Hot New GreenTech Premium Theme From Hedone Design!

Hedone Design GreenTech
By Bla1ze on 19 Nov 2009 08:41 am EST

Since the release of the new Theme Builder 5.0 theme developers have been hard at working getting some new themes out the door. Hedone Design is no exception to that, the latest creation being GreenTech is the first Hedone Design theme to be completely made with Theme Builder 5.0. As always icons are nice and fresh, wallpaper is crystal clear and high res and transitions built into the theme are nice and smooth.

If you are using 4.x operating system must select 4.x versions. For more recent (5.x) operating system it is better to take 5.x theme as it includes features that until now were not used. GreenTech is available now for only $3.99 until Nov. 23rd and supports Bold incl. 9700, Storm, Tour and Curve 8900 devices and is available in Zen and TodayPlus versions.

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Hot New GreenTech Premium Theme From Hedone Design!


The theme is very cool. I like how the screens roll from one to the next. It has a lot of functionality for a theme... about the best I have gotten yet. No lock-up issues or any memory drain problems. You also get a menu specific to the theme that lets you customize it or return it to the default settings, etc. For $3.99 it is a great deal. I hope these guys keep the OS 5 based themes comming!

Looks very nice, but in the shop's photos, it only shows 2 Today lines on the Storm. Can anyone verify if that's all there are--or if there are more lines?


I'm not sure if this is happening with anyone else, but my bbm 5.0 isn't working with the non today 4.7 os version. Anyone else have this issue?

Extremely satisfied with this theme. Very slick and love the sliding animation between screens.

Using it on a Bold 9700 running

Can someone explain the difference btwn Zen (with Today preview?) and TodayPlus?

Thanks in advance

sure! Zen with todaypreview is theme that show calendar events and new messages when u select (but not click) an icon on homescreen. TodayPlus version is the one that always show messages and calendar on homescreen.

Sounds good. As a new Crackberry user and soon (Sunday) to have the 9700 (My store not selling until then), I'm looking forward to a Blackberry again. Haven't had one in about two years and only had the pleasure of having a corporate one for about 6 months before being laid off. Anyway, gainfully employed again, am enjoying your site, love and practice the green concept and would love to try out the Hedone Green theme. Don't know what it takes to win one of these give aways but here is my comment none the less.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Told you I was a newbie of sorts. I thought this was a contest one, I reread the blog and now see I was confused.


I love this theme. I had the pleasure of beta testing for them, and I absolutely love everything about the theme. At first I was not so into the transitions, but after using it without them on 4.6, they are a much welcomed addition. Hedone has always been one of my favorite theme designers, and this theme does not let you down. What are you waiting for? Go buy it! It is worth the money .