Hot or Not: The BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell. Want to see it Made or Should it be Locked Away? Cast Your Vote!

BlackBerry 9670 - Hot or Not?
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2010 12:26 pm EDT

* Update: Well that's that. After a quick 15,000 votes I think it's safe to say the verdict is in. Less than 20% of CrackBerry readers, and these are people who typically like/love BlackBerrys, think this BlackBerry 9670 design is a good idea. Over 80% think it's a form factor to scrap and put those specs and efforts into something else. Of course it's not like RIM builds only one style of device -- we're sure there are at least some people out there who would buy a device like this -- but if so, they just gotta sex it up more somehow. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where RIM goes with this one... *

Following up yesterday morning's first real good look of what's coming in OS 6.0, I think most CrackBerry readers felt a lot of optimism and enthusiasm that RIM has their act together and is working hard to fix the browser and modernize the operating system (of course some of us BlackBerry users will always want more, more, more!).

Riding all of that BlackBerry positivity into the evening hours, we got shell shocked (literally) with a surprise first look at the BlackBerry 9670 - a clamshell form factor CDMA device, featuring OS 6.0 and a 5 megapixel camera, that we can only assume RIM is in the process of developing for commercial release. 

Reading through the comments (on CB and other sites that posted the story) and tweets regardng the BlackBerry 9670, I actually found it difficult to find anybody saying anything positive about the clamshell form factor and overall design and look of the device. Seriously, maybe two out of every one hundred comments were positive. Of course, it's often those who have the strongest negative reactions who take the time to express their feelings, so I thought we'd do a little CrackBerry Focus Group Study here and put our feelings about the new BlackBerry 9670 in an anonymous, easy-to-vote-on poll. You can check out the full gallery over at BGR to get a really good glimpse of what the BlackBerry 9670 is about and then cast your vote above. Hot or Not? Build or Scrap? Let's see how this one turns out!

Reader comments

Hot or Not: The BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell. Want to see it Made or Should it be Locked Away? Cast Your Vote!


Why not try a slider before this? At least create a Storm3 with no clicking glass & a keyboard similar to the Milestone / Droid look. And not the Palm Pre look since it ain't selling.

Hopefully this is just a Pearl flip that was a concept and didn't succeed.

i didn't think there would ever be a worse idea for a phone than a sliding blackberry, they have exceeded my expectations. this thing is hideous beyond belief and will fail right out of the gate, i guarantee it.

Mechanics like myself still find the clamshell essential to a healthy phone. Honestly, I've been trying to wean my co-worker off of his Motorola somethingorother clamshell to a BB and this makes sense for him and myself. Personally, I've already killed a few Storms on the job and this one seems like a good idea.

labor workers might like this. To them it's not about social network and apps, they want a good phone with a well known name to maintain business. Needless to say, there are still people that use thier phones for what they're intended for, not just social network apps. Just my opinion, but looks like RIM is looking into expanding their demographics to the blue collar worker and not just the teens and office workers. I know some blue collar workers may use their smartphones for play, but the average one doesn't, including my hubby, he's all about the simplicity of a phone and getting calls, but with a professional name like blackberry who's been around awhile and knows what businesses need. New deomograph=new revenues,GO RIM!!

This one looks awful, but clamshell isn't that bad idea ;) Pearl Flip was somehow cute. And this quick preview of messages on external display...

Even with 6.0 this thing is atrocious to say the least. They need to lock it up and throw away the key

I think it'll find its place. That place won't be in my pocket, however.

Does this thing have a front-facing camera? It sure looks like it might.

its deffinatlly an ugly phone but i know a lot of people that would buy one espessially if it carries the bold name.

Only because I don't think its "Hot." But I think it should be built to allow yet more choice for the consumer. I'm not a fan of the clam shell or the slider form factors. But I still think the choice is nice.

simply horrible. clam shell reminds me of the senior citezen device. i think it was called the jitterbug.

I was about to post this same thing.. Yeah, def reminds me of the Jitterbug (which odd thing is is that taht phone was "invented" by the wife of the inventer of the cell phone)! But stories out of the way.. It's FUGLY!

Can any poll be accurate? According to the majority of responses to articles, Crackberry readers are all buying Android phones yet seem to keep sticking around here.

i still visit crackberry out of habit. the same way i pick up my blackberry and look at it every 10 minutes... habit.

i wish RIM would do something before it's too late. this "emperor's new clothes" bit is getting pretty old. the core product is not changing.

FAIL is imminent, the sky is falling

I have an Android but I like to visit crackberry as it has a great community. I also had a BlackBerry but it died a few weeks ago..

We want big screens and touch sensitive. How about a Storm 3 or at least a variation thereof. I think RIM was headed in the right direction with that device and would love to see OS 6 on that phone.

How about an external QWERTY in horizontal orientation with a nice storm-sized display? THAT is what I'd like to see and what would keep me from leaving BB.

I agree with you! I love BB but they need to change! This design is ugly, ugly, ugly!! A bigger screen and a slide out keyboard will make a big difference! Leave the OS along with the camera!

I really dont know how i feel about this phone, it seems ugly, but part of me wants to physically see 1 and hold it. Seeing is believing and I think a lot of people's views might change if it does come out

Simply put this is not a good phone it has an ugly design, the 9700 comes out and we (as the customers) expect something better bolder and sleeker, not going back to flip phones




I thought that case design went away years ago? While I appreciate the component and OS imporovements, a design like this seems like a huge step backwards. If it does make it to the stores its probably gonna be one of those "Free with 2yr contract" kinda phones.

It's the inside that's horrible. The outside closed isn't so bad. But for me, but not so bad either.

There is a market for people who like those goofy looking square-shaped flip phones.

If they put a little effort into making the inside a little more appealing, it wouldn't be so horrible.

I'm not a big fan of flip phones, especially with the sleek form factors we're seeing with smartphones today. I don't think this one would be for me, but it may appeal to some people.

If we need to have a poll to see how good looking or not a Blackberry smartphone is, I think the general conc consensus is that this is one badly designed device.

I think this is one of those phones that, if you're open to clam shell phones, might grow on you once you play with it your hands. No pun intended. Pictures rarely do a phone justice, IMO.

does anyone else agree that RIM is almost afraid to be revolutionary? I mean Clamshell? This just looks like something Motorola would use. I want to see RIM step outside the box with hardware and try to do something revolutionary, I love the OS and I love the reliability, but they are not good with hardware... besides their qwerty's of course :D

Yea it sucks big time! I pre-ordered the HTC Incredible and just can't wait to dump this thing. Maybe if RIM had offered a good faith exchange program for Storm 1 owners to get a Storm 2 I might have stayed with them.

Just what is considered "revolutionary?" ... yet another candy-bar-iPhone-look-alike?

No one else has made a full QWERTY flip smart phone. I'd call that revolutionary.

When all of the competitors go after the most popular market, there is 80% of the market that is over-saturated (i.e., excessive competition = small margins) and a 20% niche left unfilled (i.e., little competition = high margins).

Perhaps BlackBerry *is* thinking outside the box and has figured out something that HTC, Apple, Palm, and others have not.

i will say this, if you were FORCED to choose between this and similar clamshell designs, this is good. its good for what it is.
that being said, NO! lol. its ugly and i cant see anyone wanting it.
its good for a clamshell phone but horrible when compared to everything else we have now.
drop it, drop it hard

you could beat on it with car keys and change for a hundred years and it couldn't get any uglier, might even pretty it up a little

It's definitely ugly but I see a market for it. Some people just refuse to have anything but a flip phone and it's the only reason they won't get a smart phone.

I posted this before but I'll mention it again here....
I also see this as being a good idea for construction workers that need to have a BB. A budy of mine and his crew all have them from their company and they always seem to have an un readable screen or a brand new one because of how badly and quickly they scratch up the screens. The rest of them are pretty beat too but it's the screen that makes them need a replacement. This would/could definitely make their's last longer.

Maybe if they marketed this specifically to be a durable ruggedized BB than it would sell better and not be so badly scrutinized for it's looks.

On that note...still damn ugly!

I was imagining this as a super-wide clamshell - the same width as my 9700. When I had a second look I realised it was actually normal width but it must have really small keys. It does make the keyboard look far too small though

Everybody hates this phone because its not designed for us. This phone will expand RIM's market share. I've been trying to get my wife to use a BB for years, and this phone will be her first (she loves her LG Lotus). If they make every phone to be what the current CB community likes, they will never grow. I'm sure we'll see a standard Bold style device with 6.0 and a 5MP camera come out at some point. We can all get that. In the meanwhile, this phone will get new BB users addicted to the blinking red light, and some of us will prob buy the flip anyway, just to have the first phone with the new camera.

The CB forums & people like us are a very small percentage of the overall market. People still like clamshell devices, especially if that's all they have ever had and that's what they are used to. This device the Pearl w/ the T-9 style keypad would be good "gateway BB's" to get first time users onto the BB platform. Then they can move up to the "real Berries" on their next phone.

One thing about a flip phone: there is a lot of potential for a device with 2 separate screens. Hopefully RIM can come up w/ some cool stuff to take advantage of that unique aspect of a clamshell/flip

I personally wouldn't be interested in this particular device, but I think it would be a great upgrade for current owners of the Pearl flip and would probably appeal to them the most. Keep it.

I thinks its a start...definitely beats a t9 flip imo. I don't exactly hate the design, I think someone like my girlfriend (not super into smartphones) might really like this. The full qwerty is a definite plus

This is not the device that will keep RIM in competition with Apple and others.. Use your imaginations RIM!! Show us some real creativity!! The Storm was a leap forward, this is soooo not.

As an owner of the 8230 Pearl Flip Im excited to see this phone. If they dont release a new version of the 8230 Im seriously going to look into this. I prefer a flip phone and am very interested in seeing how this will work for me. It will be down to this or the rumored Pearl 9100

I was rockin a 8220 for over a year. I would still be using it if it wasnt for the Bold 9700's 3G, camera, OS and its memory and battery life. If this becomes the "Bold Flip", i just may get it!

What are you thinking??
This thing looks like a Kyocera 7135, all that is missing is the stylus.. :( very :(

Sometimes I ask myself does RIM take the time to read this forums and opinions about their hardware and software in general? If they do, how come they never pay attention to what the customers (us) want, is like feedback from the customers is nonexistent for them. I'm tired of waiting for a good phone from RIM and above all a good software that doesn't look like windows 95. I asked myself if their research department actually conducts any kind of poll or opinion threads where you can actually leave your opinion and if indeed they take this feedback into their products. I understand some of the methods Phone makers use to have customers buy the next phone, they make a good phone with good keyboard but no wifi so the next one will have that feature that the customer wants but missing some other feature that is hot at the moment, so they practically play " the KEEP THEM WANTING FOR MORE" but customers actually do get tire (like me) from time to time of seeing how their brand( in this case RIM) is falling behind some other brands that have been in the business for much less time. True! RIM has the biggest market share, so DID palm and windows mobile a few years back but markets shares alone and having 20 different blackberry models around the world is not sufficient to be on top, this mentality that RIM applies that IF IT AIN'T BROKEN WHY FIX IT is just what is driving the company to their Doom, you know WHY? cause what RIM is not doing right now some other company is doing it. Example, APPLE, HTC even PALM. Please RIM if you are reading this, start listening to your loyal customers like myself ( i've been with the blackberry O.S since 2002) and the customers that have feedback so you can grow and meet at least a portion of the demand and above all NOT TO FALL BACK. I will have to see RIM go down in flames but it is my humble opinion that if they keep this business structure it won't be long until we see one of the most respectable Smartphone companies go down in flames. HOPING YOU CAN TURN THE BOAT AROUND


about the money, IMO RIM can be the greatest but business users are mainly in the berry market for getting there work done and to stay on top of things, im new to the blackberry 1 1 year 3 months and i can say i have all those other phones bin there done that, rim delivers what i ask for on demand its the main reason why i have a blackberry, im not into the touch touch thing, its cool and nice but im not head over heels for it, its not for everyone and i think the only reason for the storm was to enter the touch screen market, all these other toy phones that poping out of RIM is a joke, they need to fix the storm to the point when a customer buys it it doesnt break or get faulty in 6months or 1year RIM is not a touch screen master producer its better and keyboard friendly phones and it should move forward to make it even better not looking to change up shapes this fast to try to fit in. Will they make it, well that depends on us, when they start to see a huge loss in buyers ooh yes they will listen. I got the storm and its a nice device but it got faulty in no time, i have htc and a apple phone i dont like to call it you know what, but they have no problems at all over the years. This is just ridiculous, its like you havent even finish one product but looking to jump on another, be careful rim you have a good name in the email and OS with it stability dont make yourself look bad with these nonsense designs, stick with what works.

No one can disagree and that a better OS is needed and that a higher resolution camera is a good thing, cetris paribus. Therefore, the only argument focuses on the clamshell design. Personally I think it’s ugly as sin and horrendously inefficient (Who wants to take the extra tenth of a second to flip open a clamshell every time I send a BBM? I mean multiply that tenth of a second by a couple thousand times that’s a couple hours a year wasted just flipping open a phone.) But the fact of the matter is, that flip phones are still popular with low-end users. I think RIM is doing a good thing here in offering a phone that could act as a cross-over for that large segment of the mobile market that is looking to ditch their dumbphone for something newer, but that is intimidated by Andriod, the iPhone, or the Bold.

I know the clamshell design is ugly and cost something in functionality, but the 9670 has the aesthetic that those transitional consumers are looking for and RIM would do well to offer a device that that captures this segment of the market. If RIM builds it, they will buy.

Horizontal keyboard everyone???? Tha'ts the best thing rim can do, or the slider one but with good looks please clambshell is crappy we need a bold+storm device bold keyboard and storm screen it isn't that hard goddamnit!! :D

@WillieLee: Because we hope that RIM will come out with Something that will Blow our Minds.... god knows it is not this phone from the 90's with a 2010 os(which has not been proven to be good or bad or just a Skin Change AGAIN!!)

My curve was kick Ass(Problem Small Screen)So i got the Storm(Make remarks Here)tried the Iphone(No multitasking overrated) Once i tried the Nexus one WOW.. touchscreen heaven, multitasking/Multitouch and the apps(Mostly Free)are kewl and it is unlocked.

Love u Still BB, but can not take this catching up or waiting for you to catch up anymore.. I am Canadian and wished i could have stayed with u, Maybe catch you around the corner with a whole new Line of touchscreens and a very Tweaked OS and Browser and Media Platform..

The way I picture it: start at the top of the curve and stop just below the call/end area and that's the flip portion. The there's the space below which may extend a row or a row and a half of keyboard.

This is not for me, but my fiance who jsut got the new curve from Verizon said if this device was out she would have gotten it right away. I like the look and the full qwerty. There is definetly a market for the flip. I vote that it is hot.

I like the Pearl Flip better than this thing. It is just so ugly. I can't even believe RIM would do this to themselves. Horrible.

Keep the 6.0 OS and the 5 mp camera (which should have been on the 9700 anyway) and rethink this thing.

...the uglier it seems. I'm all for aesthetics and this doesn't even make a blip on my radar.
Design-wise, i think it's kind of regressing...conventional clam shells are out....and have been for a long while.

It also doesn't look as sophisticated and classy as Blackberry's are renowned for....

So if it doesn't look good, the tech specs won't really mean anything to me.

Hopefully back to the drawing board folks!

I still like it. I think all the other BB's except the Pearl & Pearl Flip series are very manly looking and don't even get me started on what I think they look like hooked on your hip (YUCK!). I like a phone I that is compact that I can slip into my pocket or my handbags, which are always small, and this phone and the Pearl/Pearl Flip do that for me.

I see a lot of people saying that its not that bad cos different people like different form factors. The point is if RIM wants to do a clamshell(people still want those??), do it right where it at least looks ok. The Microsoft kin got some good reviews cos it has a unique look that you can imagine their target would like. Who would be the target for such a device????

Eh, it's just alright but that thing is MASSIVE. Especially for a clamshell phone.

I'm pretty happy with my Storm 2, no complaints here. :)

Anybody know what carrier this will be on?

Send it to me for testing. Take the wrapper all the way off of it why don't ya?
It could possible look worse , ....maybe :p

I would have to see it. Love my Storm but used clamshells up until it, and am comfortable with them. It would depend on the build.

I like the idea, but there is too much dead space. If the phone can be slimmed down and made to a minimal design spec like the 9630 or 9700, I vote yes. If all the blank space around the phone can't be resolved, then scrap it.

hate flip phones, should be all gone, i mean not many places are actually carrying flip phones anymore so why make a blackberry flip?

It's targeting users that don't post here basically. Hence the strong negative reaction, that won't really have an actual impact on how well the device does, because it isn't targeting these people...

I thinks its a start...definitely beats a t9 flip imo. I don't exactly hate the design, I think someone like my girlfriend (not super into smartphones) might really like this. The full qwerty is a definite plus

While I like "flip phones", this preliminary design just doe not have the style! Sorry RIM, but you need to go back to the drawing board (CAD program) and redesign and refine the shape!

I am not a fan of this clamshell design at all.... I think it takes away some of the appeal of the blackberry personally. I could see more females liking this design though cause it would be easier for them to put in a purse.

I don't really think it's that ugly. The Storm looks much worse than this phone. No buttons to push you just shut it, keyboard locked. Open to email is kinda appealing. I'm not sure just yet if it's the phone for me, but so far I like it.

But to each his/her own.

To be perfectly honest I kind of like it. It seems cool to have the large outer display and the specs are not shabby at all. However, being CDMA only means I will never own it. I personally don't do flips because I would constantly flipping it just to see what's going on. And I think they could do a little better aesthetics on the thing, but that's just me. Overall it seems to be a decent phone. I am sure if they do release it, it will find it's market.

This thing looks like it was cobbled together by a kindergarden class using some parts from the 8530 bin and some tupperware.

Awful looking phone. The specs are good but on a poorly designed phone. Are RIM going to release a device that can compete with the new iPhone and Desire/Incredible? They seem to attempting to target the more typical consumers, rather than advanced users, with the new pearl, the rumoured slider, and now this.
We need a top of the range BB, RIM!!!

flip phone blackberry? your kidding right, this got to be a April fools joke. this thing looks big set aside it dropping and breaking in half, the storm isnt even fix yet with there massive screen problem and now they want to create another problem, more returns than buy backs, no wonder why rim got allot of money to waste. after the storm 1 they should have gotten the storm 2 right but that's still not good enough to stand up against anything like this, they are loosing touch with themselves, again its all about the money, We don't want any more wanna bee's we want something solid with OS 6 that works, I don't even like the slide and this one but the slide looks more promising than this flip brick. The people that create these phones don't actually use them or else they would never come up with something like this. Hear what leave us with the 9000 and 9700 form factor and give us a 5mp cam with a 1.5 Gig processor, OS 6, with a screen capable of going into touch mode as well as manual mode, do you really need a slide for all that? do something new, crush the market already, stop wasting time playing these foolish kiddy games with people hard earn money, then we will be back in the light, who came with this brick need there head checked. Again i will say give the people what they ask for not what you think they should have. Come on, its closing in on 100yrs and we got to wait another 100 for the right device. if this keeps up HTC will be getting the bigger piece of the cake there already stepping up there game. This is getting scary on RIM's behalf.

the operating system is the only positive out of this, but as the previous person said.."who uses flip phones anymore"?
Scrap it!

I like the clamshell form factor. I prefer to holster my phones and like a compact device. My all-time favorite phone was the StarTac. Only I wished it had a huge screen on the flip-up earphone part instead of sharing space with the keypad. And I always liked flipping closed the phone to end a call.

I keep my Curve in a holster, and while it's small-ish, it's not as small as I'd like. As fugly as this (prototype?) is, I think there's definitely a market for it. They need to find a better way to utilize the real estate they've gained. Just seems like they had the right idea, but missed the mark. As they also did with the Pearl Flip.

Also, my dream device would have a bigger touch-sensitive outside screen for basic functions, video chat, etc.

This looks like the progession of the pearl flip and with 5mp cam and 6.0 if this is think of the possibilities for the higher end lines. Let's not be to quick to judge the more bb users rim get the more profit=better phones the rest of us would like.

"more profit=better phones the rest of us would like." no sir/ma'am.

RIM is hell bent on mediocrity. there is no innovation here. same old crap.

RIM has hand a phenomenal run, but the phones are not providing the "magic" any more

Good push to talk phone for construction market will b more of a hit than people think. Wait you will see not everyone that carries a berry works in the office RIM is making a smart move by taking a different approach in the market

In the United States than SOCAL. Nobody in construction here has a Blackberry unless they paid for it themselves and only the morons have the IDEN crappy 8530i. It is useless on the IDEN network (I had one, I ounce was the moron) so any foreman who uses a Blackberry (far and few between) have it on Verizon or Sprint. Having push to talk on Verizen is a waste of money because EVERYONE who uses PTT out here is using Nextel. So this CDMA Berry will be absolutely useless for PTT in the SOCAL construction industry. My company does all the big stuff in L.A. when it comes to dirt. 5 and 6 story underground parking structures covering entire city blocks are the norm for us. We work for ALL the Major players in Los Angeles and I can say for a FACT that Nextel rules the PTT and this phone will not be making it in this market. At least it will not here, the supers buy cheap throw away phones to give to their people for PTT and the people who do most of the paperwork have on site trailers i.e. mobile offices with computers. Who would have thunk it? An office in the field?? Wow those construction workers are getting all comfistacated and junk!

RIM must be trying to set itself up as the kookie grandfather in mobile tech. While RIM's competitors and the people's desires go this -----------------> way, RIM insists on going that <-------------------- way.

Can't wait for my new Android device to arrive -- 8 days and counting.

in all honesty, the flip form factor isnt the issue, its the way the phone looks. the keyboard looks terribly out of place because of the clashing colors/materials of the keyboard and the rest of the phone.
they just seriously didnt do a good job making it easy on the eyes.

I would never buy one personally but I think giving people who prefer flip phones a new option is a great idea. I really like the large external display.

It appears that this is a better than the Pearl flip, in that it gives a full key board. It also looks like it has a larger screen than most blackberries...I too have gotten very accustomed to having a bar phone...but for those who want to have a flip this looks like a great Combo....and a 5MP too!

This looks like the first generation Palm Treo communicator. Bulky and ugly.

Fire the designer. Dont need anymore clamshell BB. Nobody wants it.

Straight outta 2004. RIM's moving in the wrong direction. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, RIM! DON'T GO NEAR THE LIGHT!

Is Rim intentionally making me go Droid. Have I not been a good and loyal RIM customer? This is how they award me for my loyalty? Instead of a hot new phone they give us something that was designed 30 years ago. Did they even have cell phones in the 70's. lol.

Yeah, dated design. Hideous!

Too bad that those that are bitching will prolly upgrade just for 6.0.

Get a grip people, rim has came out with how many successful phones? Dozens. Give them the benefit of experimenting. This site is proof of their success.

I had my day and got a offer to choose among
Nokia N900
Nokia N97 Mini
BB storm
BB 9700
Stupid iPhone 3GS
Del netbook

And I made my choice I selected BB9700

I have to use this device for atleast 2 years now....

So, I have no comments, since I am not a potential buyer (thanks god).

I am interested in a port of BBOS6.0 for BB9700

Hope it comes soon

Look at the amount of wasted space on that phone, it's atrocious.

Look at every significant phone release in the last year, no wasted space or at least minimizing wasted space.

This phone will be the death of blackberry is they release.

: Hey, you know what'd be great? A Blackberry clamshell that looks like it's been made by a three year old.

: Johnson, that's retarded... *whisper: get to work on it...*

Looks like my first cell phone! Not very innovative RIM?
Would love to see a bold (9000) with more memory etc. That looks like a step backwards!

Wow haha this reminds me of my first samsung a640 flip phone when I was 16. I think RIM just needs new hardware designers period.

I've come to the realization that BB users are a bunch of whiny little kids. First the OS, now the browser and then when it seems RIM is pushing both of those you guys complain about the design of the phone. Flip phones aren't "out" and if that's all you care about is the newest thing apparently BB isn't for you. The quality of the phone looks great though the design isn't for me, but that is a BEAUTIFUL screen and the keys look nice also. I agree BB should be the ultimate mix of business and pleasure but if all your looking for is media, or design.. Apple or Android is definitely for you!! Yet I'm still LOVING my blackberry!

Holy Crap!! I think I just puked and shit myself at the same time. This has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Come on RIM are you kidding me? Tell me we just got Punked! With all of the iPhones and Androids out there, this is the best you can come up with? You are just playing with us right?

I'll buy it the minute it's available. I prefer flip phones over any other and I'd still have my pearl flip if I could have learned to use the keyboard.

Well I am hoping they are also working on a different phone. This thing is just plain nasty. I really can't even imagine who would honestly want that phone

the flagship device of what RIM is going to introduce their OS 6.0? Wow what a crock!!! Do me a favor RIM why don't you step back take a look at what sells in the Smart Phone market today and not in 2001. DON'T waste your time (IMO).

The keyboard half of the device is butt ugly.. Get rid of the chrome on the inside surface, figure out a more optimal keyboard size/layout given the size of the body and you could have a winner, but as it is, the thing is ugly.. A slider would have been a better choice in this size..

IMO, the Pearl 8220 was almost perfect as a flip form factor- good size of keys, looked reasonably good.. The only things that it was missing was a faster processor and 3G capability.. If I were designing a replacement flip, I would design it slightly wider and perhaps a hair taller to accommodate either the bigger Bold battery or the Curve battery, replace the trackball with the trackpad and also use the opportunity to increase the size of the screen a bit (I do like the portrait format screen though)

Please, please, please release this BB...and do it SOON...and give Bell Canada some love with it. I'll buy two on the release day (one for me, one for my wife).

I Work at a cell phone store and I think its about time that Blackberry makes something cool. I just hope the os works better than the Storm does. I say go for it and see how it does!

I for one like it, I'm a heavy equipment operator/ truck driver and would LOVE a BB I could drop in my pocket n forget til I needed it again. If it is released, I'm interested!!!!

This would have been a nice phone to kick off the track pad I think. Not after the bold and the rumoured slider. If it was the first track pad device, it might have sold better than now. Just come out with the old bold size and all the new bold features with the 5mp camera and u have a hands down winner

A good clam shell or a slider Blackberry could be a great device, but this one is far from it. A Storm with a keyboard slider would be fantastic. As for those that want to protect their screens, just get a blackberry slipcase. Works fantastic and adds little bulk.

I don't disagree that this isn't a stylish device. But, let me point out some things:
1. Display is the size and has the same potential as the Storm but with a full keyboard which has continued to be my problem with iphone or storm or . . .
2. larger keys on keyboard (I think) which I will like as I still do too much fat fingering on my Tour keyboard. Just a little too small for my taste.
3. Protected screen and keyboard which is what I always liked about the clamshell designs. Need less protection . . Can carry in your pocket without having to buy additional layers.
4. Slider phones from people I've talked to have experienced more problems than clamshell (admittedly small sample size)

These are compelling values OMHO.

This looks like CRAP...Flip phones should just crash and burn... Altho the the OS6.0 and the 5mp cam would be a nice improvement. But other then that...that should just drop those flips and smash them all...damn fragile things anyway..

I don't remember the last time I saw somebody with a "flip phone" in my line of work. BlackBerry is a smartphone, no matter how you slice it (or how you WANT to slice it). I remember seeing a Pantech smartphone in a "clamshell" design, yeah that company did great. BlackBerry is getting considerably worse and worse of a company as each day goes on. OS 6.0 should have been out a year ago, instead we are still waiting for an OS that would be competitive with Android and iPhone - and there are rumors that you'll ahve to buy a new device to get it? And now this? RIM, get your PANIC button ready...

Give RIM credit at looking into different forms for BBs. I would love to try it out! You all bitch that RIM is behind the times and bitch when they experiment.

I kinda like it! It's something different for BB, as far as I can remember back in the lineage. To be honest, most of the BBs aren't all that attractive as far as looks. I won't count this out as an option until it's deemed sucky by way of reviews from others with it in hand.

Change the Design.,.
Wider Than Pearl Flip.. It Will make New BB Not Really Nice.. and Handy i Guess
But Keep Os 6.0
Because I really Want Know.. what A Improvement.. In New OS version 6.0

I have been noticing that Black Berry keeps coming out with a new type of cell like every so often. When i got my BB i thought i was special and only the elite had one and i had arrive but they are making bb same so cheap now that they keep bringing out models after each other like it is a samsung or motorola and average cell phone. Why don't they take thier time and enhance the browser so they will stop loosing customers to apple. Do you see apple bringing out more phones or just upgrading and enhancing. Lets stay in te in crouwd instead of going down to the level of the normal phones. i mean androids and others have taken us over. Lets get it together rim

Remember how people did not really like the look of the slider that leaked earlier.RIM figured that if they release this along side the slider, it will make the slider look like the coolest phone ever

I think the problem is that they're trying to make every single device look like the 9700. I understand for the Tour, but the slider and the flip form factors don't go well with the design. I think what they're getting at is a unified look. They should just start designing from scratch. The concept is great though.

...very old spare parts,and not the good ones!

I for one would not have a problem with a flip IF it were done right and with all the latest and greatest goodies in a SLEEK DESIGN! There are a few inherent advantages with a flip, but what is up with all the extra real estate above and below the keypad? Was all the protective plastic sheeting and the glare in the photos intentionally there to disguise such a gastly phone. :-) I would hope hope that this is just a very preliminary mock-up. (Maybe something like Detroit does to disguise the actual look of a preproduction vehicle.) I sure RIM would not actually try to put that thing on the market....would they?!!

When I think of Blackberry I consider it to be: stylish, current, sophisticated and up-to-date..... not cheap and nasty... whoever dreamed this is completely off-track

My husband will only use a clamshell type of phone. He does a lot of road time. Maybe he would try a BB if it was a clamshell form device.I might go for it also, it would be protective of the screen...might not need a case then. After looking at the photos of this and checking out the specs, I'm liking it more and more. I think the folks, like me, that need more protection for the divice will go for this.

Other manufacturers are making the HTC Incredible. The Nexus One. The iPhone 4G. RIM makes... THIS. Just another reason why I will never own another RIM product again.

RIM... put your time and RnD efforts into a WORKING O.S. (one I don't have to reboot several times a day, and one I can actually load a few useful apps on - right now, I have to delete and reload various apps I use throughout my week because of these stupid memory limitations).

Oh... and if you're spending time and development $$ on a device that looks like this, you better have some impressive specs for the new Tour/Bold/Essex... I need to upgrade my Storm - not switch it for pretty much the same specs!!

hasn't anybody just thought that RIM is just slow playing all of u with this leak and something better is in the works?? the clamshell could be used in beginner blackberry market. i love the idea everybody is talking about with the horizontal slider of the full qwerty, that would maximize the screen size and keypad. none the less, i love the my curve javellin and won't be upgrading for awhile, but this is all fun to see everybody diss this new model, the RIM designers must get a kick out of it.

I cant stand this thing. Why is it that every other phone company seems to be making leaps forward and RIM is trying to remake the RAZR. I hope this thing gets trashed

Wow, quite possibly the ugliest and most outdated looking phone I have seen in quite some time. Did RIM fire they're design team after the 9700 and 9650?? The last two iterations of devices have been off the charts in the ugly department!! Congratulations RIM, keep up the good work and you will have no one buying your devices by Q1 2011.

I hope they don't waste their time on this design. I like my BB Tour, and I think they should concentrate on the next generation of Tour/Bold, as well as the next generation of Storm touch-screen. And less time on the low-end phones. But I do realize they are trying to capture as much market share as possible by hitting a variety of audiences.


The clamshell/flip has a place in the market, I think. this one is kinda ugly though.

I do like the preview on the outside.

so.....i didn't vote, it's not hot, but I don't say no.

Why do Blackberry flip phones always have soooooooo much dead space?

Like look at the space on top of the screen, and on top of and below the keyboard! Could have cut the phones size in half.

This thing is so ugly and I feel so strongly that this phone is the ugliest phone ever that I actually created an account just so I could post on this sight and let everyone here know how much I hate this thing! RIM please do not release this thing.

I feel like I'm in the minority here when I say that I think flip phones will probably always have their place and I have absolutely NOTHING against RIM making a new flip phone.

HOWEVER, the design of this thing is atrocious. WHen it's closed it's tolerable, but looks a LOT like the Palm Pre to me, which means it's boring as heck and cheap looking. I wouldn't trash it on that alone though. The biggest problem is when it's open. That thing is SO ugly inside I think I would puke every time I opened it to use it. I have a vision in my head what I think a BB flip phone should look like and this isn't even remotely close.

Perhaps the final version will look different and better though?

If it had an Outside touch screen and the inside was slimer and more bold like it would be a nice phone. For right now the "clam" design looks great from the outside. But come on RIM do somthing with the inside. I mean no one would mind a bigger key board. And flip phones target older 30's-50's so it would make it easyer for them too see. I mean this could compete with the lotus if that extra space was put too use.

This phone doesnt appeal. Perhaps full qwerty in candybar pearl would lure me to it. I think they are going after new blackberry users with this one though, not a substitute device for existing customers...

I think there's a definite market for the flip phone. When I was looking at getting a BlackBerry there was the new Storm, the Curve and the Pearl Flip. I liked the Pearl but I hated the keyboard. If they could take the design of the Pearl with the keyboard of this new phone they'd get buyers.

This is horrible!! I would love 6.0 but this design is lacking in so many ways. Come on RIM, you can and need to do so much better than this!

RIM unleashes the world's ugliest phone: as Dell releases the most beautiful phones for Android and Windows Phone 7 called thunder, lightning and flash. Meanwhile the new iPhone HD's new industrial design looks amazing. Which begs the question...

WTF are you doing to yourself RIM!? I've lost all hope in the blackberry software long ago, but I see the hardware design is also on a downward trajectory.

developing beautiful pieces of turds like this. You're hoping to create a new kitsch market for ugly phones aren't ya? ;) genius

if the iPhone G4 (4G?) is the pretty girlfriend who gets left behind at the bar because her idiot engineer boyfriend is too drunk to remember to tell her he's leaving, this is the ugly chick who is never brought out for fear of someone being seen with her.

I think it will sell. People love flip units. Its nice to see RIM
Step outside their comfort zone.

I am a proud crackberry addict (tho, nowadays I'm becoming more and more ashamed to say). I love my 1st gen Storm 9530! But lemme ask my fellow addicts a question: Why does RIM concentrate soooo hard on rolling out new hardware and can't get the basics right? I mean, seriously how many diff models do we need? Get the OS right! Add more internal memory and/or allow me to add apps to my memory card. Gemme my emails with images automatically downloaded. Gemme the best! I spend way too much money on subpar product. I don't wanna switch to another make but c'mon, do you want my business RIM? Why are you pushing me away (Sorry for the rant I know there's a section in the forums for this)? Please get it right RIM or LOSE!!!

This thing looks bulky as hell, and reminds me of a "Twist" phone or something. I'd agree that it would be great if RIM put out another clamshell, but it certainly isn't this one.
Too much chrome and empty 'dead' space. Not to mention it looks insanely cheap.

I dunno. I'd like to see some thickness pics, and more next to a ruler to get an idea of the size - it just looks really oddly shaped and out-of-proportion

This thing is in one word, FUGLY!!! Check my previous comment on the matter for the full story. But once again, this is fugly. Look at the damn control buttons!! Theyare frekin huge for no damn reason!

This is an ugly phone, but the specs are beautiful. Do any other Berries have a 5 mpx camera? No. How many others are running OS 6? Not many.

As long as this thing ran well and was stable, I would definitely buy it if it came to Boost (yeah, right).

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!...bring it!! Let's hope Verizon keeps the color...OS 6 5 MP??? What!!?? Haters step aside!! To FLIP!!...that's what its about baby!! KEEP your candybar!!...Flip your BlackBerry!!!