Hot: 5" touchscreen BlackBerry A10 shows up in video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jul 2013 08:08 pm EDT

Now that's a BIG BlackBerry. Watch the video above, comment below, hit up the related forum thread for more discussion and be sure to check out CrackBerry's BlackBerry A10 Topic Page for much more on this 5" touchscreen BlackBerry.

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Hot: 5" touchscreen BlackBerry A10 shows up in video!



Yup that is a big z10. Looks alright but no wow for me! I think it's too big. Wish the bottom bezel wasn't to big and more smaller. Wish they also included the PlayBook speaker look for the top and bottom.

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Yep, what a waste. A Z10 in a bigger box without bigger specs like quad core and true 1080i video.

So how much more are they going to charge for more plastic and glass?

Go back to the video and pay attention to the settings page. Significantly more whitespace on the right than on the Z.

More lines on the screen too.

Comparable pixel density. Higher-than-720 rez...

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10

Wow. That is going to sell like crazy. See how fast it is. Just like a mini PlayBook. I got to get me one. When is it coming out?

If it isn't out Sept/Oct time then you would have to think they would bin it, this is going to have a limited lifespan getting bb10 onto a big phone this year and probably being replaced by about this time next year in the range.

@Jimcmf..."See how fast it is."

I cannot speak for the Q10, but it is definitely no faster than the Z10 which I already own. I still don't see a WOW factor.

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Looks the size of many Samsung phones I saw in China. I was wondering if they were Notes but they seemed like huge Galaxys definitely bigger than the S4s.

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I think this will be a huge loss and write down for BlackBerry. Being a shareholder I would love to see something different that actually sell in good numbers and it's profitable.

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I agree, they would have done better with a Z5 type device and this A10. Not two devices so close in specs. Then added a Z10 sized "slider".

I agree. Who knows how ppl will react to this when it gets released. But, I'm pretty confident with its plain design it won't "Wow" many ppl except for the hard core loyal BB fans. This is suppose to be their high end device other than a bigger screen the design and hardware specs are pretty disappointing. I was expecting at least 3GB of Ram, 12 mp camera and a better look for appeal.

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Plain, I like the simplicity it's classy, and that's where BlackBerry should go. The Z10 design is great to me.

S4 looks and feels like a toy to me, and iPhone best design was the 4 body.

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"something that will actually sell"

You know, because the Galaxy S- and Note devices were such enormous failures... :/

Galaxy S and Note devices have one distinctive advantage over the A10 (well two):

They run on Android accessing them to the Play Store

(and the second one being they are ALREADY AVAILABLE for purchase)

BB once again too little too late.

It has better GPU, quad core GPU, if the rumors are correct, probably a better CPU, although dual core, a bigger screen, a better battery, and all the new features that they are going to introduce in 10.2, what do you expect? This is an awesome looking device. You are getting another flagship product in less than a year. Those who complaining about the screen res, first of all it is still retina resolution. The S4 and many other Android devices without going to details while advertising don't provide true 1080p, it is more like 720p. And frankly it is not an option for BlackBerry to go to 1080p now after the pledge they made to developers earlier this year until they get enough valumes. Now would you be happier with some sort of 1080p and zero app? Probably not. Regarding the CPU the quad cores are overrated, for game purposes this device has a quad GPU and this is what matters most for games and other graphic intensive apps. Koodo to BlackBerry. I wish they had better marketing and they did better job informing users the direction they are taking.

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... Yeah, let's compare the 20,000 mortgage calculators, and 1500 far noise apps in the play store to BlackBerry. Ok, you win(!)

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There's probably at least 50 good and useful apps in Play Store and iTunes that aren't barely hinted at for BB yet and don't think the BB World isn't full of hundreds, if not thousands, of crap apps too.

Yep, give me the speakers in front like the PlayBook and give me the specs to top or compete with the other top phones. I will take one right now, thank you.

Loving my awesome Z10 baby!

Think of it as the new PlayBook. With more power and all packed with BlackBerry 10 features..

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Please look closely.. pay attention at the side and bottom bezel. It much like 9860 series. Well.. i have same opinion like you at first, but now.. i see the difference

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It looks nothing like the Z10 dude, are you guys kidding me ?? that device is a freeking awesome !!!!!!

If that's a 5" screen then that phone is larger than an S3. Look at all that bezel. It must be 3" wide and nearly 6" tall.

That is DEFINITELY not the standard 1280x720 rez... that might just be 1080 after all...

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10

If you freezeframe when the Settings screen is loaded, you'll see that it's the same number of lines of settings exactly as the Z10, so I think it is just 1280 pixels high.

Also, 1920 is literally 50% larger than 1280 (1280 / 2 = 640: 1280 + 640 = 1920) so there should be at least enough space below the 4 rows of icons for 2 more Z10-sized rows, not just 1... and it would also be wider, and there are no additional columns.

You might be right on the Settings page. I took a look at the audio settings page that buddy pulled up and it does look the same.

Even so, that's an awful lot of space under the icons in the app tray...

Probably a standard install fills up the same spots as on a z10 but then on this one that obviously leaves you an extra row when you come to reorganise them.

Oops, I clearly didn't read and thought it was a 4.5" screen. Still shouldn't seem that large unless you have small hands.

I assumed that the user has fairly small hands. I actually thought it was a female. At any rate, this is what a top phone that is not an iPhone looks like in the US today. This isn't a smart phone, it's a super phone and thus browsing and mobile computing tasks are just as important as convenient size when holding it to your ear. I love my Z10, but this is more competitive with offerings from Samsung and other leading devices.

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I agree, it looks awesome, very tempting. I love how people say this doesn't wow them as well. What do folks really expect?

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

100% with you, i don't know what is it that people want, maybe a phone that looks like a freeking Bugatti veyron, and that can make coffee and bring your breakfast to bed, etc. lol !!

Looks good to me - could this be the lineage for a PlayBook 2 in the future? I hope so :) thanks for the info.

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I especially like how the bar at the top is blue when in the HUB. At least that's what it looks like in the video. Where the signal time and battery level are.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

yea, my point is theres not that space on the Z, so either the icons are smaller or theres more screen to play with

Either the icons or the spacing is reduced by a fair bit on the q10, 3 rows takes up about the same as 2.5 rows of a z10.

yea theres less padding in the grey background box (look at the BB World icon in both and Z10 has space below it, Q10 maybe quarter that space, then also the vertical gap between grey boxes is much reduced on Q10

Set to launch this fall, the A10 will feature a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, a dual-core processor and a separate graphics processor, and it is going to be the largest phone BlackBerry has ever made in terms if screen size. Unfortunately, it seems as if the display’s resolution is going to be 1280 x 720. That’s compared to 1080p displays that are available on many devices, which offer pixel densities north of 350 ppi. - BGR

They reworked the icons and display to go from the z10 to the q10 so there is no reason not to think that they wouldn't do the same thing for this model too.

Note 2 is only 720p.
I thought the Note 2 display was great looking until I upgraded to the S4 which actually has a 1080p display & now my Note 2 looks terrible lol. I hope the A10 is 1080p or I'm not getting one unfortunately because I love the BB10 OS & even possibly more than Android... Well maybe lol.

i have a Galaxy Nexus. the display seems crisp enough for me but i guess i don't know what i'm missing?

In keeping with Galaxy Note 2 = Galaxy S3 + Bigger + stylus, the Galaxy Note 3 should be Galaxy S4 + Bigger + Stylus.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting one, but if BB did bring out a 1920 x 1080 5" (or larger) phablet, I'd get that instead.

I don't think they would change the icon size, so considering these icons are the same size as on Z10/Q10/Q5 (114x114px) it would mean the phone shown in the video probably has a 1080p screen.

Any other ideas?

1080p wouldn't fit the message they gave to developers earlier this year. That we can rely on having no more than two screen resolutions (1280x720 and 720x720). 1080p on a 5" would be great though. A must in 2013.

EDIT: Just tried rearranging 114px icons on a 1080p canvas to match this and it doesn't work. So maybe not an 1080p. I guess we will see soon enough.

Hmmm.. Seems to me that there is more horizontal space between icons than my Z10. That could mean they just padded to keep four columns, but added another row. 1080p would be awesome, though I don't know how they will managed apps format that are pixel dependent.

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Yes Z10 was already in production before BBRY established 720x1280 as a standard for BB10 devices.

This is how you CB10, son!

I was just thinking this but I'll wait to see one in person. I think the Samsung Note lines are huge devices but they're quite popular. We'll see though

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Same here. I was afraid the Z was gonna get too big for my use but Z10 is good size for me. I'm sure many will like the larger screen though. This will help battle with Samsung and Android.

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I agree, the Z10 is perfect for me size wise. Although the A10 is looking great. Very tempting. Will see what my bank account is looking like come launch date.

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Like the fact it is a larger device. Definitely a good choice for those looking for more screen real estate however size doesn't seem out of proportion can't wait to see it!

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Z10 for me, the phone looks nice but the thank should be the PlayBook successor. I'll have to take a real in depth look at it when it officially comes out.

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Sorry, but everyone knows a new PlayBook would be a 100% financial apocalypse for BlackBerry.

At least bb phones have something of a chance to make money.

A new playbook is the worst idea I have ever heard ever. Period.

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haha, me too! ;)

Then I entered "87" in search on the site to see who else ;)

Really funny, it was the one device I really wasn't happy with and grapped the 8300 as fast as I could.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Till 6 months ago I used a 8310 Curve :).I still believe that BlackBerry should go his unique way. I believe that it's more value in advertising the features of the Z10 than building a bigger Z10.
Z10 keyboard rules!

There also seems to be a White Q5 in the back (behind his hand). I'm really wondering what the storry about that 87** is =P.

Damn! I wish I could get that or trade my z10 for it! :(

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I'll never understand the appeal of a phone that size. I pray it sells, though.

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There is nothing in that video that screams to me, "hey. Buy this and sell your Z10." nothing. Big screens are great, I guess. Just not for me. Maybe one day.

The crucial thing is that some seem to prefer a phone that size so BB will be catering to both preferences selling this alongside the z10 unlike apple who only offer small and android which increasingly only seems to offer big phones.

Even though the source is a thai source, looks like it was filmed either in the US or Canada. Chances are it is Canada.
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3) Letter-sized paper.

Brilliant deduction Watson though, highly inaccurate. Aquafina is actually the top brand of bottled water sold in Vietnam as well as Spain, Canada, Lebanon, Turkey, the GCC countries, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and India. :)

I'm positive there's a market for this especially since only Samsung is doing it. But I'm definitely cool with my Z10 if it's going to be that large lol

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I think it 's for a 5 " phone of its edge to edge. But that is just too big ~ takes fugly to a whole new level with that white bezel. Tbh.

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Wow! That's a BIG BERRY! I'd like to have a Z10 with something in the range of a 4.5" to 4.7" screen. I have large hands and found the G Note to be BIG in my hands!

Looks HUGE!!!
I'm loving this!
But they will need some wow software and killer specs to really grab people's attention

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Now my Z10 can be renamed as A10 mini LOL. Okay, big sized screen should have markets. I still love the perfect size of my Z10. I always see people who are using Galaxy 3 or 4 have trouble controlling their phone by one hand, almost slipping off their hand when scrolling.

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SEXY! So much goodness! so much sexiness in this! gonna be my next blackberry! plus its looking so fast!! look how its fast when he closes the app!! its perfect!! i bit better battery life! improved OS which is OS 10.2! GOOD JOB BLACKBERRY! this is SUCCESS!

If the Z10 didn't sell, why will this device? Less resolution. Enormous and I bet it's heavy. And same OS as the Z10. Apart from the screen which (to me) is a disadvantage why would you buy this over a Z10 or at all?

Those who want a bigger screen will consider this one and those who want a bigger battery but don't go to the extent of carrying a spare will also appreciate an almost 60% increase in battery size.

Agreed. Unless it has amazing specs, more apps by launch (Instagram, Netflix, etc) or some kind of wow factor this will flop.

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You are so right. The Z10 is the perfect size for using it with one hand. But A10 is off the chain!

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I'm liking the Z10.....the size is perfect. I'd really rather see a 7" PB running BB10

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Had a Z10, but the lack of Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine makes it a deal breaker. And yes I ran the Android Gingerbread versions of the apps. Maybe if the A10 has a 1080p screen and quad core, it could make me go back to BB10 but pretty happy with Windows Phone for now. :)

I feel like gold using a windows phone. True live tiles, and the People app (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Address Book, all rolled into one) are two very compelling distinctives.
BB10 tries and somewhat failed with messaging integration. And, does anyone miss Social Feed from OS6/7? I do...

Z10 is still the best size.

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Seriously? Sprint?!? Seriously? Sprint? Huh? Did you just drift off to some world at a point of time that doesn't exist? Sprint? Seriously?!?

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i wonder if a physical keyboard with a 4" inch screen would look so big? I hope Blackberry will make one bigger than a 3.1" (imho the Z10 was big enough, the Q10 needed more this screen update)

It would not surprise me if we see them go for something bigger again than 4" on at least one qwerty model, a 4.5" model with the square display would be a little on the wide side but it would prevent the device from being too tall or too thick like a slider.

You can't fault Blackberry for having unbelievable guts. A 5" phablet is so contrary to most peoples understanding of the company. They are making a pure consumer play here, I hope they can build an ecosystem to go along with it fast!

It is a smart move to round out the first phase of bb10, you have the z10 to start showing them able to make a good touch device, then a proper qwerty bb10, then a cheaper model and now this one where the size is big enough to make it a more useful change in form factor for them than say a slider.

And this just ended all Z10 sales. Hope BlackBerry doesn't need the extra money could have made between now and sept/oct.

It's sad really. When will BlackBerry "get it" that doing stuff like this just hurts current sales?

Not impressed. Shouldda sold the stocks when had chance. At 15$.

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Not even true. That would imply that because Samsung sells the Note that they hurt their S4 sales. They now have PKB, All touch, and Phablet. Three distinct Markets

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Firstly, this wasn't BB that leaked this video and secondly you only have to look at plenty of the comments in this thread to see that one size does not fit all with phones so this device is ideal for some and for others the z10 is perfect.

This device is going to be sold alongside the z10 as an alternative option and not just a replacement anymore than the q10 replaced the z10.

What the......holy.......thats more beautiful than my z10.....too bad I need a 1080p screen and a quad core processor ....still tempted though....i wish they loose the bottom white bar and throw in a stylus

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You said it... but the New BlackBerry is just as good at knowing better than their customers as RIM ever was, so... case in point: my next BlackBerry will be a 5" 1080P portrait slider. Sooo... I guess my last BlackBerry is my Z10? Time will tell.

It's a big Z10 nothing special. Looks exactly like the BGR pic so its true. The specs are true, and there is
nothing new is this video. Say it ain't so. Sorry Kevin get off you CrackBerry koolaid this phone is as fuggly as hell.

Just an extra space for one row, and the same specs with Z10. It is worst than iPhone4 to iPhone5.

Lets hope there are real upgrade on A10. Probably they can pack it with bigger battery.

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Now that is what I am talking about. That is the size screen that I want to experience BB 10 on. Now to let loose on the bells and whistles so that we can get the non-BB persons interested.

I think it is a perfect mobile computing size. Large enough to be everything except a workstation. Now which 'child' gets the Z10?

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Is that an A10 in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Posted via BlackBerry Q10. Best damn phone on the planet. This message will self destruct in 10 seconds...

I don't know it doesn't call my attention I don't need a 5 inch Z10. It has more room so why not go over the fences and put some exaggerate specs to call not only mine but anyone's attention

Ugh, way too big. Unless it's meant to be the PlayBook replacement, it's ridiculously large.

That's certainly not a phone.

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Love the size. But I don't love the look of the thing. Both the Z10 and Q10 look much better than that. It somehow looks like it wouldn't fit in with the current family of devices (not forgetting the Q5 of course!). It's supposed to be a premium device as well. It doesn't really look like a premium device. I'm planning on upgrading to the A10 when it comes out but not if it looks anything like that thing! I wouldn't waste my money on it. Sorry BlackBerry but if that's what you're throwing at us don't expect too much of a fuss. A premium device needs to perform like one AND look like one.

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