Android, I said, "Grab the Playbook"... )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Just wondering how old James Richardson is if he's too old to have played with Hot Wheels since they've been out since 1968. Who remembers the Hot Wheels Sizzlers?

Good for you. This is for people who don't mind playing an Android game. If you don't, you're actually not obligated to leave a post. Just an FYI.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Not sure if you were to young or to old as Hot Wheels have been around since I was a kid in the 60s, maybe just not your thing.

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I don't know about too old I'm from UK and was hot wheels crazy in the 1960s!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry