Hot: New screen capture from BlackBerry 10 Contacts app!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2012 04:33 pm EDT
BlackBerry 10 Contacts?!

Not a bad week for BlackBerry 10 action. First we posted a mock up of what a full touchscreen BB10 Bold might look like, and then our own James Richardson brought us back a boat load of photos from his BlackBerry 10 hands-on at the BlackBerry Jam event in London. 

Now in the screen capture above you're looking at what is reported to be from the Contacts view within the Contacts app on BlackBerry 10. We've had a few glimpses of BlackBerry 10 so far but to my knowledge this is the first time we've sneaked a look at this screen before. We have seen messages and the inbox, and we have even seen what incoming calls look like (in this video) and what the screen looks like once a call is connected (earlier leaks), but this baby is new and looks good!

There's always a chance this isn't final and things will change up, but the design language is pretty consistent with what we have seen elsewhere in BlackBerry 10 so far. Time will tell of course, but in the meantime it's something to look at and drool over as we wait for BlackBerry 10. Enjoy!

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Hot: New screen capture from BlackBerry 10 Contacts app!


I don't think it looks confusing. The 6 pictures are likely your most popular/used or "favourite" contacts and would always be at the top of your contact list. Any contact who has multiple contact options would get the dark triangle letting you know there are multiple options. If you click this type of contact, a panel slides open beneath the contact showing you your options. After these favourite contacts begins an alphabetical listing of all contacts.


Don't get me wrong it looks cool but I'm just concered for those who would pick it up and instantly know how to use it and you seem to know abit too much LOOL

Those could very well be the last six people you talked to. Pretty much as you get it now, but with pictures instead.

Of that is the favories screen.

I'm sure it will be very easy to use once we actually touch it, but for now I agree, more detail needed.

my thoughts? that `call home/call BB` doesnt show until you tap the contact image, so when you open the app it`ll show those 6 contacts (favs or recent, who knows) then you can either scroll down, or use those top pics as quick launchers. that seems to be the best `flow` way it`d work.

Yeah I agree with you, the "break" in the middle we see is the drop-down after having clicked on the contact to see its options.

I like the idea of having your favourites at the top, notable with such a nice UI! :)

Hey you! Maybe you're not suppose to be here. You talk as if you've never used a BB before. You're way off the track my friend. Be objective, it will do you good. Thank you.

it won't make sense without the "flow" which provides all the context around what you're doing. Looking at a picture you're only seeing a moment without knowing how you got there.

oooo this looks smooth
Might be a newbie, but I've been on the Crackberry scene for a year plus. Blackberry 10 WILL own.

All these screenshots and pictures of the OS are making me anxious, then I'm still waiting for RIM to announce this damn phone so the one with an actual QWERTY physical keyboard can be announced and sold after. Don't make me wait for too long RIM, please don't.

Buying it the moment it comes out - I will be in the line up! Want the physical keyboard too! Maybe just buy both and switch back and forth depending my my BB10 mood that day.

I like how is says call "BlackBerry" instead of just "Mobile". BlackBerry deserves it's own category. I wonder if calling someone's BackBerry will be able to link to their different BlackBerry devises... Not exactly sure how that would work though.

We know from this screen cap we posted a whlie back that there's a Video Chat option when connected to a caller:

So maybe if it knows there's a BBID tied to the contact/phone number it tells you it's a BlackBerry so you'll know you can video chat with them too. Or maybe they just put it in there as a custom field or some sort?

Je ne sais pas... but I want to know! :)

Was just thinking the same thing (auto recognize other BB devices). We could be looking at a conference call mode. Or maybe most used/ last used contacts.

Didn't RIM partner with a UK company that does cheap calls or something like that maybe call blackberry is video chat or blackberry calls

Do you think it will be a cross platform video chat? I sure hope so cause I feel alone with my playbook(video chat) all my friends are uncool and have a iPad... And also half my friends either don't have a cell or have another phone then BB... Like and android *cough cough* lol

Sportin a 9350!!!!

I think iOS devices do this with FaceTime (if the contact you're communicating with have an Apple iD/email associated with the number), so I think this is a likely possiblity!

It didn't even occur to me that "BlackBerry" could mean an actual blackberry device(thought it just meant someone who maybe works for BlackBerry etc), that would be cool! It does make sense though that one blackberry could recognise others since your phone will need to know if it can place video calls etc.

(oops, Kevin beat me to it)

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder whether BB10 will do the same thing like iMessage/iOS where it will recognize that the other use is also using a BB and will cagetorize the contact differently (like in the screenshot) annd add that contact to BBM automatically.

Cool idea, that if your BlackBerry recognises another by just a telephone number that it would offer you the ability to add that person to bbm. That would really help people grow their bbm contact list. So much hope from a single contact screenshot! Haha

That's how iMessage on the iPhone does it. You send n SMS to another contact but once they receive it, it someohow changes the convo from a regular SMS convo to iMessage where you get the Send, Delivered, Read status like on BBM. It obviously doesn't work as well BBM does :p.

I was curious if other chats can do the same stuff as bbm. How is imessage diferent from bbm? (Maybe except security and that is no small thing)

I do not remember where or when I read that but is there a thing with sharing your screen with the other phone to show your friend something while talking with him?

Waoh!... Your comments get me so exited. The BB10 is truly a new os altogether. Thanks so much all of you for your insights.

What's up with the white background, come on RIM please add some color and style or better yet blackout all screens. I'm so sick of all the white background screens that my BlackBerry has. I have liked most of the BB10 photos that I've been seeing recently but this is not cutting it. The features look nice but please don't that be the final layout.

hmm I'm a bit the "call BlackBerry" :)
....I agree with some of the above posters...we need more information

Agree with everyone telling it looks AWESOME! The improvement we all needed! But at the same time we need a physical keyboard! Show us that on BB10! Need to replace 9900 optimal keyboard with something as good! ;)

The 9900 keyboard is already perfect, they just need to attach it to something like the BB10 Dev Alpha device and you got an instant seller.

It's a New York phone number. I don't have a long distance plan :(

BTW this new OS looks as good as Emma does. Yummy!

I already know BB10 is gonna look EPIC, but seeing this screen shot took mi by surprise. No matter what happens to RIM, no one will be able to say that BB10 was a failure as an OS.

I'm wondering if that is the contacts app or the screen you get when you push the phone icon on the BB10 homescreen.

The OS looks vr cool. I want design like 9900 (round edges), it should thin, full touch screen, physical keyboard slided underneath to left side with landscape QWERTY orientation. Dimension as 9900 not more, front facing camera, weight 130 gr max. Quadcore processor or at least dualcore 1.5 GHz like HTC one X. It should 4G enable already. Then I'll change my beloved 9930 but not for sale.

I like how it identifies that the number's attached to a BlackBerry. I wonder what exclusive BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry features there will be...

Nice, painful slowburn with the one picture leaked at a time tho. I wonder how Gist's features figure in to this, maybe the arrow box? One of the Gist marketers said all their developers were working tirelessly on the BB10 contacts

RIM is somewhat foolish. The majority of their customers want a physical keyboard device first. Crackberry can try and justify RIM's decision to release an all-touch one first but it's a bad idea. There's been polls taken and people want keyboards! If they don't, they get an iCrap or a hemRoid, I mean Android.

I'm dying to see the physical keyboard BB10 phone!!!!!!!!!

Why would anybody who loves their QWERTY BlackBerry switch to iOS or Android just because RIM launches a touch device out of the gate?... If they like their BlackBerry and need a keyboard they'll likely be a sure bet to hold out until a QWERTY BB10 phone launches. If they don't wait for one with a keyboard I would think they would be more likely to go with a BB10 phone over iOS or Android anyways.

RIM has been losing people to iOS and Android because most people just don't require a physical keyboard anymore, so RIM needs to prove they can be competitive with all-touch devices. People using keyboards will probably always be a customer and wait it out.

Okay.. I love the BB keyboard as well but with the added gestures and predictive testing and because the first BB10 won't have a physical keyboard I'm going to get one.

Having said that I know there will be a lot of disappointments with the full touchscreen. But you need to understand RIM's position and 2 major points: IOS and Android dominant and they dominant with full touchscreens and second, it's far less complicated to release a full touchscreen device that both a ts and a keyboard

You are 100% correct. I was just thinking about this the other day. The more I think about it the more I believe BB10 will not be the savior it needs to be. The 1st and most important thing it needs to do is keep BB users from defecting. One of the things that is keeping many BB users around is the keyboard. Why would you omit that from the 1st BB10 device? When comparing BB10 versus iPhone 5 and other Android devices (SG3, Driod, etc.), wouldn't it be good to have a feature no one else has (keyboard)? It's another reason for people to choose your device and it's what many BB users want. Before one says that they will release a keyboard model afterwards, all I'll say is that it might be too little too late. If RIM doesn't get that then they are in bigger trouble then I though. The Blade mockup is what they should release or at least model after.

Yeah but where will all the BB users defect to .. Android and Apple which are all touchscreen systems.
It's a gamble .. but what I like is that RIM, who can't do it all right now since they have to remain focus on a flawless BB10 launch, is maximizing the odds. They are banking on a cost effective launch that addresses their losses in the North Ameican market which is to devices with full touchscreens and app eco-rich systems which they don't have now; their also addressing the issue with the physcial keyboard not being present with the use of geatures, predictive/corrective texting, and finger mapping to address the lowered efficiency of the virtual keyboard.. because in the end that what really matters -> how efficiently and quickly you can get your message into the device. For me I have a Torch 9810 cause I want the big touchscreen and the physical keyboard because I am most effective using the physical keyboard than a virtual one. For me it really doesn't matter physical or virtual as long as it's efficient and effective.
The gamble is if the current physical keyboard BB users will wait for the "Blade"-type model. If I wasn't so interested in BB10 and its improved virtual keyboard I would wait cause my Torch does what I need to do so I'm in no hurry.. but that's just me.. THAT's RIM's GAMBLE .. for me BB10 has impressed me and I can probably learn to live without the physical keyboard for now.
I hope that RIM gets the physical keyboard out soon afterwards but as product launches are expensive and time consuming RIM needs to play the odds and I for one believe that they have maximized it.. we all have to keep in mind that this is a brand new OS, there is nothing like it on the market, but if it pays off it'll put RIM back on the map; I would take the exact same direction and plan as they are doing right now.

Now back to the topic at hand.. I think the contact app is looking sweet and I hope that bbm follows suit. This operating system is going to be.. wait for it.. LEGENDARY!

I got the impression at the London Jam that Navigation Tab Pages (and Action Bars) would be located at the bottom of the screen....

So the Contacts app has them at the top?!?!

Looks great but I'm pretty sure the tabs will be at the bottom before release, to be consistent with all the other apps.... Eg. The Images app they were demoing for Cascades during the Jam...

All i know is, the new pics and bb10 info is giving me one heck of a lap dance. Keep em coming crackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna be throwing some hundreds soon enough lol.