HOT: Video render of first full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Sep 2012 01:49 pm EDT

Holy. Freak'n. AWESOME. Knowing today is iPhone 5 launch day and that CrackBerry Nation is eagerly awaiting the release of BlackBerry 10 phones, our friend John Anastasiadis just sent us in a little present to help pass the time. If you're not familiar with John's work, he's the talented industrial designer who has put together several DreamBerry concepts for CrackBerry before. But this time it's not a dream image that John whipped up, but rather a video render of what the real deal could potentially look like.

Above you can watch his video render of BlackBerry "London", the first full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone expected to hit the market in early 2013. By studying all of the leaked images that have surfaced to date as well as the BB10 Dev Alpha device, John was able to piece together a pretty decent sketch. Once he had his sketch worked out, he worked his magic on it and then just to add to the drool factor, put this one into video (which he says took about 30 hours to render).

Check out the video above and get ready to drool. HUGE thanks to John for surprising us today with this one. Be sure to check out his portfolio. Now is that hot, or is that HOT?! 

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HOT: Video render of first full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone!


Kevin, Adam, Blaze.!!! Can someone please tell RIMM to put the ports at the bottom of the phone rather than at the side, it's ugly and annoying at the side. Thank you.

I'm not saying where the Ports are on the actual BB10 phone BUT you should read B4 you post. This is is NOT a RIM video. It was made by an industrial design artist who thinks that the phone will look like this.

BTW Great Job John Anastasiadis. I Love the music that goes with it :)

My comment is not based on the rendered video, I know this isn't from RIMM but they are known for placing the ports and headphone jacks at the side of their devices. It was just a general comment for their future devices. A port a th bottom and headphone jack at the top will be more practical and less annoying.

Have a look at the Tear-Down on CrackBerry Page 3! The Headset jack surely is on the top of the device! But Micro USB and Micro HDMI will definitely be at the right side, the hardware is already final and there's no chance to change things like this anymore. I think it's okay, the most important thing is that the headset jack went to the top.

Other way around. Headphone jack NEEDS to be on the bottom. So when you reach into your pocket to pull the phone out, it sits naturally in your hand right side up. If the headphone jack is on the top, you need to turn it around.

And then the volume controls are at an awkward and hard to reach position. Problem not solved. Headphone jack on the bottom, on the side with the volume controls, is the only right place for it. Every other position is wrong.

disagree... i hip-holster my phone so i would definitely not want the headphone jack on the bottom. The top or left side is the best place.

this isn't an iphone or samsung that have buttons at the botton with only 3 screen orentations, either way you flip the phone the screen rotates to match it so the problem that comes up with the headphone jack is a redundant and moot point about a lack of knowledge on what is going on.

stop with all the whinging already, I have a bold now, before that LG, nokia, motorola.... I can't remember where any of the jacks, volume controls were and I don't much care. I work with whatever comes with the phone, the jack positions are an absolute minor and will not convince or deter anyone from buying a phone.

Change the music ..... it is too Hard.

You need to hook up with PSY and Gangnam Style music RIGHT NOW!!!!

If this is the case, I think RIM had gone more on functionality rather than aesthetic. Imagime playing your favorite games hook on your shiny LED HD tv and your BB10 superphone transform into ala gaming console or presenting your business module on your next meeting with your wires just right at the bottom or at top when in portrait mode. That's function rather than aesthetic. Just saying...BB10 FTW!

No it is not. Absolutely nothing special about this phone. You are kidding yourself as well as every one who thinks this phone is hot. The top and bottom looks as if they will break off in a week.

"People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do".
Isaac Asimov

It's at over 8 Million hits now. The GS3 is a beast. If BB10 is a bust, which it shouldn't be, I'd opt for the next iteration of the Galaxy line for sure. Screw the iPhone. That's all yesterday's technology.

No, it's really not, we've seen the full touchscreen phone a million times already, and frankly, what really is there to see? It's almost exactly like any other full touchscreen phone... Not picking on Blackberry, every full touchscreen phone looks 90% the same as the rest. Rectangle, and a big glass screen in front. Oooh, big whoop. When the hell are they going to show what makes Blackberry different? Like their full QWERTY physical keyboard phone??? I'm so sick of seeing pictures of the same full touchscreen phone over and over and over...

Yah, but just hoped there would be some photos of the physical keyboard version, not the full touchscreen version...

I couldn't agree with you more slagman5. I want that physical QWERTY keyboard which pretty much represents blackberry. We'll have to wait and see what they have instore for us upon release date.

And I'm sorry Blackberry, but it was REALLY stupid to copy the iPhone's camera placement because that's the DUMBEST place to put the camera. Every time someone asks me to use their iPhone to take a photo of them, I have to hold it in some weird funky way to avoid part of my finger showing up in the picture because they had to put it all the way in the corner where you'd normally hold it when trying to take a photo. Now this phone has it in that ridiculously stupid place as well... I really hope the physical keyboard version has the camera in a better place because that's the version I'm interested in obviously...

You know mostly all BlackBerrys have the camera in that location... It's the easiest spot to place a camera module.

Um, I don't know about your BB's, but my Bold 9900 it's at least a good 5/8" away from the corner... Well enough space for my fingers on the corners to not get in the way at all... And on my Bold 9000 it's in the center of the phone...

A napkin? As in what you use to wipe your mouth after eating? I'm sure you meant tissue if you were trying to sound clever. Nice try anyway. Consider this a learning experience and you'll do better next time. I have faith in you young grasshopper...

Alright. See you at iMore or iBGR. Your whining and bitching will be more welcome on those sites. Go stand in line waiting for an iPhone.

Um, yah, because me wanting a physical keyboard phone instead of a full touchscreen phone means I like the iPhone... I like your logic. It's so retardedly backward it's actually kind of entertaining... It's like a movie that's so bad it's good. :-)

Honestly speaking it's not that cool I don't like the groves at the top and bottom. It's definitely not a game changer if this turns out to be the first full touch screen device. If Apple is Mercedes of Smart Phones then RIM need to come up with a premium model with premium materials and industrial design to be BMW of Smart Phones. No longer $650 is expensive for people. So, RIM shouldn't be cheap with the top two models , fulltouch and querty). If they don't realize this they are never going to win the market segment with higher Margins else they end up Nokia sweating for consumers with single digit margins which is not worth.

Ichat looks like a bbm rip off ;)

All touch screen phones look more or less the same, it's what is under the glass that matters most.

Every full touchscreen phone looks almost exactly the same. Might as well just have one company make them all and just apply the appropriate logo when they are shipped...

If it looks like that, with the rounded back and angled top and bottom, I definetly want one :) looks slick

Awesome. I've been talking about NFC, the Samsung "Next big thing commercial", and BlackBerry 10, all day long at the office today.

The Clash! f*yeah! I did a double take when the audio came on as London Calling is my ring tone. Thought a call was coming in.

GREAT WORK! I must say though... If that back turns out to be the one that RIM goes with, I'm going to be a tad bit disappointed. A smooth, un-interrupted back cover doesn't really match the sharp metal look on the front of the phone. That's my only gripe.

I agree. The back, to me, is really boring(coming from a tour and a torch 9850). I wish they had put more thought and creativity into it... And no one needs to comment and say its not the final build. The crackberry team has already seen it and if they keep posting videos and picture of the same device, then that must be what it will look like... But I do like the shiny sides of the device, hope it really looks like that.

Agreed. The back, although nothing is final, appears to be the only real weak point of the phone. They need to do something special with it. I really don't want to see glossy plastic and I really don't want to see the PlayBook's rubberised back. The back needs to be of a higher quality material and have some style. Just because BlackBerry phones are known for business doesn't mean they should look utilitarian. Even people in offices try to dress in style, why shouldn't BlackBerry phones have some pop and flair as well? Here's hoping the final bb10 phones will be spiced up a bit!

OMG! If that is going to be the look of the BB10 L i really cant wait. Watched the video 5x before i post this comment. FTW!

Go back and look at the first iphone - it looks like a BlackBerry. That's where they got the idea in the first place. Everything they've done since is an evolution of a touchscreen BlackBerry design.
Apple will never sue RIM. Long before jobs's megalomania told him google was ripping him off, he was ripping off BlackBerry.
They wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
The physical look of the hardware was fairly meaningless to the Samsung suit. The crux of it was the UI.
Remember, apple lost that suit everywhere in the world except California.
It will likely be overturned on appeal.
However, if google and apple want to go all "thermonuclear war" on each other ass for the sake of a dead megalomaniac's narcissistic obsession...I'm all for it!!

I think Apple would find themselves opening pandora's box if they did that. From what I understand RIM hold a lot(A LOT) of patents. I'm not sure why they don't go after people already, maybe they aren't like other companies.

Hopefully the sides are aluminum like it shows in the the above video and not a nasty plastic. The metal band would give it that premium look that RIM needs.

I agree with you... What let me go cazy is, that rim that time when they bring out the storm device he didnt looks like the maybe for a full touch to minus more then 7 % at stock market....o my god....

Yes. This is one device screaming for a premuim finish and I haven't seen any thus far.
They just cannot make it look like the PB (that will be Dev Alpha 2)
Instead of the plastics prevalent in the android realm why doesn't RIM use Carbon fiber for strength and lightness?


Actually, RIM does use carbon fiber. Just look at the Bold 9900's battery cover. They don't advertise it, but that isn't just a carbon fiber design on there, but it looks like real carbon fiber. If you take the cover off, you'll notice the pattern on the reverse side as well. If it was just a pattern on plastic, it'll only be on the outside. Not to mention, if you hold it up to the light, you'll see the light shining through the weave pattern of the carbon fiber. Again, if it was just a design this wouldn't be the case... And to add to what the other guy said, the Bold 9900 also has the metal bezel, so to me, I'm 100% satisfied with the build quality of the hardware of the Bold 9900 (except for the non-auto-focus camera).

and please make it brushed metal. most of the 9900 bezel is brushed but the part on the front of the phone and side buttons is not and it can show swirls and scratches

I wish the BlackBerry logo on the back was smaller and higher up. Looks funny dead center like that. It really does make me a lot less envious of those getting the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.

I agree, the logo being dead centre wouldnt be my choice. It would look better higher and it wouldn't be covered by hands during a call(from a marketing perspective, the logo remains visible to nearby people).

I keep hoping for a back logo that lights up, like the logo on apple computers... Except in true BlackBerry style, the logos colour should be adjustable for notifications just like the front LED. :-)

+ 1 I have been wondering about this for a while. How difficult could it be to get this done. This would be something that stands out for sure.

Im sad :-(

This video didn't do anything for me. No chills. I dont know why, but I was expecting more.

Whatevs...let's go RIM and BB10!!

Didn't ever think I would want a full touch screen phone, but ya know I could definitely use this!!!

I love that video!! Thanks John! Thanks Kevin! Sex-ay! Even better than a naked iphone video...well, okay, a LOT better than a naked iphone video (sounded like you mighta caught something on the cold edge of the table there, Kevin ). ;)

Ah the joys of being a Blackberry fan; while the other children around the world are opening their presents and jumping for joy with tears of happiness streaming down their faces as they were able to receive a product that was announced and released within the same month let alone year *gasp - what a novel idea*, we are still looking at imaginary moving pictures and dreaming of what might someday be. Merry Christmas Blackberry. Keep dreaming to 2013!

As to the video itself - impressive job! Love it.

Now bring out the real phones already!

epic i always LOVEDDDD the initial leak of the london back in jan i swore if one ever looked like it i would buy it lol this just makes me want it so much more

This is what RIM should be doing, getting ppl to salivate. No wonder ppl in the USA think they are out of business.

I hope they put the blackberry writing and the logo on the top like they normally do, the phone looks odd. can't wait for BB10 I think what could steal apples thunder just a bit it they realest bbm video clip on youtube today. Oh well

It looks great. But, will RIM be able to get developers to write apps for the BlackBerry 10 phone? If not, it may be a repeat of the the BlackBerry Playbook. Good hardware and operating system, but without the apps that one is accustomed to using in iOS and Android devices.

Willikers... If only this was real - and not just a figment of some loyal Blackberry fans imagination. Wouldn't that be grand?

This has made me want to finally switch from a qwerty to a touchscreen. But I have a feeling when the first qwerty leaks come out they will get me wet enough to stay with qwerty as long as its coming out within the rumoured timeframe of about a month after London

The simple design of this phone makes me think that they will make this sucker in more colors than any other BB phone before.

Not a wow design, but you can have any color you want.

I know this is off the subject, but perhaps not. But if RIM doesn't do something to counter the notion that they are dead and buried, they just might be.

They have to start something positive, I understand they need to be careful, but the stony silence they are maintaining is killing them. The only time you hear anything about them in the US is when they screw up. Everyone screws up, but somehow, something needs to be done to counteract all the tremendously bad press.

What hear on Bloomberg (who isn't particularly nasty) is:
1. Stock down a billion percent
2. Short interest at all time high
3. Service outage

Perhaps you get my drift.

Yes, I am writing this to the folks at BlackBerry. Do something!

BTW: If you slip the date on BB10 again, hang out "for rent" sign and see if can get a franchise for fast food, that will be about all that is left!

Sorry for the rant, but this is getting really, really old!



Eventho we all at Crackberry know that BB10 is coming, most people out there don't, and think RIM is dead!

They definitely should do something about that, because I cannot convince everyone and assure them that RIM will hit back with a strong device!

I have been doing that for a while, I'll keep doing that, but RIM should get out of the dark soon, just to remind people that they are still in the race!

RIM and fast food? It would be cold by the time the customer receives it. Maybe they should start selling grape juice and by the time it hits the shelves they will be offering the customers a fine variety of merlot

John does some great work. Personally like his own dreamberry designs over this, but looks so much better than the blurrycam leaks.

Looks a bit too iPhone 4 like for my liking, but if that is what it looks like it's not as bad as I'd imagined from the leaked shots. Should definitely have rounded edges though. Would be the first BB I have to get a protective case for just so it's more comfortable to hold.

That said, I can see why people are saying the white one looks a lot better.

There had to be people claiming how this looks like an iPhone. Give it a rest and soak your head in a tub. Regardless of what the phone ended up looking like people will say it looks like "this or that".

Now this looks more like it...the image leaks and the previous representation of the white model looks out dated and uninteresting.

if this is what it is really going to look like then I am even more excited than I was already.
B E A utiful

This, like other phones, looks elegant. Fine. Rectangle with glass front. That will do NOTHING to sell this phone: "Just like your phone with less apps!!!"
The greatest app of all time is that physical keyboard with shortcut keys. Combined with a great new OS....and then we'll have something.

Excellent job here John...just need BB10 in an array of colors, gr8 software and some killer apps..and that's it...BB10 ftw

Love the subtle tapering on top and bottom and chamfers along the edges. I was sure i'd be a keyboard guy but this is looking awfully nice; c'mon Nevada lets see what ya got =)

Awesome, I wish RIM would hire John because all of his designs are amazing and for him to be to produce this is amazing roll on Jan 13

I'm loving the leaks that are coming for the L series , looks great. The only quip I have, does this not look to similar to the iPhone 4? Don't respond with a biased answer because if RIM today made the iPhone 4 and Apple was leaking the L Series, people here (probably myself included) would go banana's at how Apple was ripping us off. Thankfully it's just a render. Besides I like the slimmer, taller, and slightly wider look of the photo leaks better. IMHO.

Wow! This thing is freaking awesome. I luv the dimensipns of the screen.

Post made the AT&T Store using the iPhone 5. LOL


Damn! That is a fantastic piece of mofuing hardware!! :D

Can't wait to see the REAL DEAL, at carrier stores. :)

I am so excited that this phone is gonna rock and blow away any other phone out there. Sadly though this rendition looks too much like an .....ya Iphone. hmmm.

Lovin my 9850 on Verizon and getting two BB10's when they launch. My son can't decide which he wants.....think he may go from his 9330 to a full touch.


That device looks very nice. IMO, the best part is the presentation, it should be shown to RIM as a starter for how to roll out the new marketing......this song and the action work!!!!!

I submit, it matters very little what the device has in it or how it looks, just pitch it better and make us BB folks fall in love all over again. We all know what BB's can do, we just have forgotten why we remain loyal.

Good job John, I hope you got the attention of RIM.


The phone looks nice! Makes me want to go all touch. But I might hold off a few months later to see how the qwerty would look like. I've had my playbook for months now and i still have to correct a lot of errors when typing.

If it looks like the playbook, i wouldn't mind if hey put the camera in the same position as the playbook and a dedicated camera button on the lower right corner of the device.

RIM needs to release an official video. Or at least something to refute and slap the faces of the reporters and other sites claiming that Blackberry is dead. A friend of mine told me she heard that the touchscreen will be the last phone they will release before dying out. I told her that's b*llsh*t and that it will be their comeback device. She just told me I was in denial.

Blackberry forever!

Very happy to addmit I just posted that on my FaceBook page.

Stating that;

Even hotter than the hardware is the all new software. That will change the way to use a mobile handset and view the mobile world!

Its time to help get the word out people!

Honestly with this + the QWERTY version, RIM will begin to get some of those customers back..... and i'm sure the final product will look even better.

this more looks like a iphone.... the pics of one i saw r very different then this.. i hope this is not the final model.. b'coz i dont want it to ressemble like iphone. other than that i want blackberry to create excellent apps to compete. as it doesn't matter how good ur phone looks n however wonderful OS u have.. till it does have quality n quantity of apps it wont last long.. so kudos BB for for entirely changin their OS n givin us something new.... bravo

After watching so many applesque rectangular-round-corners devices...
I like my BB9700 even more...
And Palms of pre-Pre era looks most ergonomic for me...
Or I'm just getting old.

10 million sales in already. What product has RIM sold that reached 10 million in a few days.......... Can't think of none can ya. Funny how Kevin always bash apple but he never talk about apple sales. Post the sales you maggot. Where is BB10 somewhere in area 51 hidden

Sales are important in that there needs to be enough so that developers support the platform, but beyond that what you are saying is just silly.

Would you rather drive a Chevy or and Aston Martin? The former outsells the latter by a lot.

Would you rather buy a Chevy or a Toyota? ... The point is people buy cars to suit their personality, they don't say oh I need to buy that car because everyone else buys that car. Same for clothing, televisions, and just about evey other product one can think of. Why the need to have the same phone as everyone else?

The only reason to point to sales is that you don't/ can't trust your own judgement and you look to others for validation.

I can tell you I'm on the fence about BB10. If reviews are good I'll stick with BB if not I'll go windows 8. I won't go for Apple. I've been through that phase, and I've decided to: Think Different.

You're calling Crackberry Kevin a maggot? You really crossed the line there, dude! If that doesn't get you kicked out of here, I don't know what will... >.<

What are you even doing here at all, STR8WESTCOAST?


@STR8WESTCOAST the product is good and the sales have spoken, pay respect and learn from those who are in the same industry. Its clear that RIM will never pull off those kind of numbers before the fire sale. If the BB10 ever comes out, smh

At the end of the day is all about sales and money. Nobody says oh well they sold more. It our product is better. Sounds familiar? Of course because that's the bb motto. Just shut up and wait for bb10 hopefully you'll be alive when it come out in 2087

OMG!! "You messed up on the date!! Its 2013 when it comes out!! Troll Troll Troll your bout,.... back to imore!! Its not about sales, "its about preference". I prefer the best not middle of the road! Iphone, android, windows, just keep twisting and tweaking. BB10 "New from the ground up"!!!
Lets Rock and Roll This!!

Coming to CB and taking pot shots then don't come back to review replies to your post. What's wrong? Cat got your spine? So sad and pitiful.

Where's the convenience key?! I cannot live without it! I use my BB primarily for recording spoken speech and I need to launch it at a moment's notice!

awesome vid...but this one is already inaccurate according to was has been released. the white Blackberry has black below and above the screen. Great vid though!

So sorry to see that the CrackBerry nation is still imagining up things when real iPhones and Android tablets are out there in the market for people to lay their hands on :-(


Apple just sold a ton of Iphones, while RIM was sending out videos of prototypes still coming towards the end of 2012...RIP RIM for letting the consumer down.

My buddy is a Itard, bought the iphone 5 launch day. Had to return it yesterday due to some dead pixels on the screen. We go to the west edmonton mall apple store, to see if he could get a replacement. He was able to, as we were standing around I noticed something. People waiting to pay for a phone were buying the 4s. The "genius" told me they had plenty of the 5's so you have to ask yourself why are people not buying the new one?

I'm sorry but I think it looks very similar to an iphone, which in truth is no bad thing but it isn't anything to get me that excited

Nice design, unfortunately it's not REAL. Besides... I already own a touchscreen phone, so I would probably would wait for the keyboard version. However, I could change my mind if I'm wowed. Verdict still out, but looking good.

I am ridiculously excited for this design of phone!!! If the stats and the designs are accurate, this will be my next blackberry FOR SURE!

I love my Blackberrys,,, that being said, this render is certainly an iphone clone,,, i look forward to bb10 & it's (my) hopeful great features, but will stick w/ my 9850 if this is the final mold until something cooler looking that packs bb10 punch comes out,,, MHO is you CAN have the best of both worlds as the 9850 shows a glimpse of that & again i can only hope they just beast up that model...


Calm down people. It's just some 3D rendering of a "possible" BB10 device. Anyone that follows the iPhone knows this kind of stuff always comes out prior to a new iPhone. Same situation here.

As of today no one outside RIM has seen the BB10 device that is rumored to ship next year. Until then it's just speculation.

Great. So now, I get a hard-on for John Anastasiadis, which is confusing for me, as I am a practicing heterosexual. So let me redirect my bloodflow and declare my undying platonic manlove for this guy! Seriously, the beautiful stuff this guy comes up with, much love!

DISCLAIMER: I'm Dutch, in my country we mostly don't give a toss about sexual orientation so I didn't mean to say it would be bad to be gay, just that at this point in my life I would like to be certain about my internal wiring. And it was a joke. But if you didn't get that, you may need more than this disclaimer, you need someone to remove the stick that's wedged up your backside!