Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs

FuturaX Theme From Hedone Design!
By Bla1ze on 4 Jul 2009 07:03 am EDT

It's been a while now since Hedone made his return back to theme making and shortly after his return he sent me an email to let me know he had a lot of cool ideas come to him in his short break. He also let me know he was going to be putting those ideas to work into his new themes and FutureX is indeed one of those ideas come to reality.

FutureX is totally graphically pleasing on any device and has some super cool features built into it. The theme itself has 15 customizable icons on the main screen split into 3 sections as you can see from the image above. While this feature is only supported on Bold, 8900 and Storm devices, it is a great way to lay out the icons so that everything is accessible.

FutureX looks good - from the icons right down too the wallpaper it is well-designed through and through. If you want see it in action Hedone has posted a video for us all too look at as well, you can check it out here. FutureX is available for Bold, Storm, 8900 and all 83xx, 88xx and 87XX devices but each will vary due to their limitations.

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Hot New FutureX Theme From Hedone Designs


Looks like someone saw the movie "Knowing". This is what the end of the movie looked like.

Looks cool, but nothing for the 8220 again I see.

Well, at least knowing the 8220 always gets ignored means that I can save my money.

A little complicated to use, but overall a visual masterpiece! This is one that will stay in my theme rotation for some time to come. :)

I for one am more than happy to shell out a measly $7 for something inventive, gorgeous, and user-friendly that I'm going to use roughly 94 times a day EVERY day.

Is this app going to be compatible with the Tour?

The only problems I can find with the theme so far is that if you have a white menu drop-down, you can't see the entire menu. For example, in AOL Messenger, I can only see the selected item in the menu, the rest of the menu is whited-out unless I scroll to the next item. Since I haven't memorized these menus yet, I feel kind of lost.

Second, occasionally on reboot it doesn't 'put away' the items on the screen, it leaves them up as if that group is selected for viewing, and worse yet, it puts ALL of them up there overlaid on each other. This second one I'm almost CONVINCED is just a glitch as it seemed to go away spontaneously without an additional reboot of the system or battery pull.

I'm hoping those are just hiccups on my phone (I'm a newbie Berry owner), and not a problem with the theme because I LOVE how this theme cleans up my homepage on my Bold.