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Hot: BlackBerry's Reversal of Fortune App - Download it Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2013 11:21 pm EST

Download it now. But first you have to watch the video above! :)


Kevin Michaluk

Of course there's no app to download... but you get the drift :) 

Props to cbolton97 for finding this one on youtube and posting in the CB forums.. It just hit Rick Mercer on tv tonight. Hilarious!

Gotta love the Smug Wipe!  


LMAO im laughing because i know somepeople wont see the video and will search for it day and night


awesome. I would love to see RIM use a commercial just like this.


"Out of the shame and into the light."



Love it.... I bought at $8 a share. GOOOOOO RIM, Loving the video


That is priceless, I would download it!


HAHA.. WANT!! Please reverse RIMM to $50+


PRICELESS. I need a Super Bowl commercial along these lines LMAO


* BlackBerry by choice *
If only. I'd pay for that app :)

Plazmic Flame

Wow! RMR is talking good about BB now? Seriously, BlackBerry has so many people in it corner, they have to hit a grand slam! This is the World Series, 2 outs, final inning, time to go big or go home BlackBerry!!!

Rock and Roll This!!!


Rick Mercer has always had a tongue in cheek love affair with BlackBerry. He is a BlackBerry user. Just look at his Twitter timeline. He uses UberSocial for BlackBerry lol.


He has often said he couldn't live with out his little red flashing LED. He pokes fun at BB but it's always good naturedly and with a sense of schoolboy cheekiness.


I dunno, I think Rick Mercer has lost his touch.



Am I the only one watching all of those reports?!! LOOL


I thought that voice sounded familiar. Oh man, Rick Mercer cracks me up.


Love it. May RMR and BB live for ever.


I think we have a winner!! Give him the blackberry 10 device!


He probably already has one. Being a Canadian Celeb and a long time BlackBerry user, he probably got one early


LOL man i actually thought this was an app..awh man.


That is great.

Any predictions what the super bowl commercial will be like for BB ?


I'd be happy if it was this video. If BlackBerry becomes the new hotness, apple really will start to fall from grace as they really don't innovate or lead anymore in any area. Even Siri, two years old, and the pre-release version of BlackBerry 10 Voice control beats her in accuracy for composing a text via dictation.

Apple today is exactly where RIM was in 2008. We all know what happened to RIM after to Bold 9000. If Apple doesn't innovate, then market share will stop slipping and start plummeting.


ahahaha just watched it


That needs to go viral! Freekin hilarious.


I'm a huge Rick Mercer fan so this needs to get out there, very funny, unless of course you own AAPL! Thanks!


Hahaha that was funny, especially since it WASN'T an ad by RIM


They know that once BB10 arrives, Apple is done.


Don't bother yourself with that poster, nobody takes him serious!


the media has its new whipping boy


Rim doesn't sell any new phones and the stock price goes up, Apple has record sales and the stock price goes down, you know the market is in for a correction at some point!


For the same reason as RIM took such a big hit for the last couple years.

Up until last quarter, RIM was still growing sales as well, but their market share was plummeting and they weren't growing at the rate of the market. So the stock got punished.

Apple's market share outside of the USA hasn't been growing at the rate of the market and sales aren't growing AS FAST as they used to. The market sees these as signs that Apple isn't the darling of the consumer anymore and may have reached their peak.

While Apple is not anywhere near being in trouble, it's outrageous stock price may have peaked and unless they skip the 5s and do a 6 that really is on par with the latest and greatest, they may continue to lose market share when even companies that most people wrote off as dead like BlackBerry are coming back fighting.


From what i can see the problem isn't to do with Apple not having the "latest and greatest". If you just look at the numbers for the high end phones i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Nexus etc. the iphone wins. it's the lower end of the market where they don't have market share, hence the rumours of a lower priced iphone.


It's funny but not for the Super Bowl. RIM needs to explain what BlackBerry 10 is in 30sec and make people go Wow, Ahh, now I got to have one of those BB10's.


Personally I hope there is some comedy in Super Bowl ad.

I'd like to see the BlackBerry spot to be this years Berry Pomegranate Mio "It Changes Everything" commercial. I don't even like Mio, but that spot it one of my favorite Super Bowl ads of all time.


Hmmmphh, where's the download link? Is it for Playbook only? lol, just kiddin'... go RIMM!


LOVE it !!!
Rick MERCER is awesome, but this is icing on cake.
I bought in at 7.50 and wish I bought ten times as much ! hahaha


Love Rick Mercer... Not in the way that he and his producer love each other... But seriously, rick is great


You know you're comin' back when...



Schadenfreud is the true joy !


Nice ! Rick Mercer.. Too funny ! :)


brilliant cant stop laughing.


What a great start to a new work week! LOL!!!


Yeah, but as the German's know well from two world wars... we might get knocked down but - we don't give up and will find a way to overcome when nobody else can.


Here was one of my favorite Rick Mercer bits - again on the BlackBerry.


If you make it, they will LOL! i know I did and thats hard for me to do after oral surgery.


We are out of the Shame and into the light ... Yeah !!!


+1 love this slogan!


bought at $8, sold at around $10.


God I loved that short video!