Full OS 5.0 Incremental Features Walk Through

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 Incremental Features Walkthrough
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Apr 2009 09:56 am EDT

By this time most of us CrackBerry Addicts are pretty familiar with OS 5.0. You might be running an unofficial release of it on your BlackBerry Bold or Curve 8900, or you've seen the hands-on video or blog and forum posts that have covered many of the features coming in this next evolution of BlackBerry device software. 

That said, I'd bet that even if you have been running 5.0 on your device you have not yet picked up on every incremental feature and improvement. Below you'll find a pretty complete walk through of the upgrades 5.0 offers as well as a checklist of which previous devices are getting what improvements. I say "pretty complete" since I don't seem to notice on this doc any mention of the new media app memory statistics screen (let us know if you spot anything else in the comments). With 5.0 launching soon, it shouldn't be long before an updated version of this incremental features document pops up in the RIM Knowledge Base.

Interesting to note is that based on this document, it seems that 5.0 is only coming (at least in the near future) to the latest generation of BlackBerry smartphones that feature OS 4.6 or greater. It may be a while (or possibly never?!) before your current device model featuring 4.5 or lower sees any 5.0 goodness. Could be time to upgrade. This doc was geared at current GSM devices, but models like the 8230 and yet unreleased devices (9630, "Gemini") that are not on this list should also get/launch with 5.0. * Update - Regarding older devices, we've now heard both that the 83xx series will get the update and that it won't (other older models are out for sure by the sounds of it). I guess we'll see what happens. Sort of strange if that's the case as the first glimpses of 5.0 we saw/heard about were on older devices. Stay tuned... *

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 Incremental Features


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Abra Cadaver

sounds pretty cool, hopefully it comes out soon for my 9530.


Still no Flash support?


Can't see how much better our web browsing will be without flash! Hope that is added soon to 5.0.


There will be no Flash on Blackberry devices for any time in the foreseeable future. RIM has stated that the overhead involved in translating the Javascript to Flash would make the experience of viewing Flash content not worth it.

So please stop wishing and hoping for something that just isn't going to happen.


not only that, but Adobe CTO has all but committed the internal mobile Flash team to pushing out an optimized version for the iPhone by no later than Q4. goodbye Flash for BBerry, WinMo, Symbian, etc


so now you can load apps on mem card? WOW bout time


That says that the sd card can be used for two factor authentication, not for loading applications.


Has anybody got facebook to work on 5.0?


I had this on my Bold but when trying to apply the majority of my BB Profile sounds, they came up as unsupported. Downgraded in the end. Anyone else had this problem please?
And Facebook would not work!


Reinstalled and now all work! Strange! Leaving it on now.


I am so glad as a new crackberry user to have found this site. I have used other smartphones, but love my blackberry and am glad to have found a site to help me get the most out of this device. Can't wait to download 5.0!

Once you go blackberry, you don't go back! Finally software that does exactly what it was intended to do.



OS 5.0 also has a Set Contact Alert function where, in addition to the existing unique alerts for phone calls, you can set unique alerts for messages by Contact. This is really cool. Now when my boss sends me an e-mail or SMS message my BB sounds a unique ring (Take This job and Shove it!)


the follow up sync seems to work against my v4 Blackberry professional server..


Really? How did you get it to do that, mine doesn't :(


Thanks. Very well put together article. Now release this for the 9530 so I can stop wishing I kept my 8830


I shudder to think how OS 4.5 devices would suffer under the strain of OS 5.0. When switching from OS 4.2 to OS 4.5 I saw more spinning hourglasses and less free space for apps. Would OS 5.0 leave anything for additional apps?


I want this for my storm so badly I think I'm freaking out a little. I've heard that 5.0 has better performance as well, a desperate need for storm users. Please RIM? I'd burn my ipod touch at the stake for the storm 5.0 loader...


It definitely SOUNDS like you can upload 3rd party apps, but that seems just too good to be true. Is it something more worthless, like security authorization with the use of a microSD card?


I knew I should have waited and got a new Curve. Have the Pearl 8130 running v 4.5 and kicking myself.


Am I reading this correctly? Does this mean that OS 5.0 will allow users to store, access and use third party applications on a memory card as opposed to device memory?


theres any new beta beside .90? (for my curve 8900)


These are some great improvements....I'm looking forward to using the BES enhancements...

I wonder if there's a team working on a fresh 6.0 design


I'd like to see a purpose for the volume keys....perhaps replace them with the old scroll wheel.


What more purpose could you be looking for? I only ask because I love how they work. Quick press up or down to change the volume, long press to skip to next or previous track.


if you have an email or a phone number sent in an email, can you add it to an existing contact? its one of my pet peeves that i am only given the option to add a new contact and not add to an old one


Yeah. That always annoys me too.

Avid BB User

Not to mention the fact that the number to be added INVARIABLY is added as a 'Work' number. I understand that that this is a business-first device, but in my own experience I find that most of the numbers I add are usually 'Mobile' numbers. I always have to cut & paste to fix it. Well then again, thank god for THAT feature! :p


It seems that will be the last one for mine. Ever since this talk of 5.0 surfaced, I've read & heard that all devices newer than the 87xx will be able to get it. And so, I hoped & prayed.

But with this info, as Kevin put it: "It may be a while (or possibly never?!) before your current device model featuring 4.5 or lower sees any 5.0 goodness". Looks like it is on the "never" side.

Well, all things must come to its end. But what a real heartbreak, though...!


I just read through all that and have to say that I am very excited. Looks like some nice upgrades to me.


Threaded Messaging...
That'd be a life saver for me. Guess i'll have to keep waiting.


That was one of my biggest hopes. Let down. :(


seems nice....still....the Storm can do nearly everything here right now

nice to see features that should have been included by default (such as the uploading bar, boot screen, appointment forwarding, and mail folders).

some things, such as the permanent bookmarks, are really unnecessary and i hope theres a way to disable them >:(


I may be missing something here, but I have a Bold and have been using the berry button for task switching and selecting the default option for some time now. I know it came with an OS upgrade, but I don't remember which one. I am using OS version at this time.


I currently don't see the 8350i listed but I would assume that it will be available for that device too?


This poor nextel device is most times left out to fend for itself. It's currently running with What about us??


hopefully this will be released for the 8330

No kidding, hope so too. My Telus 8330 is only a year old. It's running os4.5 and I don't see any hour glasses, so why can't it run it? Always nice to get a new device, but only when you really need it.


This looks like it will be nice but there is still no flash support. I hope 5.0 will be out some.


I am looking forward to all the new features for my Bold :)


So when is 5.x going to be "officially" released to Bold users???


boy, an update to 5.0 on my 8330 would sure make the wait for the 9630 more tolerable....


Well, I am hoping that OS 5.0 makes it's way to the 83xx devices. An early leak has been seen running on an 8310 so I don't see RIM dropping support for it. RIM has dropped the ball a lot lately and this would be another misstep. The biggest blunder by RIM was releasing the Storm way too early. I've been reading nothing but problems about this device and users having to exchange theirs 2, 3, 4, 5 times. I haven't heard any of this with any of their other devices. I really like the look and feel of the Storm but with all of it's problems I would upgrade to a Bold (wouldn't touch an iPhone with a 10 foot pole!).


Yeah I just made my "iPhone buddy" very jealous by letting him read this article. I cant wait to see these improvements in actions.


Not really hype about this... dont see to much new added to my Storm...

Just make the thing faster, that's all i care about honestly. .132 is as stable as it gets, speed it up and i'm in heaven.






I suppose there will need to be a lot of 3rd party app adjustments because not only does facebook not work but almost all my 3rd party apps have issues.


Most 3rd party apps will need to be recompiled using the 5.0 SDK when it becomes available for them to work on OS 5.0.


What I really love is the "Task Manager".

Now I can officially find out what's taking up all my resources and do something about it.


Flick scrolling is still missing though. Kind of a disappointment when I need to scroll far and fast. And there's more advantages to having the flick scrolling as well. What's wrong with these people. >:(


big whoop, thats what windblows mobile is for


fuck flick scrolling


Wow there was a lot there to read about, I'm stoked for this to drop for my Bold. Keep it coming RIM.


Would like to see this soon nice improvements


... how hard it is to support separate syncing of multiple calendars from different sources? C'mon, RIM, get with the Intellisync folks and work it out, already!

I'm happy to see that they are adding some more control to the sound profiles again. Even though it was harder to make across-the-board changes on my 8830 (have to change each profile individually), I liked the level of control it offered. The new sound profile system that came in v4.7 lost a lot of functionality over the older version. I'm glad to see some of that functionality coming back (like, for example, being able to change settings for each of the built-in profiles). Still, I wish I could change the ring volume between in-holser and out-of-holser. When my phone is in the holster, the ringer is much quieter than out of the holster. You could do this with v4.3 (on the 8830), but not with v4.7 (on the Storm) and it looks like not on v5.0 either.



Still no categories for appointments - such an easy fix yet no support for it. Very strange.

Also, some of those items listed as new features are already in place on the 8900 in OS 4.6 (app switcher (3.8) and double click (3.9).


After reading this, I upgraded to 5.0 and everything is working fine except I lost the Google search bar on my browser. Everything else is working fine and I'm going to stick with it for now.


Great Report Kevin... and great details on each change.


All of these new features seem all well and good. But adding all of these new features has to add some weight to the OS which in turn would seem to me that it would reduce the amount of Free App memory that is remaining once the OS is fully loaded. Am I understanding that correctly.

Seems that it would have been a good time to increase the amount of total application memory allocated for each device. But instead they have chosen to give us a pop-up telling us we have surpassed our available app memory and that the following apps would make perfect sacrifices to the App Memory gods.

With computers the single greatest thing you can add to improve performance is memory, so why not give us more in our Berries?

Matt W.

now i'm a little confused. is this OS across the board? will it work with my 8320?

also, does anyone have the same problem i have with v4.5 on their curve 8320? my screen gets brighter and then darker whenever it feels like it. i have the auto dim turned off and it still does it.


Can't wait for the official version! Sounds awesome!


Here's my question, I apologize if it has been asked already, has copy and move been added to the calendar app?


Yes! The iPhone was dead before but with this 5.0 it's buried!

Reality Knocking

For example, take the following point from above:

"App Memory
By: scarez | Date: Tue, 04/28/2009 - 14:37 | reply
All of these new features seem all well and good. But adding all of these new features has to add some weight to the OS which in turn would seem to me that it would reduce the amount of Free App memory that is remaining once the OS is fully loaded. Am I understanding that correctly.

Seems that it would have been a good time to increase the amount of total application memory allocated for each device. But instead they have chosen to give us a pop-up telling us we have surpassed our available app memory and that the following apps would make perfect sacrifices to the App Memory gods.

With computers the single greatest thing you can add to improve performance is memory, so why not give us more in our Berries?"


Just need viigo to be upgraded to work on 5.0 and i'm there


Apparently Viigo has upgraded to work on 5.0 You just have to uninstall the prior version first.


When shall this be released for the Storm 9530?

Maybe this is what Verizon is sitting on their ass waiting for?


When will this be released? when? when? when?

I also am worried that we might be left with lesser app memory :(


Is it just me or was there no mention of flash support in the browser enhancements section. They're finally including things like "event sounds" and "memory managemnet", Things we should have in the first place, and in that spirit I would like some GD flash support.


Great info!!! Looking forward to seeing it on the 9530. Wonder if they have plans for categories in the calendar. With the other enhancements, this would top it off for me.


i have had os 5 on my 8900 and even with the few bugs it does have i could never go back to 4.6. os 5 is very fluid on my phone and yes there are certain third party apps that don't work yet. This is for the fact that os 5 is not an official release yet, its still in beta. I contacted Viigo about its app not working with os 5 they took about a week and bamo wamo sent me a link to there new update so it would work on my phone. As for facebook no such luck yet...just be patient and good things come to those who wait. Sorry for being cleche


this article sounds great, especially with all the new features. i have the 8320 but am just worried that it'll never get down to the rest of us. can we get some love too??


I tried 5.0 for 2 days, and had many many reboots. Specially trying to watch youtube. Also, at the begining, when the media application was reading my 8GB sd card filled with music, it took about 30 minutes on which the bbr went just dumb, because it was scanning the whole music library.

Ill wait for next update, meanwhile i'm enjoying .266 very much.


when i install 5.0, will it leave all my 3rd party apps on? or will it reformat the whole thing and ill need to reinstall all my apps?


its a joke that they will not add flick scroll.... threaded SMS etc... the home screen on the storm is useless to me ... it is just a glorified app screen


Please, pretty please can we get true threaded SMS and pop-ups for new messages that display name and subject, or for texts, name and the first line. I love my Bold but nothing makes me miss my BlackJack II more than those two features.


please explain to me why rim has yet to fix the issue of the phone ringing and vibrateing at the same time wtf why does it have to vibe then ring whats so hard in just making the phone ring and vibrate please put that on the list of things to improve..........please.


No ascending ringtone?
Must be added.


Honestly, I hate the Facebook app, it's really crude and rudimentary at best. Only thing its good for is adding mobile pics and uploading it to your profile.

I have found the mobile facebook site much more useful, (m.facebook.com)I get the most out of it, my wall is displayed, comments on my status, who likes em, and the look and feel is closer to the fully functioning site.

Just my 2 cents.

Peter Andrew

Wow, superb, these features are good improvement, Song shown in shuffled order, Photo geotagging on map, sound enhancements are some of the good features that I like.

Peter Andrew

Wow, superb, these features are good improvement, Song shown in shuffled order, Photo geotagging on map, sound enhancements are some of the good features that I like. Very impressive.


Here's a crazy question - Will 5.0 allow you to watch a 3GP video on your BlackBerry that your buddy shot with his BlackBerry or play back a voice recorded AMR file?


I think I might have missed it as cannot belive noone else has asked.

I would like the browser to always use WIFI if WIFI is available and if not then automatically swap to 3G.

The only way I can seem to get it to use WIFI is to select the hotspot browser or am I wrong?

I have a bold with VF UK running



Still no mention of tabs for the browser. Rediculous


I understand I might be on the fringe, but I'm a Cellular South user (based in Mississippi and the border areas, CDMA-based carrier). Their entire lineup of BBs are the 8830 World Edition, the 8330 Curve, and the 8130 Pearl. I recently bought my first BB (an 8330 Curve) in February 2009. Currently, these are still the only 3 BBs sold by Cellular South. And according to this update NONE of these 3 Blackberries will upgrade to 5.0.

Now I understand about upgrading technology and that as soon as you buy something it's obsolete. And I understand that a lot of the blame needs to fall on Cellular South for not upgrading their phones like they should. But for this release to not cover phones that are currently being sold as "new and up to date" by phone carriers -- that's pretty bad.

I'm really loving my BB Curve 8330 -- but if this is how RIM treats its customers on an upgrade cycle, it'll be the last one I ever buy.


But i think the curve probably wouldn't be able to handle this OS. There's a lot of improvements (albiet some are just cosmetic) based on 4.5 and i'm not even sure there's enough memory to run 5.0 on the curve 8300 series.


I have the 8330 also. Just seems they don't care. Verizon and others probably have a huge base of these devices and we will probably get left out in the cold. If I would have waited a week I could have got the Tour. Customers, they don't care - anything for a buck or should I say device upgrade!


How do you activate this and customise it??


@Kevin - you should make this a download! I know it's not a finalized document but it would be awesome to have and learn about the 5.0 OS.


After the crackberry podcast kevin and the gang did with the Rep from RIM I was excited about the upcoming release. Then I read that my 8330 might not be supported in this article, started to get bummed out but as I read on I found that none of the great things like storing/running apps with expanded memory, a possibility of better graphics and video (possibly even a flash app in sdram card) are going to happen. Now I feel like I've been sold out.




This is a great review and shows a lot of promising features. Thank you for taking the time to review and post this.


I can't wait 'til it comes out, I tried the unofficial 5.0 for about half a day, too many compatibility issues so had to downgrade... but I can wait a bit longer... not too long... :)


Has anyone heard when RIM is suppose to finalize 5.0?

Is this why we Storm users haven't received an Official Update?

Sounds Great However! :)


I like the resize pic option. It would be nice to be able to rotate and save them in the rotated state as well. I upload using social sites and twitter sometimes and my pics are sometimes sideways.


I am running OS 5.0 and most things are good with it. I did loose my Face Book app icon and my BB Maps. Both show under applications but there are no icons. I thought I would try to re-download the BB Maps but when I try I get "Device does not meet system requirements that are needed to support BB Maps" so can't re-dl. Any one else have these things happen?


lol Eve Online newsletter! EVE FTW


Why do media players on phones always come out as second best alternatives (or lesser of evils)?

Key Features still missing from the menu-click for the music player are:

-Play all songs from this artist
-Play all songs from this album
-Delete this song from the device

I can't tell you how many times I wish I had these three features. Surely others would find them useful too, and they can't be hard to program into the default media player?


Now my application loader can't see my phone due to some fatal error. I got 5.0 on my computer ready to go and I can't even use it.


I have a Curve 8900 and updated to the latest OS 5 "leak" and I have NOT yet seen this feature on neither Google Maps or the Blackberry Maps. Is it supported on the 8900 or just for the Storm devices? How do I enable it? I do have lots of geotagged photos on my SD card.