Hot New Official Wordpress Blogging Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Released In Beta Form!

By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2009 10:26 am EDT

Hmm, did we stoke some fires with yesterday's Tumblr post? Maybe. In any event, the good folks from Automattic have kept good on their promise of a Wordpress application on BlackBerry devices much as they have on the iPhone platform. Released today in its beta form, the appplication looks great. The UI is nice and smooth and easy to configure and in no time I have Videos4BlackBerry added to the services and am currently able to admin all functions direct from my Bold, right down to approving and unapproving comments.

Some time is still needed for the application to be all the way polished but even now it looks, works and feels great on my device. Many good things look to be coming from this application and truth be told it is on par with the iPhone application when it comes to functionality, but here's to hoping Automattic bumps it up to make it an even better client then that of the one on the iPhone. More screen shots after the jump folks.

Hot New Wordpress Blogging Application Released In Beta Form!

Wordpress On BlackBerry!

Wordpress On BlackBerry!

Wordpress On BlackBerry!

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Hot New Official Wordpress Blogging Application for BlackBerry Smartphones Released In Beta Form!


Anybody else having problems with this app? I downloaded and now get errors on everything. Startup, saving settings, and adding a blog. Looks like it'll be decent if the darn thing will work on my Storm.

when i first installed, it hung my storm. battery pull got it to pulled up the app slowly, finally requesting application permissions. i accepted those and went in, then it was in compatibility mode. i exited, removed compatibility mode, and everything seems to be running great! A+ app!

Looks like a great app, however, I am unable to get it to log into my site. I've verified the user and pass numerous times, but, it keeps giving me an error stating the url, or authentication is incorrect. Anyone else experience this?

And, does it matter if my blog is not the homepage on my site? It's at

I've been waiting for this since it was mentioned here. I installed no problems on an 8330. In the process of updating my blog now. So far so good.

Not working correctly with Storm 9530 and Hybrid OS 7.1.3 from BB Crackman.

Disabled compatibility mode and no help. Pulled battery 3x and still really quirky.

Now got it to run in landscape but it won't accept my User ID and Password for my Blog. Made sure everything was entered correctly and still no dice!

Feel free to contact me to troubleshoot!

This is a great find but I can't get it to work no matter what I try.

I've played around with all the connection options and I've tried entering my URL as the main blog URL and as the admin page directly but no love.

No matter what I try I get the error that the URL, Username or Password are incorrect but they are all correct!

Any help will be much appreciated

Running a Curve 8900

I like that it does what it says...after starting the app, then doing a battery pull, it is solid.

I had the same problem with bad user name/password/url. In order to fix this, you have to enable xmlrpc in your wordpress installation.
The checkbox is located in settings --> writing.
All good now :-)

dude i love you! thanks for mentioning the xmlrpc thing and where to enable it! i was becoming frustrated to no end with the bad URL, username, or password error! thanks man!

My issue ended up being Bad Behavior blocking me from connecting. That's quite disappointing, as I love that app, and refuse to disable it. I've written an email to the creator of the Bad Behavior app, hopefully, I can get my BB whitelisted.

Works famously for me on my Storm.

Have you enabled your WordPress settings to allow remote blogging? From your wordpress site, Settings -> Writing -> Remote Publishing -> Enable XML-RPC.

After listening to that music in the background of the video I'm gonna have to blog about making sweet, sweet love.

Loving it so far. Definitely a nice app. Can't wait to see the "finished" version.

BTW, this is on my Storm and it works like a charm.

Everything on this app is perfect except for adding pics. They show up HUGE on the blog no matter what you set it at.

I posted on my blog this a.m. App. worked great. This is my personal domain. I have a wordpress account I use for testing, and for some reason it won't connect to it. It gives me the bad username url crap everyone else is getting. I took advice from comments and tried to find enable remote blogging, I don't see it. Am I missing something?

Anyone able to get this to run in landscape mode on the Storm? I think this is the first app I've ever had issues with on my storm. Could not get it into landscape and also had troubles scrolling and have since removed it. Maybe I'll try again.

Sounds like you were running in compatability mode. It defaulted that way for me too on install. Change the setting in options>advanced options>applications>choose the app and disable compatability.

Then restart the app. If it hangs then, which it probably will, pull the battery and when it restarts it will be gold.

That worked but now I keep getting "Blog response is not correct." I'm guessing it's user error. the xmlrpc thing is enabled.

I've loved my Storm but with these WordPress apps coming out I'm really tempted to get the Tour when it comes out. Trying to type up more than a few sentencest on the Storms keyboard is not always the quickest.

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Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
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