Hot: Leaked Screen Caps Point to Screen Sharing on BlackBerry 10!

BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing
By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2012 09:02 pm EDT

Hot out of BlackBerry World 2012 and we're full steam ahead for BlackBerry 10. Some leaked screen caps have turned up in the forums that show off another awesome feature we just may see in BlackBerry 10 devices. If these slides hold true, BlackBerry 10 may be sporting a built-in screen sharing feature. From the looks of it, you'll be able to share your phone screen while on a call - which is awesome for sharing presentations or just showing off some photos. Keep in mind this isn't anything official, but it's definitely a possibility. I for one am super pumped for the months ahead to see all that BlackBerry 10 has to offer. What do you think -- is screen sharing someting you think we'll see in BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments and hit the forums for more. Keep reading for more images.

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BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing

BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing


BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing

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Hot: Leaked Screen Caps Point to Screen Sharing on BlackBerry 10!


OMG I just clocked what this feature is, at first I thought it was just cool that we got new screen caps but you can share (Live) what your doing via video chat, good for being late to a meeting lool. Cool feature, gemme my BB10 RIM :D

I don't think this is a function that I would get much use out of but is definitly a pretty sweet addition. Very pumped and excited about the things to come over the next few months with BB10

^Agreed. I think BB10 really has to differentiate itself from the competition. This entails adding features that are innovative.

Innovative ? I dont know iOS and / or Android can do this ? Also, it may not be for everybody, but I can see potential uses by business people who do presentations and travel alot (can share with family back home).

Its unique for sure :)

IDK - There's a lot of times I'm trying to give directions and it'd be great to say, "Let's screen-share and I'll pull up BB maps (or Google Maps if it'll work w/ 3rd party apps)."

exactly how i see myself using this feature. so many times I just dont want to type it out and just show what im looking at or post an image via when I could easily just bring it up on their phone.

It's funny how these "awesome features" were not unvailed during the keynote address. Even if they werent ready to be demo'd live, it would have been nice to have seen additional material in the keynote. When you really think of it, they didn't demo that much from BB10. That's not to say that what they showed wasn't exciting, but I would think that screen sharing would have been impressive to include during the show.

Reminds me of the demo they gave previously -

I like how RIM is being a bit "just a bit" more secretive about what might be on BB10. Showing all will make them lose their competitive advantage being that the next gen iOS is already in the works and Android is always ready to come out with a new edible OS :).... Announce the new goodies and execute before the competitors even blink and we will be good to go!

Although the function might not be all that usable by me it will give another reason (aside from BBM) to make BB users feel more connected and more "exclusive"... similar to how iMessage and iChat makes iOS users feel exclusive.

They really need to get this done before the fall or it will look like Apple came up with the idea first! iPhone 5 is due to launch in the fall -- September.

This is soooooooooooooooo cool! Blackberry world wasn't enough for me but these pictures are incredible, if RIM releases this it could be amazing!

These features are excellent especially for business people to give a presentation from their Blackberry phone connecting to LCD projector. Based on these features, corporations must give their employee one of each so that they don't have to carry the laptop anymore. This is perfect!

This looks like it should be the new Video Chat. I believe that CDMA phones are still limited to no data during voice call.

It's not CDMA, it's the way EVDO handled voice and data separately, so perhaps a new update will be required to accommodate. However, with LTE, there seems to be no need. Start switching over VRZN!

BTW, LTE is based on CDMA. It's using a technology called WCDMA -- wide-band CDMA, as is HSPA/HSPA+ :) Finally the GSM world (3GPP) woke up to the fact that CDMA was a better technology. The result, much fewer dropped calls since CDMA does soft-handoffs between towers since the beginning. Which is why we are seeing Qualcomm chipsets being used everywhere now.

LTE is a long time coming, and it is finally here. Qualcomm had a huge success recently by completing the first test of traditional phone services (SMS and voice) over LTE -- VoLTE! Sweet success! Finally a true global standard is near!

Get your facts straight pal, LTE is the natural evolution of GSM not CDMA !! A lot of carrier realized that CDMA was a big mistake to go into ( Bell,Telus ). Great for calls, lousy for data. And now they've migrated to HSPA and therefore LTE.

This would be great for showing our less tech savvy friends how to do things on their phone even if we're in different locations... "How do I install an app?"... "Watch, I'll show you..."

I was thinking the same than you. :)



BBB-blackberry boner!!!

This seems like it was intentionally leaked..maybe to slow the bleeding wound that the aussies opened up?

I have no clue really but what I do know is that blackberry10 is gonna have innovation slathered all over it.
I know this because it's do or die for Rim.
They have to release something amazing to survive this transition. They know this as well. I believe they will deliver and if your not holding out for a BlackBerry 10 device then I feel for you because it's going to be incredible!!!

Makes perfect sense in the newly focused RIM re-emphasizing the goal of being the phone for people who get stuff done. It's one of those features that won't really be used just for fun, but is incredibly valuable for business people.

Ya know, this would be amazing. This is more along the lines of what I think BB10 needs to be. I ahve a small business with 30 BB devices. Having this feature will be sooo handy. I get calls almost every day, "My phone is doing something weird, how do i fix it?" This will be so awesome!!

"The World runs on BB10!"

That would be super cool if I thought that even one of my friends had any sort of possibility of buying a blackberry 10 device. I am such a blackberry loner

It's time to shine RIM. Back to the roots but with more innovation than ever, I can't wait to see what RIM has up it's sleeve.

People need to realize that top level partners under strict confidentiality agreements with RIM got a completely different presentation. Extremely high level, including hands on with hardware. Who liked the TK Victory? I expect this specific leak to be 100% legit and I expect many more leaks to come. RIM is changing the game with BB10.

I for one love this feature. I can't believe that I am going to be able to walk the fairway, and be able to give a FULL powerpoint presentation in a conference call. Anyone that doesn't think this is game changing is out of their minds.

Has anyone suggested to RIM that they put the Dev Alpha phone into production for general release. It's getting a lot of buzz and it's kinda nice.

There is no point, by the time the software is fully ready the actual devices will out and of a similar spec and design, also there is the issue of antenna performance almost certainly not being optimal in these dev devices.

As someone that spends nearly 80% of my time on concalls & doing presentations using remote desktop tools, this is AWESOME!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Screen sharing would be awesome for shopping online with my friends, currently we send links and pictures back and forth but to be able to be on the same page live would be so much cooler!

This is awesome! it will definately also help with technical issues provided that the service providers allow their blackberry tech to share screens with clients to help trouble shoot the device

i realy dont like the grey and the fact that they use gray means that they are not goig to use led screens

I've been asking for more collaboration tools for sometime. Whiteboarding, etc., but being able to share a screen is definitely useful. That goes one step beyond whiteboarding -- MAJOR win for RIM if they can make this work well! It should detect the current data speeds and slow down the refresh rate, so the display remains consistent even when the network slows down! Might have to go down to one frame every 5 seconds if the speed is slow, rather than being inconsistent and chocking.

Note folks how we're seeing some interestingly innovative things from RIM. They have had to give us insight into them because of all the negative press, but you can be sure that Android and iOS will copy those.

RIM is started to act like the innovative company it is. Thorsten must be so excited to see what his guys can do. Mike L -- you can smile too :)

RIM has always been innovative, but we saw less of that recently because the company was focussed on overhauling their ecosystem. In some ways, it needed a different leadership. They needed to get better at what they did well and move away from some things they've done successfully before. The wireless space around them had shifted and they didn't pay enough close attention to what their competitors were doing.

Still today, nearly five years after the iPhone, they don't have a good enough competitive answer to the full touch device. I love my 9860, but it does have a small lag issue that still needs addressing. I'm putting up with it because the BlackBerry experience overcomes those shortcomings; however, for new users or reviewers, it is not a good sell. Agreed that Java is the major issue here, and with BB10, the Java platform is gone.

Overhauling the ecosystem is huge. It is a much bigger feat that people imagine, and if they manage to pull it off, as they appear to be headed towards success this fall, this will be monumental. This will be huge for RIM and the industry. It needs a shake-up as Apple is starting to get stale.