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Hot New Twitter Based Theme For Available For Free!

By Bla1ze on 13 Jul 2009 09:08 am EDT
Hot New Tweme From Ninja Themes!

Ninja_Please has been pushing out great looking themes like there is no tomorrow as of late. This time around Ninja_Please has followed up his popular premium Slyde theme with a free Tweme, yes that's right, Tweme. Tweme is a Twitter-based theme using icons and fonts that are all too familiar to Twitter users. Devices Supported for this one so far include the BlackBerry Bold, 83xx, 87xx and 88xx series provided you are running OS 4.5+. Tweme includes a hidden today option as well as a dedicated slot to have your favorite Twitter app front and center on your device. Be sure to check Tweme and other themes available from Ninja Themes out today.

Also - take note that Beta testers are always welcome on Ninja_Please's twitter feed, so keep that in mind folks that you may be able to score a hot new premium theme for free from him just by testing it out, this of course would require feedback on the theme so that issues may be corrected though.



This is a great theme! sadly, I can't use it cause I'm rockin' my 8900... sigh...


This is really a good idea! Wonder why there isn't a "tweme" for the Storm! (or is there?)


Any chance of a DM Install file for the 83xx? Don't have enough money for a data plan :(


No love for the 8900?


What, no love for the 8900? I am disappointed.

Michelle Haag

..great theme from Ninja_Please!
Ninja: Your efforts are greatly appreciated buddy! Keep the rocking themes coming! :D

Bla1ze: Abby says hi back! ;)


No love on the dedicated slot or the hidden Today feature for 83XX! Update, Update, Update!

ninja please

it's updated. there is also no hidden today feature on 83xx devices


Just 1 more reason to wish i'd picked the bold over the storm lol


Theme is great but I can't set my own homescreen wallpaper. The stupid bird is overlapping it...

ninja please

it's that way by design.


Just downloaded it. Looks great! Thanks.


Everything looks great except for that. The default wallpaper should be a wallpaper not an overlay. Difficult to see text preview on Today screen. Thanks for sharing.


It's very clean and has nice use of colors. The icons are a little small for my taste... But overall it's a great theme


i think these are on the large end of icons, hm! :)


Liking this immensely, but would prefer to have a separate icon for SMS & MMS on the Bold. At least, I can't find one. If it's there can someone please advise?

ninja please

messages > options > separate sms and email inboxes


I would like to see an 8900 version of this theme. Even if i have to pay 1.99 for it id be happy.


If it ain't "Ninja" it ain't $h!+.

For the past two months I have refused to rock any themes on my Bold unless they are "Ninja" created. Top of the line themes being created by a master!


man... I was so excited, and then to find out there is none for the Pearl? c'mon.... please? with sugar on top?


love the theme, and while i know its "twitter" based i wish i could set my own wallpaper w/o having a bird on my screen, cool nonetheless.


id pay for this theme if it didnt include the Bird on the home and lockscreen as well when incoming and outgoing calls are made. Fonts are excellent along with the icons, everything is perfect aside from what i mentioned...

ninja please

I do customizations upon donation of however much you see fit, send me a PM if you would like it customized.


Seems like the 81xx's are getting left out quite a bit lately. Just saying.


I have downloaded the .JAD file. But I failed download while I try to open the file due to "907 Invalid COD file not found".... :(


"includes a hidden today option as well as a dedicated slot to have your favorite Twitter app front and center on your device."

Can someone explain how the dedicated slot works? I don't see an option.

Also, love the theme! Thanks!


when you are customizing your homescreen icons, the 7th icon is placed in the dedicated slot, which is the one at the top right of the homescreen. for example, here is how my homescreen looks:

profiles (this shows up in the top right dedicated slot)

hope that helps!


i dont know if this is a problem with the theme or not, on the 83xx version, the bottom dock icons are out of place compared to how i set them on the full menu screen. Also, the selector for the bottom dock doesnt go left to right, it jumps around, where if you start on the dedicated icon, it then goes to the 2nd icon, then 1st, then 4th thru 6th, then jumps to the third one. Other then this, the theme is great.


This looks like a fun theme I'd like to try out but no 8900 support. Lame.

ninja please

and there probably won't be either.


it always seems a bit rude when people complain abt their phone not being supported...

thanks Ninja!


I love this theme, but I am having issues with the bottom dock. It selects the icons all out of order. I am using an 8330 with 4.5 ...


I love this theme, but I am having issues with the bottom dock. It selects the icons all out of order. I am using an 8330 with 4.5 ...


I love this theme, but I am having issues with the bottom dock. It selects the icons all out of order. I am using an 8330 with 4.5 ...


Anyone know how to get the bird off. I would pay for the theme if the bird was gone. Even if you change the wallpaper the darn bird still shows up. Fonts and icons are awesome. I love the blue...


Id loooooove to have this theme but no 8900 love??? I find it to be so strange Ninja didn't make it. I'm so sad :'(


Bottom icons not customizing properly. Also scroll action seems to have issues also. Great concept not quite there for this device.


It looks great on my Blackberry Curve 8330!! I just love it!!


Great stuff but can the 8900's get some love!? Keepem' coming ppl!!!


thank you for the FREE theme.the way it should be


Love it user freindly, Nice background to look at



it's simple and clean - what else can you ask for?


the colors, the icons, the design...this theme rocks. my only add on would have been to include the profile icon onthe home screen, but not a deal breaker since you can make the profiles the icon on the top right. i do find it odd having to scroll right to get to that icon, i would have naturally liked it to scroll up, but you get used to it.

i may definitely take Ninja up on the customization for donation, as the bird does get inthe way for certain wallpapers, but either way this is by far my fave theme in a long long time. again, LOVE THE ICONS!!!



Love this theme! It ROCKS! The only issue I have is how do I access the hidden today option on my 8830we? Thanks for the awesome theme! Keep up the great work!

ninja please

it's only available on 8900/9000 versions of the theme


This is an amazing theme. Love everything about it. Only gripe is some programs are hard to read on it because of the black background. Example, Googletalk, it's hard to read the categories when not highlighted because black on black is normally hard to read. Besides that, awesome icons and love that icon over on the right side. I put my weather icon there and it's SWWEEEETTTT...